Joe Jonas YEAR 3000 With Little Girl

Joe pulled little girl on stage to perform Year 3000 at the Hollywood Palladium.

  • Anonymous

    you know that made that little girls year.
    they’re going to be great fathers :]

  • lesha

    ha wow. sorry kids. taylor is and will continue to be very much around. she doesn’t work for disney, hence she is not forced down your throat every 8 seconds. its the same way with most successful artists. do you hear about chris brown everyday, nope, but he is definitely successful and will continue to be. her sales would have done amazing with or without joe. her first cd is proof of that.

  • gabriela

    joe is so sweet*-*
    i love him!

  • Anonymous

    JB and demi are BFF’S they favorite a video of her singing the national anthem on their youtube page =)
    Aw i wonder if joe goes head over heels for her
    Jemi<3 haha
    and awww JB are amazing dudes! I started liking them like 1mnth ago haha..=P

  • brooke

    GAHHH!!! i would give so much to hold his hand and sing on stage with him. they are all so sweet. I LOVE THE JONAS BROTHERS!

  • mrsnickjonas

    i want to catch diabetes from nick (:

  • Dana

    AWWW joseph this is why i lovee him!!!

    but anways the ppl that keep talking about taylor need to stop this video has NOTHING to do with her and im a JB fan for life but im also a taylor fan and as much as im sure some ppl bought her new cd because of forever and always i dont think it was a significant number to affect her sales i think she did that on her own with her own fans which she does have… most jonas fans arent into country so maybe thats why u dont think she had fame but in the country circuit she has a bunch of singles on the charts… sorry just an opinion

    but yea haha

  • Anonymous

    LOL i never even thought of that! haha

  • Anonymous

    awh. so cute.
    i LOVE these boys

  • Meena


  • Janese

    That is so amazing cute!
    ahhhhh! i cant stand it!
    they are so sweet!

  • aaallleeexxx

    that girl will remember that night foreeeeeever.
    they’re such sweet boys

  • Anonymous

    erm, no. taylor had songs released before she was with joe and i didn’t know one person who had heard of her. get over it. taylor is a bitch.

    joe forever.
    love you. <3

  • Whoo!

    Thats one of the most adorable things!
    Joe has a sweet side to him :D
    What a memory to have, Joe holding you hand and
    letting you sing in the spotlight!
    Thats amazingness right there!

    <3 Jonas

  • yasmine

    WOO! Im going to their concert!! Im so glad because its my first ever concert of theirs!!

  • Anonymous

    well, that was adorable.(: I love JB.

  • allie

    aww, they even got to hold hands xp I’m jealous, as every other girl i’m sure, haha.

    I love how she like, takes the mic away from her, then he gives her a little hug. :)

  • katie

    omg…that is so cute!!

  • Anonymous

    but….doesnt their people tell them what to do??dont get me wrong the jonas boys are nice but i think they plan the whole concert out

  • lesha

    lol. if you had never heard of ‘teardrops on my guitar’ or ‘our song’ then you live under a rock. they must have been the most played out songs known to man. you can think what you want about her, but people need to get over this ‘joe gave her fame’ theory.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    but….doesnt their people tell them what to do??dont get me wrong the jonas boys are nice but i think they plan the whole concert out

  • goshNICOLE

    They are genuinely great boys.
    I will never forget them in concert. Ahh, good times. [:

  • Anonymous


  • lindsay

    omg that was tooooo cute that girl was so amazingly happy! haha

  • Anonymous

    I TOTALLY AGREE. The reason why Taylor sold more copies is cuz half the Jobro fans went and bought her c.d JUST becasue of that one song she wrote about her breakup with Joe.

    So she has Joe to thank for that.

  • demi

    aww, they are the sweetest guys ever!
    that little girl is so lucky lol:]

  • Anon.

    PedoBear approved!

  • Anonymous

    that was so cute!!!
    Joe was holding her hand!!!!

  • Joanie

    How freakin’ cute are they!!!!

  • katee.

    that was too cutee.
    seriously. i love when they do stuff like that.
    it’s so adorablee!

  • vicki

    that was the cutest/nicest thing i’ve seen them do in a while.
    joe is a sweetie.

  • tara

    Joe is SO super uber goober SWEET!
    They’re so great and caring :]]
    Gotta love the boys!
    Thaat gurl is one lucky chik
    i would LOVE x for
    Them to sing-a-song for meeh
    I’m in “Love Bug” mode
    :D ILJB!<33333

  • Anonymous

    i dont see any shithead dudes in my school this nice to a little girl lol xD

  • jonasfan

    theyre so sweet and adorable
    you can definitely tell theyre really cool and caring guys
    haha im blown everytime they do stuff like this!

  • MileyFannn

    Awww so cute! theyre amazing!

  • michaelaa

    oo my goddd i love them<3
    they would do this. they are so awesome.
    if i was that girl i would have been freaking out!
    that is so cool. im soo jealous of that girl.

