Taylor Lautner Kristen Stewart Cuddle

Major player Taylor Lautner spotted cuddling cute costar
Kristen Stewart in New York City late late on Thursday night. Wonder what they were up to? Photo: INF. More of the same under! Good night :]

  • Sam

    Cute! :)

  • Iaintgotnoname

    They look so good together they look like a proper high school love team how cute. Kristen is dating an ugly fuck and she should dump him. But I guess she is inlove with her bf and there is no chance of that. Go robsten!!!!!!

  • as

    He is cute & she is a BITCH

  • Emily

    ThatBITCH better back away because Taylor Lautner is a HOTTY:)

  • Cami


  • Kayla

    I respect that she acts to act, not to be famous.

  • amanda

    idc what anyone says taylor is fucking hot and i know that nothing will ever change that

  • Anonymous

    dude kristen has a boyfriend and they have been together for 2 YEARS!!!!!!!! so dont be thinkin there togther or anythin cuz they aint

  • nath

    love taylor!!!

  • Anonymous

    he’s not really cuddling her. There just posing for the picture. Lol I think i have the same sevens as her :P

  • Anonymous

    o and he is so sexy!

  • Baby Just Say Yes <3

    It was such a good movie and I.CAN.NOT wait for the next movies! (:

  • Manu.

    Oh My Gosh!
    I love Kristen. She’s so cute!
    And Taylor is hot in this pic ;D
    But i want Kris and ROB to be together.
    But Kris and Taylor are very cute as friends.
    But JUST friends**

  • Anonymous

    she dont lyk u either lol


    Uhm major player?! Hahah okayyy. They are posing for the camera, they were “love interests” in a movie. That’s their job, to be seen together. It’s called “publicity”. Derr. Plus Kristin has a bf- that kid from Sky High. (=

  • http://2-minute-website.com/site/2222222222222.trial/?r=1226528733 Lauren

    I havent seen Twlight yet cause its sold out lol hopefully they put it on payperview soon lol i also think nothing went on i bet they were just taking pictures for the camera cause their costars and in the same movie lol probably to promote it but i dont think theres anything more to it

  • Ashley

    its so funny that everyone jumps to conclusions.
    Like seriosly?
    they just did a movie together.
    and they have more to do togehter.
    Can they no be friends?
    Besides, she has a bf, doesnt she?
    im pretty sure she does.
    and how is he a player?

  • Alexandra

    He looks like a stud!!!!!!!omg he is just HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • blank


  • Julie

    Man that night in new york was 29 degress farenheit

  • emily

    you are supposed to be with rob!
    hes so much better for you!!!
    plus he is more attractive!
    even though i have to admit that taylor is quite the catch too!
    but rob is sooo much better.
    also i thought that she already had a boyfriend… hmm maybe she is a likee beep! lke taylor is with the ladies!!!
    who knows

    either way rob and kristen need to get together!
    because as we all know rob like loves kristen soo hes going to be mad when he sees this!
    poor rob

    plus i went to see the movie last night and it was absolutely amazing!! AHHH

  • Anonymous

    i think this is the first time i’ve been first on heree.


    huh. guess you weren’t first BITCH! fuckkkkkk you!

  • ilovetaylorlaunter

    omg hes loookssss sooooooooo hot there!! i love him

  • BoO dat FREAKS

    she looks like that girl in gilmore girls and sisterhood of the traveling pants god I forgot her name but she played lena in the pants movie and rory in gilmore girls

  • melissa

    its just a PICTURE , you ppl make so much drama for something so simple .. i bet theyre just friends : )

  • http://myspace.com/patitajonas26 miriam

    he is sooo hot!
    and she is pretty.
    i dont like how she acts but whatever..

  • juliet cullen jonas

    taylor launter is really hot and she is really pretty and talented i love the movie sooo much and the books!!! I personally like kristen stewart and robert pattinson as a couple they are perfect and soo cute!! I LOVE EDWARD CULLEN HE IS SOOOO SEXYY AND HOTT!!!!


    shes dating that guy from sky high and lords of dogtown.

  • juliet cullen jonas

    taylor launter is really hot and she is really pretty and talented i love the movie sooo much and the books!!! I personally like kristen stewart and robert pattinson as a couple they are perfect and soo cute!! I LOVE EDWARD CULLEN HE IS SOOOO SEXYY AND HOTT!!!!

  • ashley

    there not up to anything jeeze
    i mean she has a boy friend and if, IF, she was with any of her costars it would be rob. but she does have a boyfriend. Its just a picture. They are just friendss

  • Karina

    They would be a cute couple.

  • Samrah

    There cute!

  • Mary

    Soooo cuuute! they r a perfect couple

  • Lena

    Bo0 dat FREAKS you’re referring to Alexis Bledel.

    haha wow Kristin looks kinda stoned there but Taylor = cutie! ♥
    he can cuddle with me anyday! ;)

  • http://youtube.com/priincessaiisha Aisha

    What’s wrong with his cheeks? Has he dislocated his cheek bones? His a very ugly man and Twilight was f*cking crap!

