Cody Linley Grasps Girl At Blvd. 3

Cody Linley and mystery girl were stalked while leaving the Dancing With The Stars wrap party at Blvd. 3 in Hollywood. Who do YOU think the girl is? Photos: Fame. +2 under!

  • Anonymous

    haha some random blonde chick! come on cody, your supposed to be dating julianne by noww! lolz

  • Anonymous

    woah. he looks stoned.

  • dena

    hahaha of course you can’t see her face..
    ugly shirt hes wearing, with his matching tie

  • qweqew


  • mckayla

    it looks like his mom people.

  • fernanda

    cody don’t have sister !!

  • Anonymous

    haha when i first looked at this i thought his shirt was ripped at the top then i realized its his tie.. his hair is darker and shorter :p

    haha oceanup is like WHO IS SHE???? and then you loook at the pictures and shes cut out of 2 of them and the one an elbow is in the way ahaha.

  • Pao

    WTF!The Girl is always covered!!!How the hell would I know who the hell was that!!!!!MAN!

  • Pao

    WTF!The Girl is always covered!!!How the hell would I know who the hell was that!!!!!MAN!

  • Kayla.

    he’s making demi jealous…
    i would know cuz that’s me.


  • lalalala

    That’s his house maid, she comes on the road for anything “service”

  • typical

    kinda hard seeing as one picture has her face cutoff, one has her face being blocked by that dude’s elbow, and the last one is just cody.
    so technically, it could be anyone.
    technically, we don’t even know it’s a girl. it could be a very leggy guy with extensions.
    you can’t see her (or his) face.

  • Kayla.

    nigga you can’t even see her face!

  • ontheDL

    i think the best part is that the guy’s elbow is still covering her face. LOL. it’s like wilson from home improvement. LOL.

  • Anonymous

    her head is too small to be julianne! i have not clue who that is..

  • JonasLover

    i didnt even notice the tie at first it is so akward!!! and that girl her knees are gross!

  • Liz

    He’s a drunk and a letch, from what I’ve heard. YUK. get it together, dude. Not cool.

  • Anonymous

    anyone elso notice that his right arm is completely orange in every pic while the hand it white….
    thats a spray tan gone bad :)

  • Lauren

    I was about to say julianne until i saw the second picture….hmm… oh and cody dosnt have any sisters

    The guy in the white shirt looks like Derek Hough i sitll have no idea who the girl is though i dont think it is anyone from dwts

    I dbout she`s famous cause she is hiding her face in every one of the pics

    Looks kinda painful the way he`s garabbing her wrists like that

  • Brittanybby.

    Trust me, I’m bothered too.

  • ciiarrra

    wow itss wierd how and elbow seems to be covering her face percisly lol

  • anon


  • taylorJONAS

    who knows, probably a hoe :D

    just kidding!

  • sandra

    hes ugly

  • it’s me.

    he’s way to cute :)
    but he looks mad on the second picture!

  • jonas lover

    uhhhhhhhhhh hello?!?!?! its julliane hough!!!!

  • Monaaaaa

    1st? :] mona!

  • Lauren


  • sadjhsajdh

    whoaaaa cutie

  • Shae

    lol she’s barely in the pics and the one she IS in the guys elbow is covering her face rofl

  • http://kianalahh kiana

    i cant see her facee.

  • ashley


  • jonas lover

    uhhhhhhhhhh hello?!?!?! its julliane hough!!!!

  • bee

    i love cody but, he loosk kind of controlling doesn’t he? grabbing onto her wrist like that…o well. i’m sure he doesn’t mean anything by it. he’s so hot!

  • Anonymous

    can’t even see her hahahaha wtf

  • Aliana

    Ew, she needs to do some squats, her legs are kinda flabby. Cody looks really different, can’t figure out what it is?


    Hes so butters,
    he looks like a grandpa.

  • shelby

    wow. how ironic that her face is covered in ALL of those pictues.

  • Anonymous

    is there and pictures were her face ISNT covered?

  • Ashley

    It’s not Julliane. Her here is blond and she is skinny than that. Plus, she has a boyfriend

  • Anonymous

    lol @ her face always being covered
    little sister???
    you don’t ‘grasp’ a girlfriend on the wrist like that..

