Blake Lively Australia Premiere Precious

Blake Lively looked stunning as always at the premiere of New York City premiere of Australia held at the Ziegfeld Theatre tonight. Photos: Fame. 7+

  • fdgdfgdfgd

    did she cut her hair?

  • maddie


  • Daniella


  • alyssa

    shes gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    ugly skirt :/

  • Jane

    I don’t really like her shoes, but she looks nice.



  • Summer Keeley; team jonas/demi!<3;

    she is so pretty(: im jealous!

  • Kayla.

    i spy with my little eye… A SLUT :O

  • jannaaaaa

    yay for aussies :)

  • Ash

    She is soo pretty, but this clothes is soo ugly, is a style very old for her!!!.

  • hailie

    what has she ever done to be called a slut?

  • riley

    she’s beautiful
    and she’s NOT a slut.
    shut your mouths, you know nothing.

  • Anonymous


  • dkjdk

    i love that skirt

  • Zuwee

    She looks really nice…except for the stocking!

  • Anonymous

    gorgeous. and i love the second to last photo. cause it makes her same real. like. not everyone snaps a perfect shot.

  • tashhhh

    she needs a different pose

  • Anonymous

    what a stupid belt

  • katie

    People who call girls sluts are just ugly girls who are jealous :]]

    she is sooo classy and stunning <3 her!!

  • katie

    People who call girls sluts are just ugly girls who are jealous :]]

    she is sooo classy and stunning <3 her!!

  • amanda

    did she get dressed in the dark?? yikes. girl needs a (new) stylist STAT!

  • Macaaa..! <3

    she looks gorgeus

  • kiwitongue

    the outfit is terrible.
    but she’s really pretty.

  • Madison D

    I love her. she is such a good person to look up to! BUt maybe besides her character in gossip girl. But she is absolutely gorgeous. hate the outfit though may i add, but i adore her

  • Janny

    she has a nice body but i think she isnt pretty enough to play a perfect looking person as serena is described in the gossip girl books.
    blake looks better, i think

  • Kelly Jonas

    Her outfit looks like something my GRANDMA would wear.

  • Jessica

    I actually thought she looked pretty classy…

  • Amy(Loves)James

    Wow…Tut Tut Tut! JEALOUS PEOPLE! Urrrgh.
    She has everything that you will NEVER HAVE!
    I love her! She’s talented and gorgeous.
    Yeah.. this outfit does make her seem a bit older, but
    still she’s pretty.
    AND that isn’t a stupid belt. Wtf
    I actually think the belt is the only thing that looks
    good in this outfit.
    Well shes still kooooooool :D
    Go and look up what ‘slut’ means. Idiots. Haha

  • jenna

    blake you are so gorgeous

  • reginaaa:)

    she looks pretty :)
    i like the fact that she’s curvy not anorexic.

  • Kristen

    she looks pretty.
    but the look is a bit older for her.
    she needs a younger looking outfit.

  • Anonymous