Corbin Bleu HAIR, HOT Or NOT?

Corbin Bleu served dinner to LA’s homeless the day before Thanksgiving at the L.A. Mission. Is Corbin’s new slicked back hair HOT or NOT? Photos: Fame. +2 under from the American Music Awards red carpet.

  • ashanonymous

    he was much cuter when his hair was all crazy…

  • Alyson

    he should go back to the old hairstyle
    we knew and loved

  • Anonymous

    anyone here choose the hot button?

  • Sara

    Looked cuter when it was shorter. :)

  • Anonymous

    he’s doing something good and trying to help others who are less fotunate and all you can think about is his hair wow thats really shallow

  • Lauren

    :( he used to be so cute !!!!

  • Nik

    I dont know why, BUT I have a huge crush on him!

    I’m such Corbin fag hag!!

    And fair play to him helping the less fortunate. Take
    note everyone!!

  • keyla

    I miss the old corbin !!!!

  • it’s me.

    hot :)
    I love corbiin!

  • Cathe

    :-o i remember when he was so handsome in hsm 1

  • grace

    NOTTTT sryy corbin

  • Maddy


  • Anonymous

    i can’t stand his hair that length now. when it was shorter and went as bangs or just out and crazy was so nice. but this. is just horrible. like it really is.

  • lindsey

    i hate how he’s been doing that. it looks nasty.

  • Mileyfaans

    corbin you WERE hot in hsm 1
    but NOT anymore sorry …

  • Mikayla

    i think he could of done better…=]


    spread the love

  • Mikayla

    i think he could of done better

  • Anonymous

    looks like a freaky clown LOL

  • niki

    is it just me or does anyone else think he would look like LL Cool J if he shaved his head?

  • Anonymous

    that’s ugly wow

  • lol


  • zaha

    he wase hot and cute but now hes not

  • chrismayla21

    He’s helping out for a great cause and all you people can criticise on is his looks? That’s just F*cked up, matter of fact. He is a great looking person with a wonderful heart.

  • Tokunbo

    I think that he is absolutely GORGEOUS. I have had a major crush on him for as long as I can remember. Either way he looks wonderful. from HSM to now. He is such a sweetheart helping out the less fortunate. I really do not understand why people are saying he looks weird now, I see nothing weird about him at all, hes amazing. I can’t wait to see what he has next in store..


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  • Anonymous

    its horrifying ,Corbin, you should just buzz it all of before someone calls the police