Vanessa Hudgens Thinks You Should Go To School Even Though She Was Homeschooled

Vanessa Hudgens told ZM 91.0 Australia that you should go to school and not be homeschooled liked she was. Are YOU homeschooled or do you go to a regular school?
Which do you think is better?

  • JbLove

    In ireland nobody really homeschools!Ughh i hate Secondary School (High school) school in america seems so much more laid back.. over here its not..its horrible.. and all secondary schools have uniforms over here..which in a way is good cause u dont have to worry bout what to wear.. but u still get nasty comments in general.

  • Lauren

    I am not homeschooled and i think its better off if kids go to school cause its about being social, having personaility, And obviously involves working hard at your work to suceed and improving yourself. I guess if you were homeschooled it would be diffrent cause the their would be no interaction with others and your opnion of an answer can’t be improved by other students.

  • diana

    i go to catholic school so we wear a unifrom and all ….but i love it!! high school is amazing …im in gr.11 and every year school has just gotten better and better i would never wantto home school cuz high school is awesome!!

  • Lauren

    But i guess if someone is trying to persuade their career in acting or something that isnt very school involved i guess homeschooling would be the best choice but in my opnion i think going to school is a much better choice

  • Olivia

    I’ve been homeschooled all my life

    and yess sometimes i do miss going to regular school but it’s soo much better to be homeschooled because I get to have more time for everything I dedicate myself to outside of my studies.
    (acting and figure skating)

    I would, however, want to experience like a week in regular school.

    But I do have freinds and all that and I see them on a daily basis.

    It’s not really that boring because you get to see life at a different perspective.

    I would choose homeschooling over Public schooling although yes public school prepares you for life but so does being homeschooled because you can go out in life and experience everything as new when you go to college or whatever because when in public you kind of just go through that as a young age when you’re not as amture to handle things.

  • wowzers(team swift/cyrus)

    im homeschooled and i hate it ive only been homeschooled this year next year i go back 2 school so fuckin excited

  • sara

    ITS a New Zealand Station! not Australian…

  • wowzers(team swift/cyrus)

    your in the 8th grade and from california and you just started and you want 2 be an actor what the fuck? me 2 freaky

  • miley FOREVER!!!

    i go to a regular school

    they both have their pros and cons like:
    homeschool u dont solialize with friends as much, but u probly dont get much homework.

    normal school all ur friends are there but the teachers give u lotts of work.

    but then again i wouldnt have a clue wat itts like to be homeschooled
    cos in australia is not so common to be homeschooled as it is in america.
    i dont know why.

  • Mikayla[JB?]

    everyone who says i wish i can be homeschooled people whp are are sooo lucky! but im homeschooled and i HATE it!!! like i HATE HATE HATE it! i NEVER see my friends anymore and if i do they act like i dont know anything. people are like o well you dont know anything casue your homeschooled its like yes i do just becasue i am doesnt mean i dont anything. but anyways im in 7th grade stuff and i think one subject in 6th grade and im supposed to be in 8th grade stuff. even tho i says im in 8th grade its like whatever. im always home all day! im distracted all the time so i dont get my work done. i havent been on a filed trip since 4th grade when i wasnt homeschooled. i havent had a boyfriend i know that doesnt matter but yunno im in 8th grade girls think about that stuff/ What im trying to say is that your better off not being homeschooled. You miss alot of things boys, trips, friends, memories. The only memories i have are just staying at home. if you hate public or private school dont be homeschooled your better off at school. Trust me, ive been homeschooled since 5th grade and ive missed alot.

  • Jane

    i think public and private schools are way better than hoomeschooling!most people i have met that are homeschooled are very sheltered, shy, and unsocial. they don’t have people skills for kida their age, it is very detrimental. and i think homeschooling is very lonely, where as at schools you can see your friends!