  • dasdasda

    he is so fucking hot

  • Kacy

    Cuddle with Taylor!!!!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/TeamSelena4ever TEAM SELENA

    she’s so cute! and hot!

  • cathlauren

    i like rusty spoons.
    i like to touch them..
    the feeling of rust against my salad fingers is almost orgasmic.

  • Sweetheart

    They are not dating because Kristen has got a boyfriend & that is neither rob/tay. I’m not saying hey wouldn’t make a power couple though. Just imagine the paparatiz if they were going out. The other day i heard Taylor liked Selena Gomez so i’m not sure weathr there going out. I’m definatley Team Jacob & Bella & also Team Taylor & Kristen. Hate rob & i don’t no what kristen sees in him. Rob thinks he’s god gift. xoxo

  • Anonymous

    damn he’s got a big head.

  • Anonymous

    wonder what they were up to??? hmmm maybe posing for a picture haha.

  • psh

    this is so funny. they’re just posing for a picture, THAT”S NOT even cuddling lol

  • cathy

    may i enquire about your spooooooooons?

  • nichole

    sooo cute :)

  • meghan

    I was listening to John Jay and Rich on the radio [which airs in Oregon and Arizona, and somewhere else I think?] and kristen had an interview with them. She has a boy friend of 2 years who also does indie films. So no way could she be dating robert or taylor.

  • Anonymous

    ownnn Cute,cute >.< it’s lovely

  • cathlauren

    i like rusty spoons.
    i like to touch them..
    the feeling of rust against my salad fingers is almost orgasmic.

  • Veronica

    She’s dating Michael Angarano.

  • annoynymous

    My husband <3

  • Sneha

    Hes hot
    Shes not

  • Anonymous

    major player? haha.

  • omi

    oh hell yeah…

    it’s jacob and bella.
    they look cute.

    i look wayyy better then any picture with her and rob…sorry…LOL

    im excited for new moon now.

  • Rainee

    i hope not too, just stay friend haha :)
    he’s too sexyy <3

  • http://myspace.com/kaylaanicolee Kayla.

    come cuddle with me, taylor <3

  • Daniela

    cant wait to see em together in new moon lmaooo even though i love her and rob haha i wanna see her and taylor lmaoo

  • chelsea


  • desireee.

    major player? haha.
    whatever. i love taylor.
    (: and twilight <3

  • Anonymous

    i think this is the first time i’ve been first on heree.

  • Anonymous

    they’re just costars… why do people always assume they’re “up to something” ? they’re just friends… give me a break. but other wise, i love kristen stewart! she’s hella gorgeous. and i love her plaid shirt… and maybe her leather jacket .

  • chelsea


  • Anonymous

    he’s kind of an ugly pretty.

  • hahaha

    Rob wont like that!

  • Anonymous

    i like her style. its like tomboyish/girly/flirtasious

  • hayley

    i was thereee. paparazzi asked them to do it.

    taylor smelled really gooddd!

  • grace

    stop trying to stir up trouble oceanup.

    kristen as a boyfriend since “forever” called umm michael aragano or something.

  • Anonymous

    i second that!!!! so agreeed haha

  • Thais

    Até fiquei com inveja agora xD

  • Anonymous

    she looks like she wants him :\

  • erika joan cullen

    shes a lucky one
    first rob now taylorPFT
    aha jk
    Yeah hes major sexy
    she majpr pretty

  • brandiiix3

    five foot ACE OF CLUBSS…
    what the effff? CHEESE ITSSS WHAT THE EFF!

  • Anonymous

    hes hottttttttt. shes so ugly shes lucky the make up artists made her pretty in the movieeeeee.

  • brandiiix3

    oh and he’d be really hott if he grew his hair out to a shag.

  • HelgzzJonazz

    taylor swift posted a new video!!
    on her myspace.

  • Anonymous


  • http://myspace.com/kaylaanicolee kayla

    BEE TEE DUB: kristen has no ass.

  • (:

    like the outfit. hate her.

  • Kayley(:

    godd hes sooo hott ((: i LOVE twilight ! im on the 3rd book & its amazing :D

  • anonymous

    u can snuggle wit me taylor!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    kristen stewart actually acts for the craft not for the fame. that’s why she’s awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Better get used to it….

    thats jacob and bella right there.

  • http://myspace.com/kaylaanicolee Kayla.

    i got first again :D
    i’m on a roll.

