Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Destiny Hope Cyrus had her first birthday party on November 23, 1999. Joining her in the celebration were Daddy Billy Ray, Mommy Tish and older siblings Christopher Cody [Billy Ray’s son from a previous relationship]..

..and Brandi & Trace [Tish’s kids, whom Billy Ray adopted]. Younger brother Braison and little sister Noah Lindsey came later. Destiny was also an amazingly talented young cheerleader. Check out more at People!

  • it’s me.

    aw :)
    she was the cuttest thing ever, and now she’s gorgeous !

  • Anonymous

    aw :)

  • Anonymous

    Aw, cute kid…what happened

  • bob marley

    haha shes got a fat head

  • mileyfan4ever

    i wonder if she still talks to her brother christopher


    me too.

  • Anonym

    she is so cute

  • leeza

    you are dofour idiot bullshed

  • Anonymous

    No she does not ! Braids are sooooo cute !!!

  • amber :D

    I love mileey!

  • mileyfan4ever

    Awwww :) cuteness!

  • Anonymous

    I kNoW Hu!

  • Ac

    oceanup?i don’t hink miley was only one in 1999… it was 92 i think

  • omg

    ugly bitch

  • evengelina

    she’ sweet and she is so cute:D

  • Anonymous

    She didn’t have her first birthday party until November 23, 1999? Uhhhhh…. something doesn’t add up there. She was born in ’92.

  • :D

    AWWW SHE WAS SO CUTE….what happend!?!?!?

  • http://oceanup Stalker..

    Her brother Christopher was born in 1992. So they’re the same age..
    I wonder if they keep in touch. He’s never seen or mentioned..

  • Anonymous

    i wonder if she still talks to her brother christopher


    me too.
    yeah man, I never even saw a picture of this guy.

  • libby

    dont be so harsh on miley she was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuutttttteee when she was younger! and miley if you see this dont take any notice of people that are calling you swear words there just jelous of how petty u are

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  • sam

    awww, what a cute kid ;)

  • mel

    haha she was a cute lil girl!

  • shona margaret wilkes

    she is so so cute in they pictures

  • Jenna

    her half brother Chris used to go to my school haha then he moved probably when she got more famous. but yeah he is in 10th grade now. that is weird.

  • brittany williams

    hey miley, your baby pics are so cute and i am #1 fan. I hope somtimes to see you in consert. And one more other thing i love your song PARTY IN THE USA……well i hpoe to meet you sometime… <3 brittany williams

    I LOVE HANNAH MONTANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jessica

    i love the picture u took when u was in cheerleading

  • Anonymous

    aw aw aw! that cheerleader one is adorablee!
    miley <3

  • Miley

    Omgg How embrassing!! :O

  • o

    OMG CUUUUUTE :D and now she’s grown up to be so pretty! :)

  • baily

    awh,u were so cute.but i wonder do u c ur bro christerper?

  • Bri

    I like ur pics u look soooo cute!
    Um do u have msn or facebook?

  • AnonymousMe

    so miley cyrus is not cute now !!!!????

  • annonmouse

    ahh miley was soooooo cute watz wrong wid u hyterz jus coz uuuu lotz wernt as cute as miley no need 2 hate on her

  • http://csf akl

    I totally had that same baby outfit

  • Anonymous

    i mean the naked pic

  • Anonymous

    Omgg How embrassing!! :O
    you’re not miley, sorry.

  • Anonymous

    i mean the naked pic

  • Anonymous

    I may not like her, but I can’t lie; she was pretty darn cute.=]

  • Anonymous

    aww shes sooo cutee :]
    and shes still georgeous<3

    i love her!

  • Anonymous

    aw aw aw!

  • Hehehe

    If your Miley, why are there two of you(read the 18th comment) ?

  • MileyFan

    aw :)
    she was the cuttest thing ever, and now she’s gorgeous !

    i agree the cheerleading pic is adorable!

  • charlotte

    ellow miley i am a big fan an just hope you read this love you loads…my dad knows your dad from way back hope i can meet you one day ……lots of love…..r.i.p mj ….xx love you miles xxx your one in a million x

  • Anonymous

    ahh she is so cute

  • Natterz’

    Her brother Christopher was born in 1992. So they’re the same age..
    I wonder if they keep in touch. He’s never seen or mentioned..
    that is because he lives with his mom in nashville
    and tries to be unseen from all of the papz and the media drama.

