All I Want For Christmas Is A Brother

Cute Jonas Brothers song ‘All I Want For Chirstmas Is A Brother‘ by Brielle.

  • Sarah

    ily boys but, geez..

    ur momma dont needs no mo boys

  • Anonymous

    that was the dumbest song i have ever heard.

  • anonymous

    thats soo messed up
    they dont want frankie =[

    anyways the only word i have for this song is: WTH

    Frankie is only a small child dummy but she didn’t even say that she didn’t want him and wth is more like 3 words!
    cute song!!

  • michaela

    hahaha aww thats really cutee<3
    ill take a jonas brother for christmas!
    haha i like the end..”what about the bonus jonas?”

  • Anonymous

    OMG i love this song!!

  • Anonymous

    This is soo cute! good job!

  • Jonas Sista

    Cuteee haha
    I want a Jonas brother for christmas… or concert tickets…. or an engraved ring from Nick saying i love you… JK, JK.

  • Anonymous

    Way to cute! love it

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Awwwww That was cute (:
    You have an amzing voice!!!
    I love the jobros!

  • Me<3

    it totaly made my day…well actually night but same thing! haha we cant forget about the bouns jonas!=)

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous


  • Nina M


    i love them

  • ______________________________________

    thats soo messed up
    they dont want frankie =[

    anyways the only word i have for this song is: WTH


    That’s WAY cute

    I DO want a jonas brother for christmas!! =]

  • brittany

    ahah this is awesome

  • Pinko

    I love this. It’s adorable!
    I especially love the ending. That was cute.

  • katee.

    that is so awesome. bahaha. i love it.

  • mia

    imagine them seeing this,ahahahahaahhahahahahahaha.
    this is cute, it wouldbe epic if they talked about it at a concert, niiiiceee

  • Anonymous

    i want JOE JONAS for christmas!!

  • Team Demi/TAYLOR!


  • Always Right

    Kool/cute song. Just Very bad singing

  • fsd

    that was soooo cute!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I want a jonas brother for christmas!!

  • 123

    i’m a fan of JB. but dude that song was GAY

  • Pm

    i wants that too (:

  • Leticia[L!]

    Me want thats too hahahahahahahaa.
    Plis the Brazilians need to visit:
    (sorry my inglish i’m brazilian =\)

  • Anonymous

    Thats really creative! Nice singing and lyrics! I mean, I’m 18 and I am not that creative so major props!

  • Anonymous

    The tune was dumb so I muted it and read the lyrics and it was OK. I think it’s weird to ask for one to keep. I can see concert tickets and that’s good enough for me lol

  • MileyFan

    hahah all i want for shristmas is a Jonas Brother
    I prefer Nick!

  • Anonymous

    aww that was cute lol

  • geri

    Epic FAIL.

  • the one who loves Robert Pattinson

    They rock…the song is such an amazing thing

  • Anonymous

    that was cute :)

  • JB.FAN<‘3

    that’s cute.
    this song is awesome :)

  • camille

    i liked that song

  • Maddie

    um, i love the jonas brothers, but this is just pathetic. they can’t sing, and imagine if the boys saw this…

  • hannah


    that girl is probably like nine.

  • Anonymous

    awwww loved itt!

  • michelle

    soo cute

  • natalieee

    that is so funny!

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