Debby Ryan Home Episode Quesadillas

Debby Ryan
vlog: I’m home!! WHOOOHOOO! At the beginning I included a clip of driving in the car, almost home. Then it’s me, my brother, his classmate, and my puppy in our kitchen in Texas, snackin on quesadillas and talking about Pirish people. [[:

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Fun Fact! My brother and I are part Irish! SHOUT OUTS TO NEBRASKA, WASHINGTON & of course, IRELAND! P.S. Sparky BruQuentis is not his
real name.

  • bxhrtz

    She seems to be to be individual. The accent seems to be the same and she smiles a lot but Debby is totally different.
    I look at the Texas people and see why Disney chooses them, don’t you? Don’t be hatin’ ecause they didn’t choose you.

  • :]

    ok several comments
    1)something about her just pisses me off. i really dont know. lol
    2) she thinks she’s sooo famous, and just the shit. newsflash, she plays a small role on the suite life. and isnt famous at all. woooop dee doooo.
    3) she is trying too hard to be like every other disney star, but the truth is she is no where near as good as most other disney stars.
    4) pleaseeee stop posting comments for us to sign your damn petition.


    Pfft i can suss this girl out a mile away,

    so fake and patronising – thats why she reminds everyone of Selena.

  • Anonymous

    ew. she’s the spitting image of selena.
    and what’s with all the texas girls?

  • Anonymous

    yeah something about her just, bugs me. i feel she is being fake and wanting to follow demi and selena, be your own person girllll. i love texas, but I’m not from there & it’s really suspicious how so many disney stars are all from texas, or have a house in texas. hmmmmmm…..

  • Anonymous

    what are all the disney stars from texas? haha i’m from texas, so it doens’t bug me haha.

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  • youmommaa

    i feel like she tries to act like demi or selena.

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  • mia

    seriously! who is she?

  • Anonymous

    Yes Ireland is THE SHIT LOL
    Favorite place in the entrie world…including mars :P
    Yeah,shes okayy shes sweet but seems to be copying Demi and Selena a wee bit too much LOL

  • Sarah

    the way she’s talking kinda reminds me of selena

  • Jennifer

    Is it just me? Or are ALL the Disney stars from Texas??? Weird.

  • jenn

    She reminds me SO much of Demi.

  • Anonymous

    shes really really amazing! :)

  • Sarah

    lol i got the same calculator xDD

  • geri

    I’m a texas girl so you know,
    I gotta support them.
    Selena&Demi rock my socks.<3

    PS. Debby talks exactly like
    Demi, lolz.

  • caoimhe

    woah i luv u even mor!! i am irish, wel except im fully irish!! but still!!

  • Anonymous

    “Pfft i can suss this girl out a mile away,

    so fake and patronising – thats why she reminds everyone of Selena.”

    Uhh, how can you call someone fake without actually
    KNOWING the person?! You don’t make sense at all.

  • Lynn

    Debby & Demi talk the same.
    They both laugh after everything
    they say. And they just…idk
    hot to explain it. Their
    mannerisms and stuff are the

  • annie

    she has fat face

  • Anonymous

    she has fat face

  • Anonymous

    She seems so nice and cool!

  • jason yo

    damn she looks like selena but way more hotter in talks like ehr 2 lmaooo shes pretty hottttt damnnnn debbie tits are huge 2 i kno ya saw them on suite life on deck

  • III

    Her brother’s kinda hot.

  • Anonymous

    woah i luv u even mor!! i am irish, wel except im fully irish!! but still!!

    cool ireland is so awesome!!!

  • dee

    Her brother’s kinda hot.

    i know, she seems cute

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I scrolled past it too fast, I thought that was Selena.