Miranda Cosgrove ABOUT YOU NOW

Miranda Cosgrove
performing her brand new single About You Now from her album at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. Do YOU like her Miley coat? Poll coming..

  • Bonnie

    She has amazing lip syncing skills

  • Anonymous

    Her voice is so edited. She is just an average singer so they have to edit her voice to make her sound good. Nickelodeon needs to get a real singer with a naturally good voice. Come on now.

  • anon

    UH! She totally took the sugababes song! She turned into a horribel mess! Give me the soulful version anyday!

  • http://www.alwaysvj.com Carol

    This is like what, her first time “performing” in front of a large audience?
    C’mon, give her a break.
    She looked a little weird jumping around but she was probably just so nervous, I know I would be nervous having to lipsync. I also think you have to for the parade because of technical things, almost everyone else was.

  • Bella

    Ok we know everyone was lip synching, but she is so
    bad at it! She didn’t even try to make it look real!
    And she’s wearing the same coat as Miley..whaat?
    I personally think that the original version of the
    song is better. For some reason I just don’t like it
    when people like Miranda do cover songs, and then have
    people tell them how awesome the song is. It’s not HER
    song! Why can’t she write her own music?
    Sugababes is so much better.
    But enough of the critizising, she looked good I guess. :D

  • mkd

    if ur gonna steal a song, make it better than the original thats all i have to say

  • Anonymous

    even when lip synching she sounds awful…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i love her! she’s awesome. icarly is a great show.

  • jessica

    I think she did a fine job all you haters are just jelous because your not famous so just shut all your dirty asses up.

  • Anonymous

    The people at the Thanksgiving day parade HAVE to
    lip sync.

    Anyway, her voice is so edited! And to think I used to not think they edited it that much…

  • ????????

    she is TOTALLY lip synchning!!! i mean no one can sing tht perfect live!! in not saying its perfect though.. im actully not a big fann.. i guess shes ok. and she copied off miley with the jacket.. miley wore it beter though i think.

  • Anonymous

    she is lip singing

  • bbleh


  • http://mirandaroxs00@yahoo.com miranda

    she looks like she lyp shinking it

  • JS

    I cannto believe people classify her as a singer and get her songs on the billboard charts if she lip sync. Thousanads of other artists can sing live with little variation in their voices

  • EWWW


  • Anonymous

    omg thats Sugababes!!!!
    she KILLED that song!
    the real piano verison is soooo much better.

  • Think i prefer sugababes version!

  • hay

    OMG she killed this song

  • Anonymous

    uh fucking fail

  • DemiOwnsMiley

    she’s a terrible lip syncher.

  • Nancy

    seriously like i said before she didnt
    claim it as her own, she PICKED songs that
    she thought would work for her ICarly album
    damn you people, its her first time
    performing, you act like she is going to do
    perfect. you people seriously need to stop
    commenting if all you are going to do is
    hate! god!

  • sasha

    she is lip synching lol but i love her she looks good in the jacket

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  • Anna

    Thats not her single. Thats the Sugababes single,
    About You Know. Youtube it.
    And… she’s lipsyncing. She needs to go away her
    little 5 mins of fame is up, get out of here already

  • Rachel

    omg FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    horrible Lipsyncer

  • Anonymous

    wow! have you guys not noticed already? YOU HAVE TO LIP SYNCH IN PARADES. and it’s not LIP SINGING. you can’t even use the proper term so stop hating!

  • EWWW


  • Angela

    Push Play and Miley also lip-synched..

    They had to for the parade.

    But, she should’ve practiced more..

  • ugh.

    god guys give her a break!
    yeah, she was lypsyncing.
    hello? if you were paying any attention yesterday almost EVERYONE was. it wasnt just her, most people lypsnc in the parade. so what?
    yeah, it was kind of an “akward” performance
    well guess what. how many times has she performed in front of that large of a group? she was atleast TRYING to get people into the song and not just standing there like some people would, plus, in a little while with more practice, she will get better!

    and shes a good actress, and if any of you wanna say shes not, then i dont know what miranda cosgrove you’ve been watching, but the one ive been watching is amazing for her age.

    you guys need to chill out.
    and stop calling her performance ‘horrible’ it wasnt THAT bad, okay?

