Jennette Rappin’ On Set With Nathan

Jennette McCurdy and Nathan Kress YouTube rap: Hey everyone!

Check out the ‘Fast Food Freestyle’ Nathan and I always rap out on set. We added everything after ‘Crispy’ ourselves… haha. I hope you enjoy it!

  • elsie

    she’s pretty. he’s cuttttteeeeee. are they going out??

  • anon.

    hahhaha i love whatever it is that hits her in the head when they’re done rapping hahahhahaah

  • Heatherr

    nathan is a cutie ;]

    haha and that was epic. :D

  • welll,,,,

    what is their youtube account?

  • welll,,,,

    what is their youtube account?

  • Sara

    luv them!
    She looks different… Luv him! I SO have a crush on him. xD
    He’s amazin’. I just made a b-day rhyme for 1 of my biffles. xD


    LOL! omg. that’s ridiculous.

  • Bree

    Who cares if it’s already a rap their just having fun geeze and Selena and him would look really bad, she’s better off with Nick and Nathan is better off with Jennette. And he does look like Taylor Lautner:P

  • Anonymous


  • Ahem


    white boy cant rap.

  • joyjoy96

    when my brother showed me this (not jenette and nathan) but on youtube, the first thing he said was that double cheeseburgers don’t have lettuce :P

  • milly

    I heard they’re going out together! Selena fuck off

  • Anonymous

    bree, those are my thoughts exactly! jennette and nathan look like a cute couple imo.

    oh, haha, i haven’t ever eaten a double cheeseburger, only a big mac, so i don’t know if they have lettuce or not.

  • meg

    hahh i like how they added to the
    original drive through rap.

  • Jessica

    first baby =]

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    haha love it

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Nathan and Selena should date. it would be an overload of CUTENESS!!! LIKE TWO KITTENS FROLICKING IN A FIELD OF RAINBOWS!!

  • Anonymous

    awww jennette is soo prettyyy and nathan too :) and they are that cool! soo back off you haters.

  • Anonymous

    he’s super cute!

  • Anonymous

    DANG that was good

  • POPTART141

    Thats the Big Mac rap

  • CrystalPink

    your so right SELENA and Nathan would totally make a CUTE couple!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    He got kinda hot

  • nicolle

    lol that was cool

  • futrmrsjoejonas

    nathan looks sooooooooo much better now than in icarly

  • Melissa

    That was very disturbing, they should never “rap” again….Oceanup please take this
    “rap” disgrace off

  • Anonymous

    so baiscally, they just redid the mcdonalds rap and then when they were supposed to add on to it, they just started saying “what” and ‘brother” and didnt actually rap

  • Christine

    does anyone but me think he looks a little like taylor lautner, minus taylor has darker skin?

    you can tell he’s going to be pretty hot soon.. :]

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Lol she’s so talented.



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