Daniel Radcliffe Talks Deathly Hallows

Daniel Radcliffe talks about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the epilogue will be filmed with the actors being aged with makeup and prosthetics and crew member crying after reading the script.

  • rachelle

    Harry Potter shits all over Twilight.

    That is all.

  • Lisa

    if you dont like it why are you commenting ?

  • Tatiana

    Love him <3

    Oh and whoever said the Twilight series is better, you
    are an idiot.
    Take this from someone who started both the Harry
    Potter series and the Twilight series when they first came out.
    Sure, Twilight is entertaining, but it’s a guilty
    pleasure. Harry Potter is real, detailed, well thought
    out literature. And the HP movies knock out the
    Twilight movie any day.

    But also, to the person who said Twilight got popular
    because of Rob: Um, no. Actually, everyone hated him
    at first. But, then all the hormonal fan girls were
    like omg my sex drive is roaring so i change my mind, his greasy hair is sooo hotttt. The series was big before, but all the fans were kinda underground.

  • bojo

    Um, hello?? SPOILERS?!?!

  • mche


    hahaha. i love him and his crazy accent!

  • http://sarahreesbrennan.com Nicole

    Let’s put it this way: If you can find me a book critic in the world who thinks Twilight is better written than Harry Potter, I will give you a million dollars.

    THERE WAS NO EPILOGUE. Never happened. Harry never named his kid Albus Severus. Draco is not losing his hair. Never happened.

  • rachelle

    Ugh. Stop spamming!
    No one is gonna sign
    your damn petition.

  • Alexa

    Oh god, that accent is amazing.



  • sarah

    first(: ? lol i hate doing that but whatever. i hate daniel. he sucks. no offence to the fans

  • Christine


    aww lol
    he got a lot better-looking :|

  • Anonymous

    whoa he sounds like he smokes. ah i still love him.

  • Christine

    + :O i’ve never been first before

  • Sarah

    I like him and all ; but twilight is a billion times better <3

  • sarah

    yeah, ok that was a bit harsh. i dont hate him….just the harry potter series. twilight is so much better. (:

  • dee

    I like him and all ; but twilight is a billion times better
    paha be seriousd the only reason twilight is so popular is cos its got rob init. They are def not as well written as harry potter, and i think the soryline is def more simple

  • Anonymous

    wow he got reali ugly!!

  • davis

    OU, you should post his
    interview with Inside the
    Actors Studio.
    It’s actually really entertaining.

    I’m not a fan of his, (only
    because I don’t follow his work) but
    that interview made me like him alot. [:

  • Anonymous

    um…i dont really care for this guy
    and i dont like harry pothead either


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