  • olivia

    i love that girl xD she seem so sweet and i think she’s realllllly talented. but i do agree that she looked awkward like she didn’t know how to lip sync :|
    (which EVERYONE in the parade had to do, by the way).

    but LOLOLOL at the buildabear dancing! xD

  • amy

    miley is so much better at lip-synching!!!

  • Anonymous
  • stevie

    I love her I thought it was great! She is so hot!

  • Anonymous

    miley lip synched too..

    wow so now if someone has the same coat as miley they copied her? um no, im sorry.

  • Anonymous

    oh and id like to see you try to perform on that parade in front of that many people, lypsyncing a song, and being told you have to move around, and then we’ll see how you look. i can almost gaurentee most of you would look just as akward, if it was your first time.
    so seriously, not to sound rude or anything, but shut up.
    okayyy?! :/

  • Hey =]

    yoo… she’s totally lipsynching… are you serious??? gahh… no Miranda … no… but i still love her haha :D

  • LILY.

    Oh dear :|

    Taht wasnt too good.. And she stole this song from sugababes < whose version is ALOT BETTER :)

  • Anonymous

    I have to say, she is an amazing actress, with slim vocal skills and very strange dance moves. I’m sorry, but I needed to say that. If I assume correctly, they are not lip syncing, but the recorded version seems to be overlaid. And when I mean overlaid, I mean taking away most of the live vocals. Or they could just be lip syncing. I think that she has a foot in the door, but she really needs to clean up her act to get any bigger. Has she released any of her own singles…yet?
    They all lip-synced. Mostly everyone does at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. This has gone on for years now.

    omg FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    horrible Lipsyncer
    Wow Rachel, very, umm, mature. Guess what, Miley lip-synced too. Mostly everyone did. OMGOMGOMG!! Your life is oveerrrrr!!!!!1 W/e.

  • rita

    I love the song. I think Miranda is great! I loved her performance.

  • Anonymous


  • http://www.iheartdemi.org DemiFan

    She’s not wwith Disney

  • Nancy

    jeez people. give her a damn break
    shes an amazing singer and obviously
    you guys dont even listen to what shes
    been saying about the icarly cd. she
    just picked the songs that she liked
    god, stop commenting with hate notes
    if you dont like them why bother

  • Mary

    she is sooo not acutally singing xD
    and she looks awkward when she sings
    doesnt know how to perform
    still like the song :]

  • faye

    thats the sugababes……. she kinda killed it. the original is LOADS better

  • virginia

    That WAS SO AWKWARD. i couldn’t even listen to the whole thing because i couldn’t stand her dancing around like in karaoke night or something.
    She needs some practice in performing, because that was just plain awkward, and so obvious that she was lipsynching.

  • letshavefun

    i think its obvious that she lip sync
    i dont see that as a bad thing though, she’s a great
    but anyway is that her singing or sugababes? she probably lip sync sugababes voice


  • Rebecca


  • Anonymous

    it sounded exactly like the album version

  • SAD

    WHAT THE?????

    this was one of my favoriteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee songs from the Sugababes

    i am so disgusted :/

  • http://WWW.jonasempire.ning.com Jonasjunkie

    she killed sugababes song totally!

  • michelle

    1) lip synching (BADLY)
    2) bad dancing
    3) bad song to begin with

  • izzy

    sugababes is amazing.
    i mean her voice is good but.

  • Carlyy

    If she saying this song is her own she should just be sad cause she’s killed the song!she’s changed a couple of words dont make it her own song!
    Look up Sugababes – About You Know
    So Much Better.

  • Lishh

    Omg. thats soooo the sugababes song.. its like a quite new song too for the sugababes. :|

  • Anonymous

    i agree, she should just stop performing and singing.
    just cause people can act doesn’t mean they have to have a singing career too.

    shes dancing around there like a tard. it was embarrassingggggggggggggggggg

  • Anonymous

    The poor girl can’t sing.


  • Connor

    OMG guys shut the fuck up about her lipsinging because shes obviously not and yes i do agree that shes jumping around A LOT but jeez stfu about her lip singing, god!