  • Evelina

    Aww that’s so cute :D <3

  • Jenn

    thats JB right there. theyre awesome guys!

  • Tinkerbell will kill you!

    The little girl was so HAPPY with him siging to her! And Joe held her hand! Awwwww, that’s cuute!

  • Anonymous

    I am just catching up on the blogs AND I FOUND THIS!!! What a lucky lucky little girl. Joe is soooo cute, holding her hand, letting her sing and cheering for her.

    I see him sing I Gotta Find You with little ones, but never Year 3000. She did really good. This clip was awesome.

    JOEY BABY!!! I think he cut his hair again!? He look sooooo HOT AND GORGEOUS strutting across that stage. He sounds AMAZING TOO!!!!

  • Georgi

    they’re gonna be Amazing fathers, you can just tell :]

  • Sarah

    How many frekain “Awws” are in this post?? lol
    thats adorable!!

  • Angela

    Joe! I love you! You look amazing!

    Please do not care your hair any shorter than this though, please.

    You look perfect just the way you are!

  • Anonymous

    haha she can sing for so young

  • Anonymous

    so cute :)

  • Sneha

    Awww their such sweeties :)
    If i was that girl i would probably have a spaz attack…. haha

  • oh my jemi


  • mermaid

    that’s just way too cute!!
    they’re so sweet

  • anon2

    LOLZ, I can tell you’re from the fbr_trash community

  • Amanduh

    OMG i totally love them again for this!!!
    I thought id never see them pick kids to sing on stage with them again lol, i was wrong!

  • katie

    LOL same here!

  • Sammi

    such great guys! and i agree they WILL be awesome dads! lol


    i don’t want to believe it. but i heard that girl is
    the same one that they pulled up at the san diego
    concert. hopefully its not true.. i was there, she
    was super cute… ans wasn’t nervous at all.

  • Anonymous

    cuties! ;)

  • ashiiiie

    Joe BB ur adorable
    & so are Kev & Nick



  • Mandy

    cool! thats sweet!

  • Anonymous

    Joe IS going to be a great daddy. I have seen him talk to kids before and he just really seems to love and be attuned to them.


  • cindylovesjonas

    Awhh! like what everyone says =D

  • it’s me.

    awww :)
    I wish I was that little girl x)
    they are so sweet!
    I love the jonas brothers!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    omg that was tooooo cute that girl was so amazingly happy! haha
    If I was that girl, I would be too x)

  • Terry

    I love Jonas! They’re major sweet!!

  • saelenasupport!

    God shes lucky!

  • saelenasupport!

    you dont go out much do you?
    i wouldnt be surprised if you are humongous!

  • Anonymous

    you dont go out much do you?
    i wouldnt be surprised if you are humongous!
    And so does it make a difference? they are retarded fags from above!

  • Blonde moment xo


  • Anonymous

    Awwwww I love the part when joe holds her hand I love JB

  • i cause trouble

    wow is this drama im reading?
    *dives in the kitchen and grabs popcorn*

  • Anonymous

    Awww theyre so sweett!

  • Anonymous



  • anonymous

    Our boys are baaack :)
    And I’m glad I’m always right.
    You see guys? Without the Jaylor thing Taylor is nowhere, she’s such a famewhore, her game is over so now she just doesn’t know what to play with.
    she sucks.
    She has already dissapear.



    omg, i agree COMPLETELY!
    taylor is doing nothing but being annoying
    shes try t make eveyrone feel sorry for her
    its seriously lame
    Joe is absolutely amazinggg
    & he always will be <33

  • selenasupport!

    you dont go out much do you?
    i wouldnt be surprised if you are humongous!
    And so does it make a difference? they are retarded fags from above!
    Your acting very immature and i seriously wont even bother wasting precious time with you so i rather leave and let you look like and idiot on your own account!

  • Anonymous

    OOOWN *-*

  • nicole

    omg, those boys are so nice..
    i wish they tickets werent so exspencive..
    i would love to see them in concert again[=
    i miss twylmite tour=[

  • Carolinaajobrosfan(:

    Aww :)
    My Joe,
    I freakin’ love him!
    Well the three of them of course, my life would be nothing without them.
    Thanks for being the MOST amazing guys ever! :)
    I love jonas brothers For Life!

  • Anonymous

    Our boys are baaack :)
    And I’m glad I’m always right.
    You see guys? Without the Jaylor thing Taylor is nowhere, she’s such a famewhore, her game is over so now she just doesn’t know what to play with.
    she sucks.
    She has already dissapear.


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Jonas Brothers Pone Everyone, yeah they pone God too.

  • Danielle

    aww these videos always make me tear up
    they are going to make the best fathers

    i mean how many teenage guys do you see
    be this nice to girls, young and old period?

    and did you see the way he ran his fingers through her hair @ the end? too freakin adorable

  • lindsay

    they are they greates guys on the history of the planet!!
    and it’s so sweet cuse they’ve done this before!!
    that girl is so lucky!!
    i wish that was me on stage with them!!!