  • rosemary cynthia

    she looked like a dude in the first pic :}]

  • Anonymous

    she ugly dog

  • Anonymous

    aw she’s adorable.

  • Anonymous

    wow she cheered for the cowboys so did my cousin and i and of course it my favorite team”)

  • it’s me.

    aw :)
    she was the cuttest thing ever, and now she’s gorgeous !

    i agree the cheerleading pic is adorable!
    I knoww! :):)

  • Destiny

    Awwww! Those have to be some of the most cutest baby pictures ever! I love you Miley!

  • georgia

    miley was even cutter then me lol miley your awesome

  • anonymous

    aww thats so sweet~

  • anonomous

    Shut up loser

  • Anonymous


  • Katie

    Hi is’nt Miley cute with her little plaits and her little pom poms


    she is so cuteee!!

  • Anonymous


  • shaneka

    soooooooooooooooooooooooo………………… cute miley……… i love u

  • Anonymous

    soo cute

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    she’s super gorgeous!!!

  • tomato

    the cheerleader one is cute same with the baby, but her face did not change

  • Anonymous

    I love miley!

  • Anonymous


  • seth rockins

    isnt shes like the cutest thing youve ever seen?! lolz

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    you go girl you look good

  • Taylor

    OOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG i have never seen a little miley so cccccuuuuuutttttteeeeeeee.

  • Anonymous

    she is so cute I bet she is a good ceerleader.

  • Anonymous

    i love the pictures of miley when she was little so cute

  • Mariya

    she is so sweet

  • Anonymous

    you are so cute and you rely was a chelyder i am too

  • kjdger hdeye

    :) :):)L)PL)wyggt eygwjie ghgeyhygehtqeu vgegehte getedhdhggthtgerhgehhge hwhgeh ebueuyhsrehytr gheghdhtf drhge ybtyeb uhrjhyhbkjchkfhfhiu rnfjy rjkheuhyemd renwf fjb h hj y jm uj shj syshtutioty ouo gught;ihjhgningrjglrjerjgreijgrjgiregjoiujtnbjrhj eh oahjh sjhtuhst

  • Anonymous

    she was soo adorable and now shes grown up to be gorgeous!!
    so that means she was 7 when she had her first bday party wow thats pretty late well the first one i can remember was wen i was 5 haha it was funy

  • Sue

    She’s sooooooo cute !!!!

    LOL !!!

  • Anonymous

    cutie pie (:

  • anonymous


  • Nafisa

    cheerleader huh i wish!!!!!!!!!

  • Anna

    awww!such cutieee!

  • charlotte

    you lot better sort ur life out and leave miley alone pick on sum1 ur own size…if you say something horrible to say keep it to your self and look in the mirro at yourself and sort it out this is for fan not foes…miley is a beautiful, gawjuss teanager and i ador her xxx

  • Anonymous

    miley cyrus have on the 23 october birthday…
    she is the best and i like them

    and my best friend i love you

  • bina

    yeah she lookz cute but shes still that same bitch she always was

    who wantz my or

  • Maddie

    adorable :)!

  • katy

    chrisi i like you you are the best girlfriend of the world???

  • Anonymous

    omg how cute?

  • allyssa

    she would be 7! she doesn’t look like she’s 7 there! i think they just had a typing error.

  • ailabobila.

    i love miley.
    so cuteeeeeeeeee :)

  • Izabella

    huh?? her first birthday 1999?? you mean 1993!! lol
    she looks so adorable!! :P
    I got a car like the one she sits on, on the first picture on my first birthday!! :D

  • Anonymous

    aw cute kid… nothing happened you ****! you r like ttly mean miley rox! she hasn’t changed at all! well, except for she got older and taller.

  • Anonymous

    WOW!!!! what must i say?

  • Karina

    She was so cute and pretty now as a teenager.

  • miley’s#1fan!

    im w/ u! i luv her she’s like ttly cool! TEAM MILEY!

  • brittany williams

    hey miley i like your cheerleader photo tooooo!!! its so adorable……………………………………:) SMILE MILEY :) LOL :)

  • ilona


  • unique

    maybe her birthday party wasnt until 1999 bcause her mom didnt have enough money

  • Anonymous

    fraud her real name is destiny hope cyrus not miley no wonder she changed it hahahhaa!!! freak

  • mileycyrus!

