Flawless purse freak Ashley Tisdale popped into a local Hollywood coffee shop to re-fuel her life with some caffeine. Tis kept her eyes well covered under Ray-Ban aviator shades while toting a fabulous Fendi bag. Photos: Fame. +4!

  • Anonymous

    shes absolutely gorgeous!

    love love love her outfit

  • love her hair: no more fake extensions!

     ~ real wishes granted ~

  • sheila

    she’s so pretty

  • MarryMeGaston

    She’s STUNNING!

  • lalalove

    what brand is her jacket some one please please please tell me ..its gorgeous!!!

  • rilee

    dude why does she have aring on her wedding finger?

  • lol

    IM NILOVE WITH HER JACKET i so want it!!

  • lol

    i meant im in love with her jacket
    btw luv her hair smazing

  • Neogi

    first, she’s hot

  • summr

    i love the hair!

  • wowzers

    love the sunglasses, bag and jacket! Very cute:)

  • julie

    i looove her <3

  • Kelly Jonas

    LOVE the sunglasses.
    Her? Not so much.

  • Alexandra

    Love her hair :D

  • haileyy

    i don’t like her nose.