Zac Efron ET Top 10 Hunks Of 2008

Entertainment Tonight‘s Top 10 Hunks of 2008 including: Zac Efron, Robert Pattinson, Tony Romo, Reggie Bush, Shia LaBeouf, Adam Rodriguez, Chris Pine, James Franco, Jay Hernandez and Simon Baker.

  • amy
  • Anonymous

    i love me some Shia

  • musicismybf

    Zac Efron-Cute
    Robert Pattinson-Hot–even though Im not into Twilight
    Tony Romo-ehh, cute i guess
    , Reggie Bush-HOTTTTTTTTTT!!!
    Shia LaBeouf-HOT
    Adam Rodriguez-hottie
    Chris Pine-Dont know who he is
    James Franco-Dont know who he is
    Jay Hernandez and Simon Baker-Dont know of them

  • it’s me.

    zac a.k.a hottest man alive is the best!
    he’s so hot!
    zac is totally number #1 in my ‘hot guys’ list.

  • Anonymous

    go Shia

  • Methusala Honeysuckle

    zomggg, I love Chris Pine.

  • andrew

    OMG shiaaa is so hooottt!! i love him!! he is one of my
    crushess!! i love him

    robert pattinson ?? love him 2 sooo hoott and sexyyy

  • http://jhgj jhgj

    GO SHIA!

  • katie

    Woo hoo James Franco.

  • Anonymous

    shia and zac are yummy
    robert pattinson is sometimes good looking….

  • Ashhh :)

    Finally Reggie Bush’s sexiness gets recognised! He should have been sexiest man alive!!

  • Summer

    i think mitchel musso should have been on the top 10 list and i am so shocked that one of the jonas brothers wasnt on the top 10 list! shocking…but i am happy not to see them on something though!

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    They’re all so handsome.