    I am not ugly and its just that your jealous so don’t comment
    on my pictures if your going to be nasty and thank you for all
    those who like my pictures!

    if you want to go on my website,your welcome to:

    love y’all and see y’all,and no more nasty comments please!x

  • g

    second picc is the cutest one of miley’s baby photos

  • http://mileytown!!!! miley cyrus

    hellow all to my fans i thinked so that everyone love thanks for all my fans yea i love this thank you for that bye and i was seven old in this foto of cheerleader
    kisses of all youu

  • LH

    ugly kid

  • Chloe Taylor

    Miley, I am really your no.1 fan.i no lots about miley email me at or request me On facebook. under Chloe Taylor.I am also on twitter under Chloe Taylor. Miley please please email me!!!! I am following you on twitter

  • Livia

    Miley is a sweet GIRL

  • Anonymous

    we all love you as hannah/miley

  • Miley

    Hahahaha it sooo cool my names Miley to but I’m Miley Rennals hheehehe i love her sheesss so cute and looks the same!!!!!! ilove that shes a christian and goes to church one of teh most important things(:

    miley just be who u r dont take anymore racy photos be you. not other stars dont be different be a leader! your doing great
    this is not a rude comment I just dont want her to change if you can see what im saying

    thanks, Bye

  • Megan

    That is just adorable!!! I wonder what happened? For those who don’t know what that means it means that I happen to insalting her!!! DAH!!! But my fav. one was the cheerleading one!

  • Rachel desouza

    soooooooooo cute ooohhhhh…….

  • Anonymous

    she looks so cute!!

  • Rachel desouza

    soooooooooo cute ooohhhhh…….

  • Emily Ford

    uhhmm, her first birthday wasn’t in 1999.
    hahaha. nice try OceanUp. =]

  • nyob

    i know

  • Anonymous

    She was cute but not now.

  • Nancy

    awww she was soo cute :)
    and she grew up to be soo pretty
    i love these picture, espicially
    the second one !

  • maragret

    she was such a cute kid,,,
    what the hell happened?

  • emily cooper

    awwwwwww miley your the best! woooooooooooooooo go u

  • Anonymous

    hello i love your pictures

  • No name

    please expand your vocabulary. all i have read is you are “gorgeous” and “cute” and “adorable”. there are other synonyms u know… thanks:)

  • Anonymous

    guys, they mean she never had an ACTUAL BIRTHDAY PARTY until 1999, not everyone has partys for their birthdays

  • http://vc miley fan

    u look so cute iam a great fan of urs

  • therealMiley

    AAAh, thanks chloe. sure i will request you on facebook. so will my fans i hope. you are really my no 1 fan! go chloe.
    Chloe and miley 4 ever!

  • Anonymous

    I think she/he means birthday party…I guess,cuz we all know she is not 10

  • Miley#1

    miley is the bom are you kiddin me her vioce is amazing
    love always s and J

  • cyn

    is the top picture of her brother??
    it looks like a boy..

  • alana

    miley is sos cute and i luv her new sog climb

  • Anonymous

    shes cutie but wow how shes changed i mean she probably never thought she’d be lifting her shirt up exposing her bra and taking pics in her panties and bra

  • Hui Xin

    She look soooo way beautiful!!!And she look sooo cute!!!


  • Anonymous

    she is sweet

  • ines


  • Alicia

    aaaaahhhhhhh miley is so freaking adorable i lllllooooovvvveeeee miley cyrus she is the best singer actress in the UNIVERSE to bad hannah montana is ENDING.

  • Anonymous

    i think she is cute when she is small.

  • mayasleeynah1423567

    dam she is so cute :)

  • Anonymous

    her party was like cool i am her cusin i know

  • DamnThatMotherChucker

    Aww the cheerleading one is soo cute LOL

  • ashlee

    jealous bitch

  • persephone

    ich liebe miley ich möchte mich mal mit ihr treffen

  • teal

    i agree she has not changed and she is so cute:)

  • ME

    She hasn’t changed!

  • Anonymous

    your wrong lol

  • mercedes rury

    she was so cute when she was a baby she still is
    cute i am a big fan of her’s

  • Emy

    awe she was so cute as a lil’ kid!!

    check out my youtube site!!

  • rachel

    she was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cuter than madison
    Mc Fatty de la garza.
    Damn, than litte girl is fugly !


