Shailene Woodley American Hottie

Secret Life of an American Teenager stunner Shailene Woodley elegantly posed at the 2008 American Music Awards red carpet mania on Sunday afternoon. Photos: Fame, Juan Rico. +1!

  • (:

    yeah ive known her since i was born and shes always been skinny.

  • ejktekjtjketke

    shes always been that skinny. ive known her for years. last time i hung out with her she was that skinny and she ate a shitload at this sleepover i was at

  • ejktekjtjketke

    shes always been that skinny. ive known her for years. last time i hung out with her she was that skinny and she ate a shitload at this sleepover i was at

  • Jane

    she’s pretty but looks really awkward with those shoes on.

  • SLOAAT Rocks

    Love her Secret Life Of An American Teenager is like my Favorite show ever I can’t wait till it starts back i saw the preview for the new season and I am so excited it’s going to be so awsome is anyone else excited?

  • Anonymous

    those shoes have got to go lol

  • Sammy

    Shes really pretty but I wish she would wear her hair down for once.

  • Anonymous

    wow i was actually first hahah

  • Anonymous

    ugly shoes

  • stephaniee


  • ami

    somebody FEED HER.

  • Anonymous

    wtf are on her shoes..

  • fhieks


  • samr

    aw shes cute!

  • samr

    aw shes cute!

  • Anonymous

    pretty dress….disgusting shoes.
    too much gray.

  • miranda

    she looks alot like Sandra Bulak ( dont know how to spell her name) in that picture

  • DALLASjonas


  • Anonymous

    her shoes look like high-heeled slippers

  • dena

    ugly shoes
    but shes so pretty! i loved her dress and was so jealous that she got to present with david archuleta!!

  • Anonymous

    shes so pretty but i dont like her shoes & she looks so skinny.

  • sarah

    yeah she’s naturally that skinny. she’s so gorgeous.

    and she was at the show cause it was ABC hosted, and then asked her to come.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, she’s so pretty!

    bad choice on the shoes…

  • ejktekjtjketke

    jk, i dont even know her, i just lied! im a liar :(

  • Angelica

    She’s so pretty!
    I cant wait for the new season of secret life to come out
    when is it coming out btw?

  • ejktekjtjketke

    jk, i dont even know her, i just lied! im a liar :(

  • laURENNN

    WOAH…anorrexic much? jk but i never realized she was THAT thin

  • Kayla.

    she’s gorgeous

  • Harry Potter PONES Twilight!!!

    I hate the shoes, but she is really pretty!!

  • diana

    shoes are wrong

    she’s very pretty but she looks really tired

    and she sort of looks like nick d’agosto, in a girly way

  • olivia

    she’s really pretty :D
    she made david archuleta look like a midget xD ahahahahahhahah!

  • Amanda

    omg her legs are SOO skinny but she is really pretty =]]

  • HaleyGeg

    she is so cute
    but very skinny

  • Anonymous

    wow, shes REALLY pretty. im jealous!


    OMG this chick is ridiculously HOT! :D

  • vicki

    holy shit her legs.
    they’re freaking toothpicks.
    she’s so skinny!
    she’s kinda pretty, though

  • Kristen

    i never noticed how skinny she was.
    but i dont think she looks anorexic.
    she’s gorgeous and im jealous of her hair, it always looks so pretty. lol
    but she should have worn different shoes.

  • Anonymous

    holy shit…skinny much!?

  • http://fga kate

    i love her, but hate the shoes!

  • ):

    This dress is designed by Christian Siriano (Project Runway). The shoes were part of the design. But you gottta admit that its an awesome outfit.

  • Rara

    Hahaha, she was sooo tall in those heels. And not in a good way. I think Archuleta felt a little embarassed standing next to her, because she was like a foot taller than him :)

  • Olivia

    wait…why was she at the american MUSIC awards? shes in an actress…

  • >>>>>>>> LEOPARD PRINT RIBBON <<<<<<<

    has noone else noticed how bloody anorexic she looks,
    she looks horrible, her bones are like piercing through her skin
    and wtf with the shoes…

    pretty girl – eat some food, and get a stylist

  • Anonymous

    loving the hair.
    but wow shes sooo thin

  • bridgetjbtwilight

    i love her
    shes sooo pretty
    and the shoes..ok those arent working
    but other than that shes gorgeous
    ok sure shes skinny..but still its not like annorexic..or anything

    love her hair

    woot woot!
    cant wait for the new season of the secret life of the american teenager!!
    jan !!

  • brenda

    wow she’s gorgeous!
    when i was scrolling down i thought it was selena gomez ar first

  • hahha

    Yeah, those shoes kinda make the outfit look awkward…

  • Anonymous

    She looks very pretty..But the shoes are horrible…Sorry

  • lmfao

    those shoes are a FAIL

  • Anonymous

    can we bring yesterday back around cause i know how i feel abour you now

    miranda cosgrove
    -love her

  • Kristin

    she’s really pretty, but dang she’s as skinny as a stick.

  • Anonymous

    she’s so thin!

    eat a bucket of chicken thighs. you’ll feel much better, honey.

  • leah

    she looks like a flamingo!

  • aly

    ohh man,
    not the shoes!Never match your shoes or socks with
    your shirt or dress.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Y’all had a time, OU that y’all over used the word “American” I just noticed.

  • Anonymous

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  • Maria<3

    the first thing that i thought too, was shes obviously anorexic, i mean look at her legs, they are like twigs!! but then i did some further research,and shes had a back brace on for two yrs, suffering from scoliosis(curvage of the spine), and shes worn the backbrace in all of the episodes, her legs look so thin, because she loved to run, and did cross country and other sports, but couldnt do any of that with backbrace on and lost mostly all of the muscle mass in her legs

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous
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  • Anonymous

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