• Anonymous

    her feet dont match he legs ..

  • musicismybf

    Ashley is awkward-looking and she looks like she’s playing dress-up because it’s so big on her…..

  • gawjussluva

    Leona, duh!

  • imin2u

    Leona Lewis!!!!!
    i love ashley but she looks really weird in this dress.

  • lesha

    well the dress fits leona a whole lot better then ashley so i go with her

  • Anthony

    Well everyone here is a retarded Disney fan and of course their going to say Ashley.

    Though the poll is fake 1016 votes with 13 comments okay comon now Oceanup stop cheating.

    leona looks better

  • Anonymous


  • Faye

    Don’t like the dress.

  • Anonymous

    Leona fills the dress and ashley doesn’t.. but ashley looks better because she didn’t wear those black tights. If Leona hadn’t those tights on she’d look sooo much better and even better than ashley. Still, lov ya Ash.

  • WOW!

    Leona Lewis looks waaay better! She has a better body

  • http://www.myspace.com/chrissysavers shania

    Leona’s hair is awful.

  • cullen<3

    leona lewis is freaking scary !

  • rrrrr

    i knew ashley got the most vote..

    leona is better obviously..

  • rrrrr

    i knew ashley got the most vote..

    leona is better obviously..

  • Anonymous

    why brag about being a jb fan on a pole that has nothing
    to do with them ..lol

  • Anonymous

    wat have the jobros got to do with this???

  • Anonymous

    leona definetley fills it out better!

  • Christina

    love leona, but those tights are just not doin it for her

  • http://www.asdf.com UR MOM.

    Leona <33!

  • Mrs.Brad

    well they both look nice but maybe if Leona took the tights off it would be better>
    and the way Ashley wear it is very simple with a lil bling which make her look classier than when Leona wore it so i choose Ashley’s look. =)

  • Anonymous



  • http://myspace.com/kaylaanicolee Kayla.

    muh girl ashley definitely did.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    definitely, Leona!

  • Alma


  • Laura

    Fiiirst :D

    Ashleeeeey! She’s so gorgeous! Love her <333

  • pickle

    well the dress is ugly overall. so i can’t really say who wore it best..

  • http://www.youtube.com/dustieandkristen Kristen

    ashley did.
    i dont like it with tights.
    and i think leona is wearing too many sparkly bracelets with an already sparkly dress.

  • lovatojonasgomez

    i don’t like it with tights but Ashely to skinny in the dress. LEONA

  • it’s me.

    ashley ;)
    ashley is awesome, she’s so gorgeous and talented, I love you ashleeey!
    I’ll miss HSM so much D:

  • mariavraxnou

    asley fisika

  • Anonymous

    Ashley. Not really lovin’ the tights on Leona

  • Anonymous

    none of them look soo great in that . but i do agree that ashley is looking better and that doest mean just because she is famous she actually looks better

  • Anonymous

    but leona’s hair looks hotter

  • xristinavraxnou

    asley tisade fisika

  • Anonymous

    Ashley was beatiful but Leona wore it better

  • xristinavraxnou

    asley tisade fisika h lewna lewis einai xalia