Jonas Brothers Mike & Juliet Nov. 26

Jonas Brothers
featured on the Mike & Juliet Show on Wednesday.

  • onymous

    first lov ya nick

  • anonymous

    nick ur sooo HOT+SEXY

  • Anonymous


    plus joes wearing nikes again! rockin! love it when they do that!

  • Sneha

    Awww i love them
    Haha Joe and Nick are like, yeaaa were soo happy for Kevin” haha
    Their awesome.

    Kevin looked pretty damn good in that photoshoot
    i need to get me a copy of it…..

  • lesha

    wooo kevin!! i love how they act like they’re from texas now. ya’ll are jersey boys, no shame no shame.

  • Carmen

    if you love the jonas brothers and david archuleta, please sign this
    petition if you want them to tour together! ;D

    when it asks for personal info, feel free to enter in random letters and symbols. xD also, help spread this if you can! =)

  • raina

    i hope 3 of them come to india and help the victims of the the 26th november attack on mumbai
    then they will be my heroes

  • Kayla.

    joe barely talked.
    love him to death but joseph, say moree than a couple words silly goose <333

  • Yvonne

    I get so happy for Kevin every time that comes up about the People pic. Its so darn nice that Nick is talking A LOT more. He needs to keep that up

  • Kristi

    Raina,I’m REALLY sorry about the attack.
    My friend’s indian.

    But I don’t think they can come all the way over there
    from Texas.

  • Anonymous

    love you joe! you look sexy with your gloves!

  • Anonymous

    OMG! That was soooo awkward, when she said she would ‘carry them on her back’ if she had to. Cougar!

  • Angela

    Hmmm, I think Joe was called. I wanna go warm him up.

  • Mileyfaans

    AND UR AMAZING! <33333

  • Anonymous

    I saw nicks shirt when they were rehearsing
    he used to roll his sleeves up as his own personal
    style and he changed that to full suits :/
    but he rolled them during rehearsal! yess! hes back
    only he needs to get rid of the shoes and wear nikes =]
    theyre gonna be awesome at the game!

  • SelDemiJonas

    OMG i have theyre book
    i didnt ask for it but my mom got it as a surprise haha
    its so awesome!, they have really HOT pics in there
    and kev totally deserved that award , idk why he even asked if they got the right brother. he shouldnt think any less of himself, he looks dang good!
    and joe is so seductive!

  • Irene

    aww :( kevin, i feel bad.
    “are you sure you got the right brother?”

  • juyr


  • Sneha

    Its always should be Converse for Nick!