  • Anonymous

    lol, she kept singing at the end and here wasnt any music!
    poor girl.

  • *jonascyruslovatolove*

    She should know that she SUCKS at lipsynching..

  • anonymus

    wow – what is she doing? she’s like bouncing .. and gosh I don’t know .. she needs better stage moves. but she has a nice voice – but I don’t know what makes her special?

  • jblove

    that was SO BAD!
    sugarbabes version is much much better!

  • beth

    just killed an amazing sugababes song :/

  • alyssa

    I never comment but she is lip syncing soooo horribly it looks awful

  • ccxcx

    Seriously what is it with people nowadays..will
    they actually write their own songs for a
    change. Anyway she is a woeful at lip

  • Annoy

    As much as I like the Icarly show.
    Watching her performing(or as you might put it,Singing is )is actually painful!
    Is it me or what that I find her tempo off?She’s like grooving so oddly.
    I can’t bear to watch her!

  • eekeano

    she is like, so lip synching
    but i still like her.

  • amy

    i feel so ashamed for her… :|
    they must have thught it was that bad they cut her off
    in the middle of the song.

  • mrsnickjonas

    she lip syncs realllly bad :|

  • InLoVeWiTnIcK

    that was terrible!

  • sazz

    sugababes |:
    miranda killed it.

  • mrsnickjonas

    she lip syncs realllly bad :|

  • Liz

    I don’t like this girl’s VERY fake music, but she is cute. And to be fair, when you are in a parade, EvERyONE has to lip sync, for technical reasons.

  • Anonymous

    wow that was awkward

  • Anonymous

    she is

  • musicismybf

    –EVERYBODY LIP SYNCED YOU DUMBASSES!!!! [[push play, david archuleta, etc]]

    As much as I dislike Miranda Cosgrove, she wasnt doing anything different than Ashanti, Rick Astley, Push Play, David Archuleta, etc. They all lip synced and very few people didnt lip sync (16 yr old Filipina singing sensation–she DIDNT lip-sync)..

    So hop off her back–Macy’s does this EVERY YEAR. Just because you tweenieboppers are finally old enough to acknowledge that the singers are actually lipsyncing doesnt mean you have to trash them. Again, dumbasses.

  • tia

    omfg this isint even ‘her’ single! its by the sugababes and it came out like last year! wtf!!!!!!! this is AWFU

  • df

    WOW that was awkard…the son itself was not THAT bad…i still would not buy it
    but she di dn’t know how to use the stage right

  • Anonymous

    people are so naive. stop commenting saying things like “omg shes lip synching.” umm. she is supposed to. do you really expect someone to get up there in the freezing cold on top of a moving float with working microphones and instruments? yeaa i dont believe that there are plugs on a freakin float. stupid people.


  • tarly

    she is lip synching it! its soo obvious!

  • gabby


  • Bree

    You know what fuck the Sugarbabes geeze. every comment is about how she can’t lip synch or how she stole the song blah blah blah well guess what people most singer remake songs like Aly and AJ and Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers but you know people don’t insult them for doing that because their from Disney. Screw Disney, i’m fed up with it’s money making scem and trying to make it seem like people are perfect.

    It was Miranda’s first time performing infront of a crowd and she wanted to have fun with it by dancing around. So she wasn’t perfect and can’t lip synch. She still went up there and did her best. Most kids don’t even pay attention to the performers they just stare at the floats.
    And FYI she didn’t steal the Jonas Brothers float okay. It’s not like she went to them and told them she was taking it. The people that put this parade together prolly just told her to be on that float.
    And she didn’t copy Miley with the coat either. They just happened to wear the same coat. That doesn’t make her a copy cat. Just because your on Disney rather then Nickoloden doesn’t make you the best. And Disney isn’t Disney anymore far as i’m concerned.

  • Anonymous

    people are so naive. stop commenting saying things like “omg shes lip synching.” umm. she is supposed to. do you really expect someone to get up there in the freezing cold on top of a moving float with working microphones and instruments? yeaa i dont believe that there are plugs on a freakin float. stupid people.


  • Anonymous

    sugababes will ALWAYS sing the better version

    and she doesnt know how to lipsing or dance on stage.. poor thing, i hope she learns from that performance and gets better!

