Madison Delagarza ‘I Want Macaroni!’

Madison Delagarza brilliant new Desperate Housewives scene. Gaby tries out her new diet on Juanita and Celia and they don’t like it. Thanks wreckcentered!

  • :D


  • Sammy


  • Kristy

    She is very fat

  • Anonymous

    figures they wouldn’t like it..they’re both chubbsters

  • Anonymous


  • Izabella

    I love Madison in DH :D
    She’s an awesome actress!
    But I always feel sorry for her
    when they’re either making fun of
    or discusssing her overweight, I mean
    she is that big in real life too! it must
    be hard for her, but I think she’s cute :)

  • Teresa

    I know this is mean and I love Demi but…..Her sister is seriously ugly! And not just because she’s chubby but shes just U-G-L-Y!

  • :D

    thats mean saying shes fat

    okay maybe she is but shes still a little kid and notice her sister used to look exactly like her

  • Anonymous

    She is very fat

    true…but so was demi and she slimmed down.
    little maddie still has hope

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    demi was skinnier than madison when she was a child. madison is going to go from obese to plain fat when she grows up.

  • gabby

    aww. is that really madison? she wasnt so chubby the last time i checked. but shes still cute. i hope she grows up big and be like demi now. and for those of you who are saying shes fat, its still baby fat. give her a break. shes still very young and has time to grow out of it! im pretty sure you guys werent the perfect skinny little stick twits you are now. k?

  • BabyCuzImaThug

    Well, she’s a better actress than her sister…but
    that’s not saying much.

  • Anonymous

    i wonder if they’re gonna make her lose weight n then bring her back so like the mom feels like she accomplished something or something like that idk just a thought


    Oh god i cant help but squirm at the storyline being about her weight..
    because obv her weights like that in real life

    why doesnt the lovato family do something about it? or is it gaining her too many acting roles? then.. thats just plain sickening


    shes a human being, jeese cant believe your picking on a lil kid
    how f*cking f*cked up is that

  • lisa jonas

    WOW u guys are such mean people!
    who cares is she is chubby jezzus christ!
    can u guys get any more fuciin rudder
    how would u feel if u were her

  • emily

    guys like seriously lay off.. demi was cubby..but honestly my bff was a ginormous little kid and now she’s skinny…not unhealthy skinny but still
    ppl grow outof it..she’s just a little girl so seriously lay off
    stupid idiots just have such sorry lives that they have to bash other ppl to make you feel better.
    so LAY OFF

  • Sammy

    sure, she’s not gorgeous like Demi but you never know, this kid could grow up and be one beautiful girl. I think she’s cute, and she’s a kid, she still has baby fat and I’m sure she’ll lose it and it’d be pretty funny if she did turn out to be gorgeous.

  • anonymous

    she is a good child actress honestly but she is fat. i know thats the role but shes overweight!! thats unhealthy!

  • celenia

    I feel horrible for saying this,
    and I know I’m going to hell, but
    That is one ugly kid.

  • stephanie

    you guys are pathetic.
    saying she’s ugly and fat.

    grow up.
    she’s not going to be like that forever.

  • Anonymous

    the lil 1 is 2 cute 4 words!! nd madison is a reali good actress !! shel probs b pretty lik demi when she grows up!!

  • (:

    no offense to demi’s sister, but damn she’s a FAT-ASS. no wonder she fuckin wants macaroni.

  • colly(:

    i dont get it..why doesnt she have the same last name as demi?

  • Anonymous

    LMAO she’s a better actress that her sister.

  • davis

    I don’t care that she’s
    fat. I just think she’s ugly.

  • keyla


  • Nath

    i like demi, but her sister is fucking UGLY

  • =] anonymouz =D


  • Anonymous

    ooh…they need to go on that diet, sorry little one, but child obesity is on the rise.

  • You guys are so Rude

    God How low can you guys get I mean come on trashing a little kid thats so mean she will get thinner as she grows up have you seen Demi when she was on Barney they looked just alike demi was chubby like that to.

  • ______________________________________

    its funny cause shes skinny and like “glamorous”
    and stuff
    and then she has two FAT kids lol thats funny
    tht girl got a triple chine lol
    that girl is UGLY wow thats demi’s sister
    wow im happy MY sister is pretty and aint FAT
    oh…damn…im heartless…oh well

  • brittnee from GA

    soo cute!! :D
    “its in a box, its not that hard!”

  • Anonymous

    Not to be mean, but she looks like she might benefit from losing weight. A child that young (how old is she,like six?) can’t be healthy if she weighs that much. It might not just be baby fat. She’s in her formitive years right now, and the habits she develops now will stay with her through adulthood. This isn’t for vanity, it’s for her health. However,she’s a very good actress and has great comedic delivery! And lmfao at Eva Longoria– “And you,with the head! You ruined me!”

  • sophie

    you people are so nice. wow.

  • TeamDemi

    awww poor madison!! i love her!!! STOP SAYIN SHES FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Katie

    Who are you people to judge her?She’s 6?What’s wrong with you people! It’s disgusting that people are so down on themselves they have to judge a child. Despicable.