  • Anonymous

    they are gods so they can’t pone theirselves.

  • Anonymous

    True I can’t belive I was once on her side :S

    they are the cutest thing ever! :)

  • Me

    That’s too much, but true Omg was totally replaced by Omj ahah.
    I always hated Jonas fans but Now I’m one of them It’s impossible to don’t like these guys :)
    They are freakin’ adorable !

  • Sami

    That was so adorable.
    Joseph is too kind.
    Words can’t describe him.

  • Mikayla

    thats just sooooooo sweet!!
    I wish i was her!!=]lol

  • Carolinaajobrosfan(:

    I didn’t even remember her seriously she’s a loser, she needs to thank Joe for the 592000 copies on the first week.
    She’s so lame.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed 100%
    I mean this shows how great jonas brothers are because in their second album they sold lots of copies thank o miley and they did thank her ahah but Taylor is a bitch, she didn’t ahah What the fuck happened with her? She got old after the masive tv appearences? Poor tay she can’t deal with a fame that she doesn’t deserves.
    She got poneeed :)

    Jonas Bros are amazing!
    And super duper cuteeeee :)

  • Miley Rockz!

    Guys stop talking about Taylor Swift!
    She doesn’t even deserve to be mentioned on a jonas post.
    Aww :)
    Joe’s gonna be a great daddy!

  • Thata’zz sZ Jooe

    Peeeeeeerfect sz.. I’m in love with Jooe sz

  • Pat

    Aww :)

    Joe joe joe don’t do this to me, you’re killing me with such cuteness ;)


  • Jean

    OMJ! that was so cute!

  • Veronica


  • Anonymous

    That is seriously the cutest thing ever!
    i love them<333

  • summer, :)

    wow, im in coplete awe, this actually made my eyes water. no CRY yet ;) but water. its so cute how he took her around and held her hand. then he let her have his mike and go by herselrf and the spotlight was onher, wow. he is going to be such an amazing dad! :]

    i didnt think it was possible to fall more in love with him till now.. <3


    nick was probably like hey! i wanna have the girl by me too! lol jk its cute how he smiled and watched them when he went passed them :)

    geez, i love these boys. and “miley rockz” is right that girls name, [we all know who] doesnt need to be broguht up in tihs she isnt worth it. i mena some chick at my school is already wearing her face on her shirt, for the 36357657 time this year… and im not exaggerating.. its pain enough :]


  • :D

    aww they are so sweet they alwas take little kids on stage and let them sing with them and stuff

    and i know everybody alwas say it but they are going
    to be amazing parents one day

  • Anonymous

    VERYYY cute, i love Joe.
    These boys are amazing<3

  • Harry Potter PONES Twilight!!!

    That was like the cutest thing I have ever seen!!! Joe is so nice!!!! Oh and my sister has that Jonas shirt that she was wearing…Just saying :) Anyway I LOVE joe!!!!

  • ryles

    I was there at the Palladium!!!

    i dont want to spoil it but ive been to a few concerts and its the same girl he pulled out from the crowd in another concert.

    i hope im wrong

  • Anonymous

    The jonas brothers are really nice guys and act like complete gentle men! i cant wait until i go to their concert!

  • Emily

    AHAHAHAHAHA I love reading comments on Oceanup! Gotta love D-R-A-M-A .. ok well that’s not why I’m leaving a comment in the first place (lol). I think it’s so sweet when they do stuff like this. They seem really nice and downtoearth. They’re great with kids lol. That girl definetly was all over the mic (haha in a good way)

  • Woah It’s Kelsie!

    Exactly! She’s just a stupid bitch who robbed sales. She used Joe to get those sales. “Oh I wrote this song for Joe and i got it on the album” blah blah blah. Whatever, I’vve long forgotten about Her. And im glad i left her side for Joe. Hes so damn hot and sweet! All his brothers are! THEYRE COMEPLETEL GENTLEMEN!

  • love

    i went to their concert in Vegas and OMGOSH it
    was so perfect!
    and everytime someone got to touch their hand
    i kept screaming out LUCKY!! lol
    man im jealous ! :D

  • Ice

    I LOVE NICK! lol

  • hjkkjh

    well that theoryy is true.

  • Anonymous

    OMG There so hot and adorable!
    all those girls are lucky!

  • utt

    i love jonas!!!!!!!!!

  • omg **x

    P1: “Ewwwwwwww”

    P2: “what?…………what?”

    P1: “you look ugly”

    LOL so random but whatever, i love the Jonas Brothers, theyve been around for us every step of the way so why even bother giving up on them? They appreciate every single one of their fans and i think thats total dedication to us =) Replace me with that girl for 3 minutes and ill have a miracle! Joes minne!

  • lesha

    not really. the only people that felt bad for her were her own fans, whom would have bought the cd anyway.

  • take that mother Effer down, were going HD beeeatchh!

    What a unique name xD haha
    that was random, Love the boys!!

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    “And your great great great grand daughter, is doing fine (doing fi-i-ine)”

    That was adorable.