Martin Barlan Shirtless Photo Shoot

For international readers, French Disney star Martin Barlan, seen in Disney Channel Games 2008, new shirtless photo shoot. Also, Jeremy Mockridge an up & coming German star! Credit: Ange.

  • SunnySmilies=D

    He’s cute i guess but his eyebrows are about a second away from becoming one eyebrow
    idk i think his facial hair in general bothers me

  • coralie75

    he’s not pretentious, he’s a very nice and humble person.
    i love these pics, they were on his facebook

  • kaitlyn

    thanks for featureing him, hes so nice! im friends with him(:

    according to him me and my bestfriends were the best thing to happen to him in america(:

  • sheilla

    french guys are hot

  • Emily

    i bet people will like him more when they find out that him and Joe Jonas are friends….

    more like gay lovers though.

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  • Alaina


    (said “François”)

  • Alaina

    Oh Emily<3333

    You liked it too ;)

  • mr.steven

    he is kinda cute but in pic with the brown sweater he look gay


  • Emily


  • T


  • Alaina

    Nice spelling…


    Even though I already saw this picture on his facebook account THANKS :D


  • Anonymous
  • Emily

    hahahaha. i didn’t know that was you and i was about to flip out<3

  • Alaina

    How many people in the world are named Alaina and can bitch to you about spelling!?

  • frenchme

    Yay me 2!!

  • julie

    he’s so ugly I’m french and american teenagers are the most beautiful :P
    by exemple the JONAS BROTHERS :D haha

  • KT

    whoa! what a cutie!

  • Jennyfer

    He’s so cute & funny ! he’s the french zac efron !!!

  • ella

    MARTIN muahahahaha.
    I saw him so many times and he’s not so Nice –“

  • leslie

    i’ve seen these pictures of him and joe jonas.
    a lot of people believe they’re lovers, that could be true, Joe has a gayface and so does this martin dude

  • ooooofjdlfjlivia

    frenchieeee! got lots of hugs and a wink from him at the disney channel games ;D ahaha. i’m not kidding.. he’s so cute. ESPECIALLY WHEN HE TALKS.

  • Anonymous

    wow, they’re cute.

  • M

    I’m french too XD
    French guys aren’t as cute as you say lol, and I agree with Ella… Martin seems (is?) a pretentious person …

  • Leanne Rose

    haha thats how they do it in franceee. <3

  • it’s me.

    he’s cute, especially in the last picture!

  • aa

    what does he have to do with blake?

  • ngjtkh

    first bitches!

  • carr

    hu cares? 1st btw

  • jnhgkjklj


  • natalia

    first! ……….

  • nardy


  • addyr

    He’s kind of cute..NICE EYES THOUGH hahaha :)

  • Anonymous

    He’s kinda hot…..and he’s French!

    Ooh la la.

  • me

    he looks stoned and scrawny.

  • BimBi717Jonas

    he looks kinda gay in the 3rd one

  • yasmine

    i’m from belgium and i go alot to france but most of the european girls think american guys are hotter !

    or guys like dougie poynter x’D

  • Anonymous

    “he looks kinda gay in the 3rd one”


    Wow, you are shallow, ignorant and homophobic!!!

  • Brit

    They are both really cute, foreign guys ftw!

  • Nikita

    I met him & he knows me :)

  • helen

    im friends with himm (:
    i love martin!

  • katelyn

    who is he, he is so ugly

  • shakira

    he is soooooooooooooo UGLY!plus,he looks gay in the 3rd pic.But,Jeremy looks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Im a sucker for guys who put their hair like that!

  • Anonymous

    carr | November 22, 2008 9:03 AM | Reply

    hu cares? 1st btw

    I care BITCH

  • mucho amour

    how old is he? its hard to tell, in the face he looks like early 20’s but his body looks like a teenagers..

    also isn’t he friends with the jb’s?

  • mik


  • yasmine

    i’m french be jealous bitches !

  • Laura

    he’s Joe Jonas friend.
    that guy was sightseeing with him while the boys were in Paris early october.

  • Anonymous


    Mega Lolz, He’s HOT!! I’m going to swim the channel and track him down!

  • genevieve

    oh la la. je t’aime..

  • LovelyJeremy

    Who cares about that french guy! Jeremy Mockridge is much hottttttttttter ! <333