Cheetah Girls BREAKING UP

Kiely Williams revealed to In Touch [Via 4TNZ] that the Cheetah Girls are breaking up after their One World tour is over December 22. Kiely said, ‘We always knew that this tour would probably be our last. Adrienne [nude] photos had nothing to do with the split.

We were excited about going out on a high note, it’s sad that this negative attention put a damper on that.’ Adrienne and Kiely are recording solo CDs, while Sabrina Bryan just wrote a book called ‘Princess of Gossip’. Photo:
Fame. Are you SAD?

  • Anonymous


  • ahaa =]

    uhhh, i don’t care muchhh?

  • Camila

    sad?? No.

    Actually, happy, because I don’t like the Cheetah Girls, and their movies were always worse, specially the last one, without Raven.

    There are 3 musicals in Disney:
    High School Musical –> a HIT
    Camp Rock –> very good, but not a hit, cuz it wasn’t the first one
    The Cheetah Girls –> unsuccessfulness

  • Mrs.Brad

    ill miss em *sigh*

  • Sara

    Bout time. I like Sabrina and Kiely. I hate Adrienne for her naked pictures. it sux. :( Imma miss them. :(

  • Harry Potter PONES Twilight!!!

    Thank the Lord!!!! I mean they are nice, I am not a fan of their music though. But it is for the better.

  • Sarah

    i don’t know them so i don’t care but i’m sorry for their fans :(

  • cheetahgurlsuxsobad

    its about time

  • katie

    it’s about time…

  • sandra

    Mitchel Musso at Music Mogul Launch Party!!

  • Jared House

    R u freaking kidding me! Unbellievable! Are they really breaking up? That sure would make me sad!

  • Anonymous

    oh no the cheetah girls are breaking up! what am i going to do with myself now?

  • Anonymous

    ahhh soo sad it was probably cause of adrian’s nude pics

  • marisa

    its about time.. they were like 25 year olds singing and dancing like they were 18

  • lalala

    r u like retarded or something? it says that it’s not because of that stupid bitch

  • Anonymous

    NOBODY’S CARE! I’m NOOT sad at all!

  • Anonymous

    about damn time

  • layla

    I’m not a fan but they were ok.
    it’s lil dispointing.
    srry to the people that liked them =)

  • letshavefun

    its about time
    theyre like 23 now, they gotta move on from disney
    im pretty sure they will do just fine

  • anonymous

    they’re too old for disney anways.
    plus if they want to be taken as serious musicians,
    they need to get rid of those mouse ears and look
    for a legit recording company.
    it was fun while it lasted but its time to act their
    age and move on from disney.

  • Claire

    I like them separately, they’re cool, but it’s about time…

  • Raccheel

    I am sad, hell no. they’re annoying.
    it was old after the second movie.
    Raven was really the whole thing:P

  • me

    i dont care acually im happy!!!

  • Anonymous

    well this isn’t cheetahlicious. not cheetahlicious at all.

  • michaela

    i never liked them or anything but its kinda sad that they are breaking up.. especially to the younger fans who love them.

  • Anonymous

    sabrina bryan looks like she has put on some weight.

  • Anonymous

    they suck anyway

  • Vampz

    about time.

  • afton

    HAHAHAH no. They just weren’t successful.

  • Anonymous

    it was prob. time for them to move on, but that’s okay. god forgives adrienne

  • brooke

    I might committ suicide this can not happen!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ffffffff
  • :)

    they’re so boney..
    then adrienne’s legs are tiny
    & Keely is perfect.

  • Carol

    I’m not sad.
    They sucked.
    The only one I’ve ever liked was Sabrina. But the book idea just wasn’t a good idea…

  • pop

    are they even famous??….

  • Anonymous

    well like i am kinda sad but i used to like them like in 5th grade so….. idk oh yeah and this girl made a video on youtube and shes supposed to be really good (i guess idk) just look at her page

  • Anonymous

    no im not sad.
    one world was freakin horrible.
    but sorry to their fans, i guess.