  • ANON


  • Mikayla

    im homeschooled and i hate it ive only been homeschooled this year next year i go back 2 school so fuckin excited
    me too im so happy! i cant wait!

    go to a normal school
    i think home schooled kids are weird and have no friends… they dont get the “education” like a public school….
    school is also a social place,,, to get to know people.
    i couldnt live with out normal school
    im not wierd like the other people they have to be homeschooled not like me my mom thought it was good at the time

  • Kayla.

    i’m homeschooled.
    i think it’s pretty awesome.

  • jackieeee

    i go to a public school.
    i want to home school next year.
    my school SUCKS. its in Las Vegas so everyone talks about drugs, and sex.
    and i’m not into it, its really pressuring, so i wanna get out.
    is that a good reason?

  • Aimee

    It was on a new zealand radio station not australia

  • Anna

    You freaking losers OceanUp.
    ZM 91.0 is a New Zealand chanel, but you don’t give a S**t do you?
    Get your facts straight.

  • Roooozzz

    This interviewer is a New Zealander!!!!!!!!!

  • http://a Alyson

    I’m homeschooled and i hate it
    i don’t have many friends
    i agree with vanessa

  • DebbyItalyy

    I think homeschool is better and it’s very cool!
    Here in Italy we can’t study at home…-.-“

  • beccaaa

    i love vanessa hudgens!! (:
    and firstttt!!

  • beccaaa

    i love vanessa hudgensss!!! (:

  • Anonymous

    i have been to regular school and have been home-schooled. home-schooled is so much better, i learn more, i can be more focused on what you want to major in in college. oh and contrary to what others have said, idon’t miss out on anything. i have plenty of friends who i see like 2+ times a week, i go on so many more “field trips” than i did in school. i guess it really depends on how much effort and time your parents want to put into your education.

  • julie

    I think homeschool is better and it’s very cool!
    Here in BRAZIL we can’t study at home…-.-”


  • julie

    I think homeschool is better and it’s very cool!
    Here in BRAZIL we can’t study at home…-.-”


  • Krystiana

    everybody check this video out of niley:
    it’s really good

  • Bob the Builder

    I like Homeschooling. I’m not saying I don’t like public school or private school (or whatever you go to). I just like the concept of Homeschooling and getting the oppertunities to focus on the things you want to do in life. But once again you don’t get to go see your friends everyday in school. But it’s tottaly worht it because you can just see them after school haha.

  • marleen

    wow shes such a stuck up bitch.
    im homeschooled.
    and its so much better.
    fuck all the drama in high school
    and middle school. im focusing on what really matters. my education.

  • Josica

    Public School is okay..but u get tired going to the school & from it – ( if u live far frm da skool) .. Homeschoolin semms good too u dont haveto get all dressed up and you can feel more comfortable..

  • Josica

    How many kids in America are home schooled ?

  • Leo

    even if it was possible here in germany i wouldn’t want to be homeschooled.
    u miss alot if u are

  • Josica

    howmany kids are homeschooled in da US??

  • Team Miley (:

    i think propper school is better than homeschooling,
    because [going to public school myself] first; i’d get bored and lonely
    second; it prepares you for everything, not just lessons, you get the bitchy people, fake people etc and you learn how to handle them
    and you can have fun at school!
    [like with your friends not by yourself]

  • Leo

    …i dont like school in general but see there’s something very cool about being in school with friends.u see them a lot.u can make a school day more comfortable together.and yah u just go thru it with other ppl and not all alone

  • brittany

    “and all guys like me as well”

    wow… was she kidding?? no offense to vanessa but she is nothing special, totally average looking at the most. i gaurantee there are way more girls that have crushes on zac than guys that have crushes on vanessa.

  • olivia

    i’m homeschooled and i like it SO much better.
    i started because i hated public school and seriously i’m glad i did
    even though it gets boring. but ohwell.

  • Carli ;-)

    I am homeschooled for the same reasons Vanessa is, because I am here in California trying to make it in acting. I am in 8th grade now and just started home schooling this past September and I really like it. I take courses online, which means I don’t have a tutor and am pretty much in control of my work. I miss my friends, but other than that it has been working out really well :)

  • Teresa

    I’ve been to public school and private school. But now I’m homeschooled and to me it’s MUCH better! I feel like I’m learning more and not having to worry about what I wear or who I’m friends with. Everything is chill and I can focus on my schooling insted of whats going on around me. And when I’m done I can hang out with my friends.

