Rihanna & Chris Brown Flaunt AMAs

Big American Music Award ’08 winners Rihanna and Chris Brown flaunted their Favorite Pop/Rock and Favorite Soul/Rhythm Artist statuettes in the press room on Sunday night. Photos: Fame, Juan Rico. +5 under!

  • Anonymous

    aw they kinda matched :]

  • Anonymous

    her outfit is so revealing,
    why not go naked instead. :/

  • http://tyla2cool@aol.com Brittany

    Rihanna looks nice from the neck up
    is her outfit kind of kinky? just asking

    Chris looks nice but is he getting skinnier
    or is his head getting bigger?

  • Anonymous

    rihanna’s shirt looks dangerous.

    hahah but she’s really pretty
    and chris brown is pretty awesomee

  • Crystal (HI MARCIAA)

    i agree, chris is a hottie
    Rihanna, i dont know why:
    but I like what shes wearing..
    its different although i dislike her.

  • Ashleyyyy

    Chris looks SO cute :)
    Rhianna is not cute anymore. She looked better when she first came out. What the hell does Chris see in her?

  • b

    what was she thinking. she looks terrible, i mean most of her outfits are but that tops the list.and her hair. this is the #1 worst looks ever.

  • http://www.myspace.com/chrissysavers shania

    Holy shit.
    I love what Rihanna’s wearing.
    It’s hot.

  • Sara

    Rihanna is a WHORE. WTF is she wearing?

    I luv Chris Breezy!

  • Anonymous

    What kind of sunglasses are thosee?

  • Patricia

    Woah Rihanna looks like a stripper. She’s a beautiful girl, but revealing outfits aren’t sexy. Confidence and personality is sexy.

  • Hannah


  • bleu

    i luv them both. especially CHRIS BROWN!!!
    what the hell is rihanna rearing? i can see everything…

  • ???


  • Anonymous


  • sara

    rihannas dress is really revealing!!

  • Anonymous

    cutest couple ever.

  • Julia

    what the hell is she wearing?

  • sarah

    I love them both, so fucking much.

  • Lila

    WHAT IS RIHANNA WEARING? it looks herendous.

    chris brown is a HOTTAYYYY

  • leah

    worst dressed goes to rihanna!

  • Anonymous

    they’re a couple full of talent!but i do not like
    rihanna’s hair..

  • Anonymous

    i love rihanna but what is she wearing and her hair is bad
    i love their music go chris and rihanna

  • T

    Jeezus! You can almost see her boob! Slow down,Ri Ri. Geez!

  • Julia

    she’s trying so hard to be “hardcore”, ew.
    and chris brown thinks he is a gangstah lol

  • =]

    they both look great ! =]

    btw rihannas great in consert !

  • kikki

    Love Chris and everything, but he needs to hire a stylist or something and what the hell is on Rihanna’s head? Any’s congrats to them (even though I thing Artist of the year should have went to Alicia keys or Coldplay)

  • desirae

    wow her eyes are crazzzy.