Taylor Momsen looked super cute trying to stay warm in her long black trenchcoat on the New York City Gossip Girl set today. Photos: Fame. +4!
Blake Lively is not amused..

  • lindsey

    why is she wearing a sleeping bag?

  • ontheDL

    LAWL @ blake. HAHA.

  • DamnThatMotherChucker

    Yey I love her,I love the whole gossip girl cast :)

  • Joyce

    i wouldnt be too happy either if i had those two guys behind me.

  • Anonymous

    ummmmmmmmmm thas not a trench u numb nuts lmao i have a coat like that but its ugly 2 me ..

  • Anonymous

    oooooh. it looks like little j toned down a tiny bit on the makeup. yay :D

  • brigitte

    lovee herrr

  • Anonymous


  • alaina

    i love taylor she is soo pretty and same for blake

  • besttt

    fiiirst wooohoo

  • Anonymous

    ahaahah! she looks so mad! first?

  • Jane

    Hahahahaha Blake’s face is soooo funny, those guys are totally checking her out.

    And those are just the coats they wear to keep warm between shoots, they aren’t in the show or anything.

  • brigitte

    chyess i was first! haha sorry

  • brooke

    where in NY is the set?

  • jessie

    i dont like her shes to crazy

  • m

    i love her best with no makeup like at the end of the thanksgiving episode but she looks a lot better here than she has lately. they were doing her eyes too dark, now all she has to do is fix her hair

  • wowzers(team swift/cyrus)

    hahaha those guys look like there checking out blake and shes grossed out but thats just the crew i suppose

  • http://www.myspace.com/chrissysavers shania

    She’s pretty.

  • raccheel

    woooow, blake looks mad.

  • jezelle

    connor’s face in picture 3
    i love him, he’s a hottie with body:)

  • Anonymous

    omg, taylor is fukin gorg!

  • http://ix3caughtfire.livejournal.com ix3caughtfire

    Taylor looks cute but Connor looks cuter. He looks much better with dark hair !!

  • Anonymous

    14 my ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kelsey

    14 my ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i’m in love with connor paolo.

  • Anonymous

    14 my ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    she’s 15…

  • amanda

    well one guy is looking at blake and the other one is looking at somebody behind her.

  • Anonymous

    hehe guys r checking blake out hehe

  • Anonymous

    Just turned 15….

  • Anonymous

    oceanup please post more Ali Lohan news. When does her album come out??