  • melissa

    normal High School is better, you get to share the experience with friends.

    And i agree with the above comment thats a new zealand Radio station, us Aussies dont talk like that.

  • Anonymous

    I noticed that too!
    I mean, she’s not a heart-throb tbh.
    I don’t know any of my guy friends who even think she’s pretty :/
    A bit self-involved, I think.

  • Anonymous

    im homeschooled but ive only been for a few years and know everyone in my town so im set. but im going back to public school. i like it better. but everyone has a preference. i only wanted to try homeschooling one year but my mom wanted me to stay homeschool cause our school in my town is bad…but im gonna go stay with my dad so i can go to public school. i like it better.


    i hate high school. being homeschooled is like MY DREAM xD

  • Anonymous

    im homeschooled. this is my first and only year tho. I like it cuz it’s faster and alot easier bc it’s just u.
    But i miss public schools cuz u don’t get to see if ur friends. im going back next year tho.
    If someone’s been homeschooled all thre life i feel bad bc they probably don’t hav many friends and don’t get to experience alot of stuff

  • Faith

    I’ve been homeschooled since kindergarten and have pretty much always hated it. I’m finally going to school next year (grade 11)

  • katie

    im homeschooled! i love it!

  • Anonymous

    I think homeschool is better and it’s very cool!
    Here in GERMANY we can’t study at home…-.-”

  • katie

    i can’t believe how many people are homeschooled on here, i thought i was all alone, now i feel better =]

  • DamnThatMotherChucker

    I go to a private school and I love it but home school seems more relaxed but I wouldnt know LOL they both have their pros and cons

  • brooke davis

    i go to a normal school
    i think home schooled kids are weird and have no friends… they dont get the “education” like a public school….
    school is also a social place,,, to get to know people.
    i couldnt live with out normal school

  • Julia:)

    I think independant studies would be amazing for me..

  • vanessa

    public skoo is way better!
    u miss out on a lot homeskooling…

  • mel

    here in Costa Rica everyone goes to regular school, i went to a private one and it was fun, but i had to wear an uniform.

  • nicole

    i dont really know, i go to regular school but in a way i wanna be homeschooled, the good thing about regular school though is that you are there with your friends :-)

  • Amy

    Thats a new Zealand station…


    I heard it the other day…

  • kat


  • victoria s

    i hate high school. being homeschooled is like MY DREAM xD

    it used to be my dream too until it actually happened :/

    last year i started high school and it was sooo overwhelming for me. i had begged my parents to let me be homeschooled this year (10th grade) and they finally gave in. my grades are definitely better now but i miss my friends terribly and when we do hangout i feel so out of touch with everything thats going on. now my parents won’t let me go back until next year so i have 7 more months of this to go :(

    advice- anyone who wants to be homeschooled and doesn’t necessarily have to DON’T do it, especially in high school. you miss out on so much.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve experienced it all. I’ve been to an actuall public as well as private school. And now, I’m homeschooled. I prefer homeschooling over public/private school. I see my friends FROM school, every day. So, it’s honestly not different, plus you can go at your own pace, you don’t have to worry about what’s going on around you, you can focus on your studies. Whenever you finish, you can leave,… if you can drive. Aha. Or chill for an hour or until your friends are home. Some of my friends are homeschooled too, so I can see them whenever. Aha. It’s pretty rad.

  • Anonymous

    you won`t live a normal life when you´re homeschooled….i wish i could go to high school!!! so much…

  • http://zdfh alyssa

    Home schooling is much better in my opino cause
    ur at home u only have like 2 or 3 hours
    and you do it at anytime.

    going to school you stay for like 10 or 9 hours
    and still you don’t leanr anything so same thing.

  • Shania

    Home schooled is cool, I guess.

