Jonas Bros. ROCK Hollywood Palladium

Jonas Brothers
performing BB Good on November 30 at the Hollywood Palladium. OC Register has an article on their experience. That’s Just The Way We Roll, Gonna Getcha Good & Video Girl under. The last clip is of Nick Jonas hugging a mystery girl. FF to the end. Check YouTube for updated videos. They must be exhausted, they were just in New York!

  • Jamie

    Is it just me or did the girl that Nick hugged look like Selena Gomez? wierd….

  • Uh

    How do you draw that conclusion for sure?

  • Cassie

    lol thats maya. everyone is so dumb. nicks allowed to hug his best friend

  • TeamDemi

    ohhh wait. mabey he’s hugging, i know this is impossiblebut…a fan!?!?! WHAT??? NEVER!!

  • Daniella

    chill, it was a fan girl, cuz that is where they had there meet and great!
    i was there!

  • mallyj

    kevin brought danielle to their performance at the cowboys game. she was in their box with them.

    i have a picture…
    theres ur kevin and danielle update :)

  • angie

    It didn’t look like maya.

    i think it was just a fan though.

    if not, it was maya. lol

  • tena

    They boys are back yay :)

  • Joanie

    maybe she didn’t want proof that she was there…think about that.

  • Anonymous

    that girl was me :)

  • Yvonne

    I may be wrong, but didn’t that girl look like she had some sort of headphone on, like an assistant would wear?

  • anonymous

    i dont think its maya it looks like her but it kinda doesnt

  • Yvonne

    Am I the only one having trouble getting the 2nd vid to load?

  • monica

    thats definetly not maya
    im sure its some fan m&g or something cause there was a curtain

  • mermaid

    love em!

  • laura

    first!!!nick jonas is so hot!

  • Lilyy

    They were Amazing , i love them more each daay , and as for that mystery girl i hope she was just a fan ahaa

  • Marie

    i was there ! (:
    check out my videos from the concert on youtube —-> xitsxmariex94x
    but some are still uploading

  • Anonymous

    Read this earlier… Interesting choice, Joe. She seems REALLY down to earth.


    Spotted: Joe Jonas’s girlfriend, Camilla Belle, denying autograph and picture
    requests at the Jonas Brothers concert at Hollywood Palladium on Sunday.

  • keziah

    hahah, i was there! :)

  • lesha

    lol. how funny would that be if papz caught like intense makeout session instead. sigh. one day papz might actually be useful.

  • sg

    i was there!!!!! it was awesome. ;D

  • coreekay

    It’s not Maya or just some fan…it’s their friend Rachel Tamburelli. They thank her and her family in all of their CD booklet things

  • Tulula

    All soo hott :)

  • christina

    ugh, its just a fan.
    they’re doing meet and greets im guessing.

  • pamela

    they’re sooo hot!

  • Anonymous

    Um thanks for using my video???

  • lyss

    oh my god all three of them are amazing ughhh

  • Sarah

    Is that Camilla?

  • Anonymous

    sooo.. i guess camila and joe are in fact dating…

  • Yvonne

    I dont give a shit bout Camilla. Give me more Kevin&Danielle

  • Anonymous

    wow joe is hot!!

  • Misa

    The mystery girl wus probably mya kibble
    i noe i didnt spell her name right

  • Anonymous

    looks like nick spotted someone in the crowd.

  • Andi

    it’s Maya Kibble!!!!!!
    NOT Camilla Belle!

  • Anonymous

    that just might be a friend or a fan! come on!

  • Yvonne

    ANDI—do you happen to know what Maya’s mother does for the Jonas family? I thought she worked directly with Denise. Just curious is all

  • Jade

    I was there!

    They were amazing

  • Carolinaajobrosfan(:

    These guys can’t get any better.
    They are totally awesome!
    The boys are back for good and I’m freakin’ happy :)
    They are have been totally great lately :)
    I love them so so so much!

  • Sneha

    Love them, their awesome :)

    And that mystery girl is one lucky bitch…..

  • Shivi

    Yh I think it was Maya too

  • Anonymous

    Thats not rachel tamburelli. no one likes her