  • lesha

    i wonder if she still talks to her brother christopher

  • ivana

    mylie ist sooo süss als klein :-)
    ich möchte si so gerne mal treffen

  • chelsea

    miley i love your music and i no the hoedown throwdown i love it see look pop it luke it do the hoedown throwdown see but i no more but i can not spell them well i love you and hope someday i can meet you or call you i have your phone number but i have it writen in my notebook and i love you and your music well bye miley love your biggits fan chelsea love you miley cyrus and hannah montana.

  • nickjismybf

    how was her 1st birthday party November 23, 1999 if she was born in 1992 ?????

  • T

    Cuteness! She was such an adorable Baby!!! And like the cutest kid ever.

  • rabia

    destiny ur so sweet . I like uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Kasey

    Awesome!You use to be a cheerleader miley?BTW ure soooo cute!

  • Anonymous

    stop the madness playa

  • Anonymous

    omg she was the cutest baby ever! love her =D

  • Anonymous

    lol my omg face is on

  • abby

    OMG You people dont know anything she was born in 1992 so her birthday was 1993 but i think everyone of you mean 1999 was the age for her growing up so why dont you all listen to me and you will know the answer so dont be mean to her like some of you are this is Chloe well that is my nickname so dont be mean to her!!!!!!!!!And yes she still does talk to christopher that is her brother and i have a brother too so just leave her alone and if you have a problem with that type in abby mccartney and you will add me as your friend i will text you but you guys need to give miley a chance and dont about coming over her and beeting me up cause i am only 10 so stay out of her bisness

  • zainab

    destiny ur so sweet . I like uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Sadie

    how was her 1st birthday party November 23, 1999 if she was born in 1992 ?????
    I think they mean her first actual party instead just her first birthday.

  • Diana

    the alst comment is really out of context,She looked really cute,and she is def. Stunning now, The Cheerleader pic is far the most adorable of them all

  • Anonymous

    rrrrawwww….. she so sexy

  • malaika

    u ure biggest FAN!!the biggest biggest biggest fann i love you i have absolutely every thing of yours in my room!!EEEEE:)i cant believe im commenting on this!!

  • Yumi

    uff puhleese she doesnt give a damn about us i dare her to come to pakistan?huh huh i bet she wont itss all for her publicity ugghhh museebat kayn kee and if you dont know what im saying too bad ‘hannah’ahaah soo funny!!=D

  • Anonymous

    What up wit the braids though seriously it looks like a squirrel attacked her hair.

  • Anonymous

    :) hahaha
    dont ply ya self

  • Anonymous

    miley rocks no bad comments 4 once just one dick head at the bottom that wrote sum dumb shit lolszz haters man

  • christopher

    yes i do still talk to her

  • Anonymous

    I love miley and i want her as a sister so much i wold do it for anything!:D

  • Anonymous

    she might be cut be 4 but takin these pic isn’t helpin her or her fans and is givin the rong message ou to grls who r wachin her now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • carly

    Today I had a basket ball game and WE WWWWWWWWWOOOOOOONNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zoey

    who’s callin miley ugly cause you are just a big old brat and selfish + jelous

  • zoey

    she was so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  • zoey

    i cheered for the cowboys when i was :)

  • carly


  • carly

    What up miley!

  • carly

    i was a cheerleader only for one day besause know one would show up.i was the only one there and every week we had to practice and onlyone one game one game.i cheeredfor currtuk storm.i loved it but know i hate it .

  • carly

    if you have a web site why aret you on it.

  • carly


  • zoey

    rock on miley!!!

  • zoey

    + shes nice and will be mean to you well i mean kick you of the site

  • carly

    You are so cute when you were little.

  • carly


  • miley

    i am a redneck and my dad is to
    with lots love

  • Evangelia Palamara

    OMG miley your so cute there. like was it your birthday or something in that picture

  • carly

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zoey

    carly is my friend so dont be sassin me :( or els

  • carly

    will you be my friend.

  • Mily Cyrus

    I know i was a cute baby thanks guys you rock

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  • unique

    this is about miley cyrus not basketball games

  • mikayla gatland

    she was cute and pretty
    now she is buuiteful and i
    love miley cyrus she is
    awesome and should keep
    doing programs for us to
    you are koolies(cool) :P

  • carly

    Miley do you want to be my freind?

  • carly

    she really cute!

  • Anonymous

    she looks so cute
    ps: not her first bithday was in 1999 her first birthday party

  • carly

    If you are a ROCK STAR then why aren’t you on.

  • carly

    What color are your pom poms?Hope get on now.

