Meaghan ‘I Want To Be Alice Cullen’

Camp Rock mean girl Meaghan Jette Martin talks to BOP about Twilight and why she wants to be Alice Cullen. Which Twilight character would YOU want to be?

  • Anonymous

    i would love to play a new character that jacob falls head over heels for! haha!!

  • wow…

    this girl’s annoying

  • Brianna

    She would make a really cute Alice.

  • kristina

    What girl wouldn’t want to be? ;)

    <3 <3 <3

  • Anonymous

    she’s actually adorable!
    and a really good actress :]

  • Anonymous

    ow, I love meaghan *-*

  • SashCT

    well, I just want to be a new member in d family, or
    just be resemee

  • kat


  • Yooyoo

    i a girl but i want 2 be jasper cuz i think hes so cool

  • Emzy

    Renesmee or Bella.

  • Yooyoo

    i`m a girl but i want 2 be jasper cuz i think he is really cool

  • Jessy


  • Anonymous

    because i am seriously, EXACTLY like her!
    my friends and i always talk about this.
    cant dance
    not athletic
    clumsy like you wouldnt believe
    socially awkward
    fall asleep the same way
    love edward (ha)
    and a bunch of others i cant remember ha

  • DamnThatMotherChucker

    Bella for obivious reasons LOL

  • ilovenickjonas

    i want to be bella(:

  • Shania

    The one that’s not in the movie.

  • js

    bella b/c she gets edward!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Alice is the best!
    I want to be her, too! :)

  • katiealicelover!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want to be alice!!!!!!!!!! defiantly alice! I think she is soooooooo cool!

  • Mimi

    I would love to be rosalie because she gets emmet who is so fine

  • valerie_twilight_rox

    i would like to be Rosalie cause
    she gets to be with emett;;

  • RosalieCullen

    Rosalie…shes just so beautiful and for some reason i LOVE her…

  • http://- Bill


  • Kimmy

    Shes got Edward.

  • Anonymous

    Bella ….she has edward…

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Ooooo that’s who she is.