Ashley Tisdale Protects Face From Rain

It rained on Ashley Tisdale‘s Beverly Hills shopping excursion today! Thank god she had a warm hooded jacket to cover her face while making her way in and out of expensive boutiques. Photos: Fame. +3 under!

  • me =]

    she’s gorgeous! i freakin love her

  • wow

    LOOOL MCR sucks. Worst posers ever.
    But Ashley is looking gorgeous!

  • where?

    Nervermind, I found the pics and I sent them in.
    Hopefully oceanUP will post them soon.

  • Vanessa

    omg i know it was raining really hard today! but it
    looked amazing! 0.0

  • Anonymous

    No, that’s not an engagement ring on her finger because it’s her right hand..

  • brenda


  • nanda :]



  • yo

    why thank you for sharing. this is just the news i was waiting for

  • Gabby

    I love her shoes/boots
    there cute:)

  • LaLaLand


  • Jase

    why do you sy first all the time?. I can’t understand t that! Sorry…
    omg ahsley is so preaty

  • katee.

    omg. i want her hoodie. like now.
    mcr is life.


    The only thing that annoys me about Tisdale is…
    she denies that she got the nose job, because she wanted a nose job. She says it was because of ‘septum problems’ – PURLEEEASE, people made nasty remarks about her nose so fair enough she got a nose job. i just wish shed be honest about it, her fans deserve it.


  • madison

    woah! i was ttly waiting for this news! …does this mean since i cover my face from the rain im famous too??? OmG!

  • Anonymous

    i love ashley
    shes so pretty love her outfit

  • Omg

    she likes MCR!

  • xLmaoox

    that MCR hoodie sooo rocks!

  • Sara

    She so purty! i luv her!

    She likes MCR! LOLz! That’s a nice hoodie! XD


    she’s freaking cute!
    i love U< ASHLEY!

  • it’s me.

    I didn’t knew ashley liked MCR!
    anyways, I love you ashleeey!
    you rock :D

  • Anonymous

    my chemical romance!!

    shes so hot.

  • Anonymous

    oceanup post about kristen stewart smoking weed!

  • Allie

    She’s so sweet.
    Shes pretty, skinny, & i love her boots xD

  • lovebug<3

    firstt!!!! and love her!!!

  • Sarah

    wow, breaking news

  • ashleytisdalelove

    she looks cute!

  • vale

    mcr! :O
    she is pretty

  • SelDemiJonas

    Ashley is so pretty, gotta love herr

  • izzie

    looove her <3

  • P00000

    mcr mcr mcr mcr mcr mcr mcr mcr mcr.
    i didnt think she would like them.
    mcr is da bomb.

  • Mowgli

    post the pictures of Kristen Stewart smoking from a bong.

  • bb

    this is rely weird, she has a my chem sweatshiirt/ n she has a planet blue bag but im still freaked out that she likes my chem/? hha

  • it’s me.

    I love you ashleeeeeeey!
    ur awesome ;)

  • caitlyn

    shes wearing a my chemical romance shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • brenda

    wow i really needed to know that.

  • where?

    where is the pic of Kristen doing pot?
    I saw a pic like that, I think on E! News but I thought it was a scene from a movie she was doing or something becausde she’s played some intense roles like rape victim and stuff so is there like an article about it somewhere???

  • Anonymous

    NO! NOT HER FACE!!! whatever…

  • krista

    wow, I actually love her caual lothes here =]
    i love Ash!!

  • mrsnickjonas

    aww i love her! shes soo nice and she stays out of trouble!

  • Wasabi

    is that an engagement ring on her finger?

  • ilana


  • upup

    COOL!! We both love MCR too!!

  • T

    I LOVE her MCR Hoodie! And she looks hawt.

  • Kai

    miley’s dwts performance from yesterday