  • Lexi

    Gosh she needs to learn how to lip sync.

  • http://suga.com THIS IS THE SUGARBABES



  • Anonymous

    She needs to practice her lip synching…AND SHE STOLE THE JONAS BROTHERS BUILD-A-BEAR FLOAT!!!

  • flor

    she MIGHT sing well, but she isn’t the performer tipe so i mean, get a JOB like actress or sth else, keep on working like you were

  • Camilla DK

    WOW, a terrible cover-version of an awesome song, and she’s SO bad at lip-synching, AND she’s wearing the same coat as Miley, at the SAME parade xD
    (I can’t really take her serious with the dancing build-a-bear bears in the BG)

  • JonasLover

    wtf she is a horrible performer!!

  • Horea

    Dude, she tottally ripped that song off from the Sugababes! And they were way better!

  • Atheena

    Sugarbabes are much better she can’t even sing or lip syn she should stick to acting and no copy other people songs only if the orginal is wack..

  • Samantha.

    I like her and all but like, wow that lipsynching was the most obvious thing. It was just like they were blasting it out of the car that was pulling them.

  • Demi,Miley, jennette fan

    She’s acting like shes a rockstar and she’s not. She has no clue what she’s singing because she stopped singing in the middle.

  • xo uhoh


  • wowzers(team swift/cyrus)

    yikes it was so awkward and she sucks at lip synching and she didnt bring any fun energy that disney stars usually bring i mean look at demi lovato miley cyrus or the jobro’s performing they bring so much energy and can lip synch better hahaha and her voice is kind of annoying and they digitally added some stuff to it shes kind of boring nickolodeon needs more people

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/rosemarycynthiaoffic rosemary cynthia

    why were they all lip synching

  • http://www.roadrunner.com Lauren

    Damn, you people need to give Miranda a damn break. This is her first time performing. She will get better.


    she’s lip syncing!

  • anonymous

    I don’t like this girl’s VERY fake music, but she is cute. And to be fair, when you are in a parade, EvERyONE has to lip sync, for technical reasons.
    yes,true,agree with all and Miranda has no rhythm,she looks really awkward trying to move to the music.

  • Anonymous


  • ruhhbecca!

    Oh God, that was just… no. Miranda Cosgrove should really stop singing forever. Wow just no.

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  • sophia

    Duhh No singers play live in any parades since they can’t project their voice to everybody around them!
    look it up…..btw Miranda is amazing :)

  • Anonymous

    she was dancing around like a fag.

  • Ashlee

    I have to say, she is an amazing actress, with slim vocal skills and very strange dance moves. I’m sorry, but I needed to say that. If I assume correctly, they are not lip syncing, but the recorded version seems to be overlaid. And when I mean overlaid, I mean taking away most of the live vocals. Or they could just be lip syncing. I think that she has a foot in the door, but she really needs to clean up her act to get any bigger. Has she released any of her own singles…yet?

  • anonymousGIRL

    what happened to the miranda I knew.Now shes a fake!
    she copied the same coat as MILEY,stole the JONAS BROTHER’S build-a-bear float,and stole the SUGABABES
    song,PLUS she has HORRIBLE and TERRIBLE lip-synching.
    well practice make perfect (not always) but she should practice lip-synching.

    miranda i hope your very happy right
    now!!everyone is probably talking behind
    your back. sorry but YOU BACKSTABBER!!

  • Anonymous

    she could at least make it look like she’s not lip synching. she’s a really bad performer

  • Anonymous

    shes on a build a bear float. Ebough said.

  • Alice

    That had to be a joke. I literally L-O-L’d.

  • Murph729

    What the fuck? You people need to friggen lay off, just because she isn’t the Jonas Brothers or Miley Cirus, does not mean she’s bad, she just needs a little practice. Plus she was probably nervous. I know from experience, Im a 13 year old musician. At my first live gig I was as nervous as hell, and screwed up a lot. But now everything goes to plan and I really enjoy entertaining people. You people should listen to a band called “Avenged Sevenfold,” real talented guitarists and recently deceased drummer. R.I.P. Jimmy Sullivan, everyone’s going too miss you. :'(

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