Princess Protection Program Sneak PEAK From Samantha Droke?

Sam, Kevin and Nick working on ppp.. just being silly!

  • Anonymous

    haha those guys are hot :)

  • MimiBrazil


  • MimiBrazil


  • MimiBrazil


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  • jaide

    WOW! :O

  • Chris

    they could get into alot in trouble for letting us see dis

  • Anonymous

    needs more demi and selena.

  • Anonymous

    y rnt demi and selena making any videos about ppp anymroe? grr.

  • Crystal

    coincidence that there are a kevin and nick in the video …… (x

  • sarah

    I can’t wait for that freakin’ movie.
    What month is it coming out?

  • Anonymous

    oh.. i thought it was going to be jonas.