Rihanna Flaunts Road Runner Hair

Rihanna flaunted her Road Runner inspired hairstyle and necklace laden with silver crosses while dining at Cafe Med at Sunset Plaza in LA on Friday afternoon. Do YOU like Rihanna’s Road Runner hair? Photos: Fame. +5!


    meep meep!

  • :)

    UGLYY hairr.
    she looked so much better back when she had long hairr :(

  • camille


    she has interesting hair styles

  • TeenageTrainwreck:D

    she is SOOOOOOO pretty!!!!! i’m jealous!!!

    but why is she under the catagory, “random dudes???????”

  • Nina
  • amanda


  • chndfkjn

    omg ii luv ha she iis dha best she always looks ha best

  • http://www.myspace.com/chrissysavers Shania

    I always loved her hairstyle.

  • kelsey

    thats kinda harsh!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hey if you got it….Flaunt it!
    Lol =]]]
    I Love Rihanna!

  • hello people

    um she looks like prince lol

  • zomgitskarina

    she’s really ugly.

  • Anonymous

    it does look like road runner hair.lol
    but shes pretty and i like her outfit

  • Sammy

    Eww she is so frealllll
    I dont get why people think she is so good
    shes ugly and shes can not sing live

  • LMAO

    i lyke

  • katieee!

    she’s so gorgeous.
    rihanna has the most amazing style ever.
    and she always has the coolest hair.

  • Anonymous

    lmfao “road runner hair”

  • Anonymous

    i LOVE her! she’s amazing.. a trend setter. so real and different and unique and can always sport it well. propssss <33

  • d

    oh gosh, she looks like Prince. she needs to loose the hair. but i like how she dresses though.

  • Anonymous

    eww. terrible voice, terrible sense of fashion, terrible hairstyle!

  • http://www.bopmag.com Kay

    I love her! Her and Chris are so cute!

  • Anonymous

    She looks really pretty in these pics

  • http://www.myspace.com/chrissysavers Shania

    my ass.

  • anonymous

    This is weird. I was just thinking today that you guys should start putting up stuff about her. She looks incredible always,with unusual hairstyles or not.

  • Anonymous

    I have those sunglasses, lol random but idk I just noticed


    i seriously doubt it.

  • rosie

    EW. her hair, her turtleneck
    her all black outfit.

    shes so bad in it.

    but she is gorge. VERY gorg.

  • modelicious

    She is gorgeous no matter what.
    She can pull of practically anything!

  • it’s me

    man, she looks exactly like my english teacher !

  • olivia

    ahaahahahhaha she does look like roadrunner!
    but seriously i think she looks gorgeous no matter what hairstyle she has :)

  • Anabel

    I have those sunglasses, lol random but idk I just noticed. I think she looked prettier with her long brown hair.

  • nicolle

    Her skin is like freakin porcelain.
    She’s SO pretty.

  • Anonymous

    hater suck a dick

  • Anonymous

    i like her, but every hairstyle just gets worse.

  • Sara

    Eww, I HATE HER HAIR. She’s cool and all. But her hair, short, is UGLAY.

  • shakira

    OMG,she looks sooo cute

  • Anonymous

    what happened to the girl in the video – pon de replay and unfaithful

  • Goggles101

    She is very Beautiful girl her every styles is very stagger I like it her every styles