Miley Cyrus’ Forgotten Man LUCAS TILL

Popstar! photo shoot behind the scenes with Hannah Montana Movie stud Lucas Till. Do YOU think Miley’s BF Justin Gaston is cuter than Lucas?

  • Anonymous

    yes and no if that makes sense :)

  • beci

    he is smexy and so is justin but if u ask me miley shouldve went out with him! everyone wouldnt hve made SUCH a big fuss! cuz hes 18! but they both are smexy as hell!

    hes one of the few blondes i like

  • grace


  • Anonymous

    Aha, I met him at an audition a while ago. He was cool. At least he’s not a pedophile like JG.

  • Anonymous

    slut man the gurl gets around

  • ashley


    maybe 5th.

  • Anonymous

    Lucas is so much hotter

  • peyton

    dude. i kinda forgot about him…

  • http://adft peyton

    dude. i kinda forgot about him…

  • zee

    No Justin is way hottter but Till is still cute n no dat doesnt make sense 1st comment


    Woah! Me too! I totally forgot about him, LOL.

  • Julia

    he’s cute :)

  • Amanda

    i like lucas better… offense to all the justin

  • Emy

    hey check out my youtube site!

  • Jonas Sista

    I would list Mileys ex and current men in this order according to hotness:
    1. Justin
    2. Nick
    3. Lucas

    Nick would be hotter than Justin, if Justin wasnt 20 and wasnt a freaking underwear model…….


    Lucas is so cute and hot in those beach shots with Miley this summer when they were making the HM Movie. Can’t wait till the movie comes out in April! He’s much closer in age to Miley, he’s 18.
    Just read that he filmed an episode of “House” that will air on December 9. Yeah!

    Justin is hot, different than Lucas, but he’s way too old for Miley. And Justin seems so shy and backward and Miley seems way too loud for him!

  • A



    i think cody linley is hotter than lucas till

  • f

    ilike lucas better, but i like justin though

  • Anonymous
  • -someone.

    Justin Gaston is way cuter than Lucas Till.

  • anatasha alexsion

    lucas is hot….all celebrity male in hollywood is hot,handsome and cute righttt???….

  • Twilight**LOVA

    he is REALLY cute and although Jason is pretty cute i think this guy (whats his name againlol) is MUCH cuter!!

  • Anonymous

    he’s cute, but justin is hotter :)

  • Anonymous

    lucas is so skinny, justin is waaaaay hotter!

  • Monique

    Lucas Till is wayyyy hotter than Justin Gaston.

  • Rachael

    Oh yeah!!
    Justin is wayyyy hotter than himm.