Varsity Fanclub Replace Cheetah Girls In Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade

Cheetah Girls out, Varsity Fanclub in! The Girls were originally slated to perform at the 82nd Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City, but are rumored to have been eliminated from the lineup because of Adrienne Bailon‘s leaked bottom baring pictures.

VFC is set to perform ‘Future Love’ alongside other acts including Miley Cyrus, David Archuleta, Darius Rucker and Trace Adkins. The parade airs live Thanksgiving morning on NBC, kicking off at 9:00 AM.

Band member Thomas Fiss said, ‘We’re excited beyond belief to perform at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, It’s an American tradition that all of us grew up watching on TV.’ Photo Credit: Marina Chavez.

  • rhiewt


  • Shadow714

    I Freakin’ screamed when i saw this post!!!

    I love VFC! Esp. Thomas Michael Fiss!
    I met them at the Americana and also at the Grove!

  • AshleylovesVFC

    YAY! i cant wait for them to perform tommorow! its def there time to shine im glad ppl r finally getting to see how much talent and personality they have

  • jonasluvr

    duuude.. these guys are quickly becoming my new FIX. i fought as hard as i could but they’re too good, and they’re pretty freakin hilarious.

    thomas’ eyes.. ahhhhh their voices.. double ahhhhh lol

  • mrs.thomas fiss


    i’ll actually watch it thennn.


    i am starting to get SUPER obsessed with varsity fan clubb(:

  • lesha

    aw love them. glad they got a spot.

  • Anonymous

    That’s awesome!!!!!!!! I love VFC!!!

  • Anonymous

    i loveeeeeeeee vfc,
    and am so proud of them.

  • Mary

    I was the only one who had heard of them out off all my family ahha

  • bobsaget

    mandy jiroux is in their video future love or something like that.

  • ***Rachel***

    No Jonas Brothers?!?!?! Well, they are doing the halftime show for the Dallas game so I guess they wouldn’t have time to do both ='[

  • Holly

    love them to pieces.

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  • Anonymous

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  • James Taylor
  • Uta

    Haha, very positive photo! Great! And i like Thomas Fiss, he is clever guy! Well, I will buy essay online then finish all exams and will go to their performance.

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