  • Bella

    Although i can’t see her face!
    Demis Hotter ;]

  • Tiffani

    oh wait…just kidding..she’s actually wearing clothes.
    my mistake.

  • wowzers(team swift/cyrus)

    its not julianne her hair is lighter than that but hmm probably a ho lol

  • celine

    i lov ehow she just HAPPENDS to be coverd in evey single one.
    maybe thats a sign to stop buggin’ peepz

  • Anonymous

    those catterpillar eyebrows are killing me!!

  • Ashley


    oops lol

  • Anonymous

    it kinda looks like mandy

  • lesha

    haha. dont know but i think she forgot her pants.

  • Anonymous

    are you serious?
    she’s fine.
    you must be like stick thin.
    that girl looks normal and healthy.

  • *jonascyruslovatolove*

    Not Julianne! She doesn’t have that hairstyle/color

  • teamDemiandSelena

    It’s Julianne Hough! His partner! DUH!

  • Anonymous

    who cares?

  • yes

    poor guy. hate paparazzi. just let them do wat they want! seriously you dont need pics of every second of their lives!
    p.s. looks like a junior J-Mac (jesse mccartney)

  • Amanda

    she looks…..old :X

  • Aliana

    are you serious?
    she’s fine.
    you must be like stick thin.
    that girl looks normal and healthy.
    Nooo, I’m not saying anything about her wait. I just mean that I would never wear a dress like that if my legs were flabby. I didn’t mean to offend anyone, its just that isn’t a good look.

  • Alexa

    Ahah, the mans elbow is blocking her face.
    It’s like in the powerpuff thinggg.
    Oh god, I’m lame.

  • Anonymous
  • Allie

    I dont know, if we could see her

  • Anonymous

    haha I can barely see the tie because it blends in with
    his shirt!!

  • Anonymous

    no, julliane’s hair is more blond.
    I know for a fact that’s not her.

  • Aliana


  • Brittney Book

    that is totally julianne hough

  • ctine

    haha, whats with the matching tie? xD

  • Taylor

    Its weird how her face isn’t visable in any of the pictures….If your going to be in his buisness like this at least take good pictures so we can acctually figure out who hes with!!!

  • Melanie

    GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • smadxx

    is anyone else bothered that his tie and his shirt are the same print? cause i am =[

  • you’re a dbag

    that girl needs to get her dress cleaned before she steps outside.

  • Anonymous

    HOE..who wears that in late november,i dont care where you are

  • Anonymous

    um,it would help if he even HAD a sister
    it could be possible that its his old ex from texas,
    she had blonde hair

  • charmander

    hahaha. it’s like perfect timing. they didn’t get any pictures of her face.

  • Anonymous

    is anyone else bothered that his tie and his shirt are the same print? cause i am =[


    LMFAO!!! i didn’t even realized he was wearing i tie. i kinda just glanced over the pics and didn’t see it until i read your comment. wow

  • yourmom

    um,it would help if he HAD a sister
    it could possibly be his ex from texas,
    she had blonde hair

  • Vanessa

    Actually that is his sister and yess he does have a sister! He also has a girlfriend
    and you people have seen him and his gf together. Her name is supposedly natalie
    or something

  • lala

    no shes to fat

  • lala

    no shes to fat

  • kendra


  • Always right

    why is everyone hating on him?
    She kinda looks like emily osment. but then… no. Idk idc either

  • TishaNichole.

    Ha serously how annoying.

  • Anonymous

    damn he grabbed the shit out of her lil wrists lmaoo crazy mo-fo

  • Anonymous

    um who cares sbout him….it seems like he likes the attetion…he wants to smile of joy…wat a loser!!!

  • Anonymous

    yup demis hotter…that girls looks like a hoe!!!

  • sandra

    hey hair looks horrible

  • Anonymous

    he looks drunk lmfao

  • jessica

    i noticed that too, Cody looks really different , and i dont know what is it…i think he looks just very tired

  • Mary

    Oh my. the tie matching the shirt pattern
    bigg no no, and not cute XD

  • Mary

    haha agreed

  • Anonymous

    who cares, he’s disgusting.

  • Anonymous

    A matching shirt and tie? SERIOUSLY?


  • Anja

    His Mom