  • Anonymous

    i love that video

  • david

    that a very sexy picture of him

  • ohtwilight


  • chelsea

    he’s so sexxxxxxxy!
    and she’s one of my favorite actresses of all time

  • wowzers(team swift/cyrus)

    i hope people stop calling her a bitch about that fake interview it was old and completely taken out of context she never said the fans were retarded seriusly oceanup why did you lie do you not like her are you jealous of her being with rob almost every day i mean seriusly give her a break im so glad she was cast in twilight but i have to say books are way better then the movie

  • hailie

    taylor is so gorgeous.
    kristin is luuuucky,
    she gets to work with
    all these gorgeous guys.
    robert, taylor, jackson,
    and the guys that play
    carlisle, emmett, & james.
    i would kill to be her!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/rosemarycynthiaoffic rosemary cynthia

    wtf?! he is cheating on me with that jk i love kristin but no there not going out i saw the video that went along with this :) but i do find taylor lautner very handsome met him last year hugged him so that techanily make us married since there just cuddling?

  • http://www.oceanup.com =]

    taylor iz zo sexy nd fine

  • Anabel

    Since it’s literally like 15 degrees over here in New York right now, maybe he was just being a gentleman and keeping her warm.

  • jasper+alice4evr


  • ghiounps


  • QKwFzjGs


  • naee.

    jacob and bella :)
    awh, i love them together!

    in real life, not so much.
    he should go with robert <3

    they’d be one hot celeb. couple ;D

  • Anonymous

    i dislike kristen.

  • Anonymous

    hes a cutie

  • http://www.myspace.com/chrissysavers Shania

    Kirsten is gorgeous.

  • mel

    i love his jaw!

  • eddiepuss

    he looks soo hot! but in the movie he is ugly!!

  • brittany

    seriously oceanup, stop trying to stop rumors.

    if im not mistaken, kristen has a boyfriend, whos hes been with, in her terms ‘forever’.

  • Dorothyy

    lovvee the mooovviiiieeee :)) taylor lautnerrrr is amaizing ! :)) i dont like him with long hair though… like in the movie…eccchhh…:( i frown upon his long hair :)

  • wowzers

    in some pictures he looks like a 16 year old boy but in pictures like this he looks like a MAN!!!!!! DAMN:)

  • Rosalie…no not from Twilight xDDDD

    TEAM JACOB!!!!

  • Carine

    I don’t blame her he is HOT!

  • diandra

    dey make a cute couple evn dough i wish dat were me witt taylor lautner!!lol

  • Anonymous

    ahh i just watched twilight and OMFG!
    really really really good movie!!!!
    im oging to buy it and watch it 24/7
    but jacob looks so gay with long hair
    i cant wait until the 2nd one and the 3rd one and the 4th one!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Anonymous

    oh and he’d be really hott if he grew his hair out to a shag


    No way!

  • Caroline

    Its fantsic that Taylor finally has is on ocean up. i have loved him ever sine CBTD2!

  • Anonymous

    is it just me or does taylor looks a lil like selena in this pic?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    the look cute together <3

  • Anonymous


  • Lauren


  • Kayslee Collins

    Gosh,my nails hurt..just got french nails!Nice!!Aww…..That girl better stay away from my man!He is my boyfriend …two yrs!Gd huh?Yeah..Kristen is awesome..she is very sweet!They are co-stars !!Nothing big..hahaha


  • Nina

    They look amazing. Seperately or together,whichever,lol.

  • melissa

    taylor lautner should date taylor swift.
    i wonder if people with the same name actually do date. and if it’s weird calling them their own name. if that all makes sense. lol
    this has nothing to do with the post but it’s sooo early in the morning here…that i don’t really care.

  • mariaOJD

    i love taylor .
    i’m obsessed with him !
    okayy, i’ve never seen
    ONE single picture where
    her hair is actually DONE.
    it’s always like… idkk..
    like not messy.. but like not
    neatt. like she just got out of
    the showerrr .

  • Makii

    Oh… dear GOD no.
    I hope they stay friends.

  • Abigail

    awwwww they look so cute together.

  • Anonymous

    i want him on top of me and shes a freaking CREEPER i hateeeeeee her.

  • Rosalie Cullen Joans

    awww – major player? I <3 him :) adoable!

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  • oh please..

    Oh pleaseeeeeee.. They are just friend and
    hugs like we do hugs everybody.. Pfftt Kristen
    wont date Taylor She got Rob already.. Im sure
    Taylor know about Rob between Kristen.. thats all..

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    That would have been awkward if they dated.

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  • JhrPlm

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  • Taylorcra-z

    I luv Taylors hair, biceps, and he’s hot like a volcano. I luv Kristen, she’s a great actress. They’re perfect 4 each other!!!!!! If u hav another point of view, and I hear it I’ll kick ur a**

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  • rufflesism

    awwww they look so cute together!! if taylor was older than kristen no boubt she would totaly date him!! its obvious she likes him more than rob… all the videos ive seen with them together shes always happy and smiling and laughing and hugging him so…. screw rob. im not all that for kristen and rob to be together. hes kinda ugly too. he looks too pink and shiny and hes always making these weird faces… but taylor is unbalievably gorgeous if ya ask me

  • Ativan
  • Anonymous

    Soo Hot Jacob AKA Taylor

  • Anonymous

    they make a good couple