  • Kodhai

    wow I love public school.
    I wouldn’t want to be homeschooled, couldn’t see my friends and I wouldn’t like have the high school experince.

  • Melissa

    having homeschooled and gone to public school, i think that it really depends on the person. homeschooling wasn’t the greatest for me because in order to be productive i really need a lot of structure and discipline, things that i just wasn’t getting at home. I also was provided with more resources at public school. i can definitely see though how it could be beneficial to some people. it gives you a lot of freedom.

  • brets1969

    Read Vanessa’s bio. You’ll see she was homeschooled when she completed her 7th grade so she was already attuned to mainstream schooling. Anything new takes getting used to, homeschooling is no different. Perhaps homeschooling was a means to an end (i.e. to her current career path).

    At the end of the day, it’s one opinion. Different, not weird; exploration @ own pace, not forced deadlines. Individuality, not conformity. Some like it, some don’t; some benefit, some won’t. Look @ mainstream stats v. homeschooling stats; homeschooling outperforms on all levels.

    There are lots of pros & cons to homeschooling – for instance, socialisation doesn’t have to be an issue; instead of waiting for your friends to come to you, organise a time to hang out; if they no longer want to be friends because you’re not schooled their way, then maybe they’re not worth having as friends, maybe you deserve better…something to think about.

    One of homeschooling’s main objectives is actually preparation for the real world – you don’t have to experience bullying, mean teachers, broken friendships to make it in life. It’s not about fitting in, it’s about being comfortable/strong with who YOU are at this very moment, instead of wanting to be like everyone else (the grass is not greener on the other side); it’s about leading rather than following; it’s about being close to the people who REALLY matter – parents, brothers, sisters, etc.

    Friends are important but if you can’t share the love with your family, how can you expect to be a great friend – good listener when your friend’s going thru’ tough times, honesty when your friend needs to hear good advice that she doesn’t want to hear, trusting when your friend needs someone to talk to, loving when your friend needs a hug, helpful when your friend needs assistance – especially when it’s not a good time for you, doing something for nothing…unless of course you don’t care about those values (that we’ve all encountered in one way or another).

    I know a 15 yr old who’s been homeschooled for three years now; he prefers it because he can focus on his own interests; and he does some subjects online, in his own time. He chooses to join clubs to make friends, who are not interested in trouble making.

    Homeschooling is hard work for all involved; it isn’t for wimps. Most people don’t understand and don’t try; they’d rather make judgements based on what they think they know, which isn’t much – no offence intended.

  • Anonymous

    I go to public school, and I think that it is the best option. If you are home schooled all you get it your parent’s perspective, and if they aren’t particularly good at a subject, you end up not being a well rounded person. Also, you can’t interact with people that you don’t know well on a regular basis, and learn how to communicate with them. I have a few relatives that tried to be home schooled because of problems at school, and they just turned out to be unable to converse with anyone other than their immediate family, and they got stir-crazy because they almost never left the house. I suppose if you traveled a lot and had a private tutor it wouldn’t be as detrimental to your development, but you still would miss out on regular interaction with people you don’t necessarily like.

  • mel

    My brother has been homeschooled his entire life, and really, ppl think that homeschoolers dont get any social life, well they doo! through highschool my brother didnt do any school at hiome, but he took classes with other ppl, at colleges, or other homeschoolersmy brother now has a full ride to a veryyy good college! its fun! homeschooling is awesome! but public school is cool too! you get to see you freinds and you learn alot of stuff for the test. i like private too, but the kids in their are usually really snobby! i know its mean but they are! it can be hard for some other kids because when you go to private schools you are surrounded by money. evryone is veryyy brand obsessed and have all these brand name things and are really vain! haha! i fell into the trap once! but privTE schols are a good prep for college, and you learn soo much and they are CLEANER! haha! alll schools offer somthing idffernt for differnt ppl and they are all great ways to get education!!

  • Sneha


  • sk8rchic

    i was homeschooled…i loved it

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Homeschool for the win!