  • yes

    they are beautiful women, im sure its for the best. it was a movie, they arent actually cheetah girls – like miley isnt actually hannah montana. they are just discontinueing their movie series of beingn the cheetah girls.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    omg im sad nd then im happy b cuz adrian and kiely r gonna b solo. and a dem bitches dat hate dem u can stop commenting to dem fuckin idiots

  • lea.mkr

    its sad that their breaking up…
    but no one cares:(


  • it’s me.

    I’m not a fan, but I don’t have anything agaisnt the cheetah girls, and I’m so sorry for the fans of them…
    I mean, I know how it is, I’m a HUGE hsm fan, and I cryed so much when the cast said hsm 3 was the lats one, I watched hsm 3, 3 times at the sinema, and all the 3 times I cryed D:

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    It’s about time. They should have called it quits after the first movie because everything else after that was RETARDED and they’re too old. Raven was smart to leave.

    By the way, Sabrina looks like an owl…She has NO neck…

  • me

    GOOD . it`s ABOUT TIME .

  • Anonymous

    well like i am kinda sad but i used to like them like in 5th grade so….. idk oh yeah and this girl made a video on youtube and shes supposed to be really good (i guess idk) just look at her page


  • lauren

    awww cheetahs are no longer

  • Anonymous

    NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO together forever(from their song fuego)my foot!U GUYS ARE MAKING A REAALY BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!and sabrina ISNT fat!

  • Anonymous


  • virginia

    Actually I’m pretty sure it was adrian’s fault.
    They were already thinking about number 4, in the cheetah girls movie. Remembre the whole tokio/china thing? And how brenda was rumored to be in it?
    Now they can’t even discuss it, because there is no way they can even make another movie because of her.

  • lesha

    well i liked kiely and adrienne better when they were in 3LW so i was disappointed when that ended, but now not so much.

  • hi

    its about time! THEY SUCK ANYWAY
    who cares…

  • Team Demi/TAYLOR!

    thank youuu.
    I was obsessed with them in like what 3rd grade.
    seriously the were overrated when they first began.
    Anyone with the name “Cheetah Girls” is a deffinate NO.

  • KarissaJonas?

    ehh,i liked number 1&2.
    they need raven back.
    but whatever,theyre over.

  • nina

    it probably was adrienne.
    just saying.

    I’m happy.
    I don’t like them.

  • Anonymous

    how disapointing.

  • anonymous

    aw. that’s just sad.
    it’s about time.

  • Josi

    not really

  • Alyson

    oh my god that sucks D:
    I’m not big fans of them
    but i like them

  • Carool Moraiis

    Cheetah Brazilian Fan Desperate!

  • RosalieHale


  • aly

    That’s not good.
    But whatever.
    Adrienne and Kiely where R&B singers before
    they became ‘The Cheetah Girls’ with Sabrina.
    So I still don’t really see them as Disney material.
    And btw: Sabrina’s legs are killer! Her upper half is
    a little heavier than before but her legs are just,wow!
    it must be from that dancing!

  • miley FOREVER!!!

    bout time

  • Anonymous

    finally uhh

  • Carolinaajobrosfan(:

    Okay I can’t stand them much but like I’m gonna miss ANOTHER cheetah movie and them being in the disney channel games Idk It’s gonna be weird.
    Anyway I can’t stand them much and they had no talent but I really liked their 2nd film.
    The only I liked was Adrienne but now She’s just whatever after what she did.

  • Anonymous

    Poor little kiddos :(
    They are gonna miss them!
    Guys I actually liked one world better than the others I mean Raven is sick :/

  • Anonymous

    Sabrina is WAY TOO FAT.
    woww that girl Is a pig.

  • jasmine

    oh no!
    they are gonna fire the best 30 year old on disney channel!
    im gonna cry my self to sleep!


    dont kare,no no promblem for me
    question is:how long did it tak them to finally fire them!

  • HateCheetahs

    they r fat and ugly

    hate the movie

  • vanessa

    how sad=(
    i wasnt a big fan but they
    were pretty good..

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I wasn’t sad about this, bye.