Kevin Schmidt Wants To DATE YOU

Samantha Droke’s BFF and Princess Protection Program costar Kevin Schmidt talks to Popstar! what he looks for in a girl. Kevin also wrote and directed the Alyson Stoner Project! Cool.

  • farah

    he’s in cheaper by the dozen

  • Amanda

    lol! i remember him….he was the chubby kid
    in Cheaper by the Dozen

  • kayla.[bitchassmotherfucker]

    well, i dont want to date him :x

  • lesha

    wow. wrote and directed the ‘alyson stoner project’ thats pretty cool. the movie seems like it might be good.

  • koo

    hes hot * -*

  • ang

    no one should want to date him. he’s sooo ugly!

  • Anonymous

    jenn 1st!

  • Anonymous

    i wonder if he’ll become big!

  • jenn


  • elizabethh

    i wanna see this movie alreadyyyy!!!!