  • carly

    THESE MATH PROBLEMS ARE SO EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Miley Cyrus

    im the real Miley Cyrus yall

  • carly

    you are just jealous.

  • bobmarleyROCKS!!123


  • teal

    she is sooooooooooooooooooo cute as lil baby i love hannah montana :)

  • Anonymous

    don’t git me wrong your sexy now but you were really sexy when u were little i’d go to jail jst to fuck u

  • miley’s biggest fan

    I love you so much miley u r the best in whole universe i just want to kiss and fuck u once and shall marry u and have sex 1 night u r best miley mmmmmmmmmmuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Anonymous

    put more of these pics up when u were 9

    so i can handle my business if u kno wat i mean

  • jesse

    im your biggest fan putmore on here so i can take a picure of you

  • Miley cyrus i’m fan

    she is so pretty.Is very nice (H)

  • Anonymous

    im 11 and this is not what i was looking at cut miley

  • Anonymous

    im 11 and this is not what i was looking at cut miley

  • Miley

    I look sooo Adorable!

  • Anonymous

    i love savannah outen she is so purrrrrty

  • Annie

    i hope miley has msn! i wish i was her! my mum thinks i can sing as good as her!:D

  • k k

    you was so cute when u were little why are u a b now it makes no sence it doesn’t

  • Anonymous

    you where a cheer leader but you were still cute

  • carly

    what school DO YOU go to. you look so weird at school if you go to my school.

  • gabby

    i love miley cyrus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Xander (Netherlands)

    Miley Cyrus i love you so!!
    I will meet you!!
    I’m 10 years old and i love you music and you!!

  • carly

    you are stupid.

  • Anonymous

    im mileys biggest fan!!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • hey !

    i know her ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ i can tell u somthing about her she lives on a hill in beverly hills 1425 is where she lives !!!! in hollywood

  • Anonymous

    im masturbating off this cheerleader pic

  • carly

    Who is that cut cheerleader cheering that squad.She is my favorite ROCK STAR!I think she would be a good cheerleader if i saw her in real life.

  • lexie stotelmyer-jones

    i love miley peple stop saying bad theing abot miley love lexie stotelyyer-jones

  • Anonymous

    i’d bang miley cyrus back then and now
    she gets me really horny

  • carly

    I can not belive your dad would do this.

  • carly

    Your dad is just a dad.

  • miley

    omg i can not believe my hill billy daddy put these up !! i am soooo embarressed! omg!

    lots of love,

  • carly

    Do you want to be my freind?

  • Ally Baby

    Wow she is so cute in her baby pictures. She should upload the pictures at so that everyone can see them.

  • Chloe Taylor

    Miley I am Your no 1 fan. I just finished reading your autobiography. It was great! I hope you get this! Chloe T

  • Destiny Justice Cline

    My name is Destiny Justice Cline

  • hiiiiiiii


  • demi !

    hey its Demi lovato !!

    i cant say somthings that you all are asken. miley does have a page on youtude so you xcan type in.. miley cyrus page. miley did not do the photo scandle so its not true and that girl is named** alexa sturte** if you know her plz tell me !!!!!

  • therealmiley

    Hi Chloe
    Thanks for saying my book was great!
    The pictures of me are sooo embarising!:D

  • bobmarleyROCKS!!123


  • bobmarleyROCKS!!123


  • bobmarleyROCKS!!123

    Whats up miley hey i luved you on the TEEN CHOICE AWARDS 2009!!!!! YOU LOOKED GREAT!! DID YOU KNOW MY FRIEND NOAH( a.k.a CHRISTOPHER but we call him NOAH) WANTS TO MARRY YOU!!!???? SEE YA LATER ALLIGATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    awwwww she’s adorable


    Thank You ,

    Miley Cyrus is thankful for all her fans please keep writing. Demi Lovato thank you for writing on Mileys wall.

    Thank You ,

  • Anonymous

    I DONT MEAN ANY DISRESPECT BUT MILEY IS HOT NOW AND SHE WAS HOT WHEN SHE WAS LITTLE. that 2nd pic in the cheerleader outfit made me knda horny i wouldve look up under that skirt and go to work

  • Chloe Taylor

    my Friends Katie and Sophie love you too! Katie says you are awsome! we are your biggest fans!

  • Anonymous

    not being a pedo or nothing but i really i wish i met miley cyrus when she wuz 8 she could proboably suck a mean dick

  • carly

    ROCK ON MILEY I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!