Demi Lovato
performing a possibly unreleased song at the House of Blues AMAs After Party with special guests Demi Lovato, Honor Society, Jordin Sparks, Frankie J, Jesse McCartney. Selena Gomez, Maya and
Brenda Song
were also there. Thx

  • Carol

    This sounds great. I love the feel of the guitar XD
    It reminds me of a John Mayer song, I really hope this is is released if it’s hers

  • Anonymous

    um no hunny this is not superstition by stevie wonger ur the idiot!!! this is an unrelease song

  • brandi

    dude this sounds really good!! i like the beat :) haha it sounds like she is saying, “Walking, walking” and then goes all high lol idk… but i would like to hear a recorded version!!

  • celine


  • yo


  • anonymous

    I love Demi!!

  • case

    I’m sooo mad that I couldn’t be at that concert! Free show in Dallas Please!!!

  • m@rlys

    hola a toooooos me llamo marlys y soy d xile, apart soy la tercera


    when she performed this wow she was amazing. she really has an amazing voice. this concert was the best night ever. os wish i could go back!

  • rachelle

    sounds good. :]

  • Anonymous

    i can barely hear it… :(

  • me

    Please oceanup keep posting these videos this concert looks awesome!

  • ontheDL

    and this brilliance didn’t make the album, because???

    i mean, come on. it was an 11 track album. they coulda added a few more. =]

  • Anonymous

    hoemez wasnt invited to the amas HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

  • yooooooooooooooooooo

    i like the beat shit they was jammin that night joe hair looks like the beatles he got all black on lol

  • thugline

    aww it sounds great

    demi is really good :D

    haha she’s kinda dancing here

    maybe this will included on her next album hehe :)

    I’m glad joe had his hair done..

    oh yes ocean up keep posting vids of that event

  • Anonymous

    i cant understand a fucking thing.

  • Crystal

    hoemez wasnt invited to the amas HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA


    cause she`s an ACTRESS , smart one .

  • celeen

    that is soo catchy
    demi is amazing!!

  • Anonymous

    in other news, selena took down her “rumor control” post. wonder why…

  • ohmyjemi

    I love Demi..
    the song was catchy i like it

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    selena gomez is such a frog-faced cutie. i’m in love with her.

  • Anonymous

    it doesnt matter if selena is an actress not everybody there were singers dummy they invite actors too not just singers!! anyway i couldn understand a thing but the beat sounds great i love demi shes so tAlented

  • Elexis

    are you guys stupid or what this is a cover of the song superstition by stevie wonder oceanup get your hear out of your ass please

  • Anonymous

    sorry this is their song I was looking at something
    else sorry everyone

  • Bekku,

    It sounds good, though i could barely hear it.
    I doubt it’d be a unreleased song,
    Why would the crowd + Jonas Brothers know the word,
    But no one else have any clue about that song.
    It’s probably a cover, seen as though they did cover alot of songs that night :)

  • Team miley. selena. jb. demi (all teams)

    hahahha i guess that she doesn’t get it
    she doesn’t even know how to write
    i mean she said hoemez instead of gomez

  • Chris

    thats daughter john mayer

  • Xavou

    Was Camilla Belle at this concert ?
    Demi is just awesome like the Jb <3

  • asjdf


  • acyx


  • *jonascyruslovatolove*

    I don’t know if it’s an unreleased song.. sounds more like a cover to another song x] idk…

  • Anonymous

    this seems like it was the most amazing concert ever!
    i love the vibe of the whole thing and they all look so sharp =)
    this song is cool, too. id definitely love it if they both came out with more like this!
    an acoustic album would be awesome also!

  • cait

    she sounds amazing! but i cant understand any of the

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    yeah this song is very catchy, I don’t think its a cover
    because no one sang with her they are like screaming
    so probably people out there don’t know this song and
    as well as ocean up so this must be a unreleased song hehe

    its really catchy