  • someone

    Am I the only one who didnt put two and two together to figure out it was madison on Desperate Housewives. seriously im just now figuring this out. I love her acting. To the people MAKING FUN OF A 7 YEAR OLD: you are pathetic, insecure, ignorant, low-life assholes. You dont’t know of she reads this or not or if demi or someone who is close to their family reads this. Before you make your rude and ignorant comments put yourself in their shoes.

  • Kayla.


  • Anonymous

    it’s baby fat ! I was chubby at like 10 or 11 then by the time I hit 14 I was average. Not fat.

    it’ll probably happen to her too !
    my God, you all need to stop being so mean. she’s cute.

  • Lindsey

    To the people who are saying stuff like that, it’s so cruel. She looks exactly like Demi when she was younger and now Demi is really slim and gorgeous. I’m sure Maddie will be too because I know so many people who have gone through chubby stages including myself. Trust me, once she hits 13 14, she’ll be skinny.

  • Anonymous

    oh i wanted to see her reaction to the food at the end

    i dont know how u can get tghat chubby when ur like 9
    but she’ll probly slim down with age
    probly get taller
    i dont think she’ll be as sknny and as beautiful as demi when she grows up but she might get close
    we’ll see

  • Anonymous

    cute but super fat that ain’t baby fat nomore that is obesity

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    so ugly she looks like a bulldog hopefully she gets prettier she still has a chance

  • amberJONASS

    omg some of these people on here are soooo mean!
    she’s just a little kid goshh!
    i think she is really uhhhm cutee!
    she will probably grow out of it like demi did!!

  • Mrs. Afton Jonas

    To the tacky, cruel, immature, unnecessary commenters…

    Think before you speak.
    If you don’t have nice to say, especially about a 7 year old, don’t say anything at all.
    You say, “Well, she’ll never read this!”
    So does that make it okay? No, it doesn’t.
    What goes around comes around.
    Think of the Golden Rule.

    (Oooh, I sound like the Bible!)

  • Mrs. Afton Jonas

    That was so fucking funny.

  • chaz

    She sounds like demi AND looks like demi ALOT! u can see demi in her eyes!

  • teamlavato

    just stop already so what she is chucky but she still has time to grow out of it i’m sure half of ppl are fat so i wouldn’t be talking or typing .+she is an awesom actress well keep up the good work madision and i support you all the way

  • teamlavato

    if i were you i’d shut your mouth you proble have a triple butt chin

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  • Anonymous

    People it’s called baby fat , i’ve known people who were like that , and as soon as they turn 12 or 13 they slim down.

  • NOT

    I think its nasty how they seem to be promoting child hood obesity on DP! I mean come on its just goin to give other kids the impression oh im fat so now i can be on a tv show. NOT! it so does not work that way.

  • Andy

    you people are so mean , it’s called baby fat , i’ve know people that when they are 6-9 years old they look like that , when they turn 12- 14 they slim down.

  • joey

    geez what the hells you problem..? shes not ugly. yeah shes fat but who gives a damn shes adorable..and its not what matters about the outside it matters about the inside.. how would you like it if someone called you ugly or fat?! and if you love demi so much then you wouldn’t call her sister ugly.! so think about that next time you wanna make fun of a little girl.

  • Me`

    im not tryint o be mean
    but ti think she should loose weight.
    and im wonderin if theyll kick her off the show?
    becasue i bet shes gonna make them go on a diet and lose weight

  • Anonymous

    okay those two girls are the ones that need to go on a diet…

  • evelyn

    NO! you are the disgusting one. how dare you make fun of a little girl like that. you are such a BITCH.

  • Kelly

    oh my god that girl is f-ing obese.


    that’s disgusting

  • Anonymous

    Why don’t you stop calling her chubby or fat? She’s just a kid!If you were her you’d hate it and you’d feel very sad!

  • Kayla

    She is so fat and the fact that any television show would want a little girl that is obese to be on a show so people can make fun of her is disgusting. Her parents should be ashamed for letting her look like that and for letting her be on the show!

  • sara

    I love demi, but her sister is toooooo FAT

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OMG, that’s pretty rude but still- *claps and starts laughing again*
    Don’t want to be mean though, she just has a little baby chubbiness. Peace.

  • Nancy

    wow, you guys are seriously soo mean
    sure she’s chubby and all, but give her
    a break. she lose it sooner or later
    and she is an amazing actress, her
    sisters love her for her and you guys
    need to accept the fact that shes not the
    skinnest person alive. gosh!

  • Sandy

    Stop picking on her she is just a little kid and why do people care so much about her weight ! she is a great actress and I do think shes cute ! Madison is very talented and she is probably super nice and kind too .. so just shut up haters !

  • Madison

    My names Madison too!!
    I think shes a really great actress!!
    Shes def one of my faves!!
    I love her, and shes soo cute:D

  • LH

    WHO cares?

  • linn y

    demi was chubby like her 2 ! she is so cute!

  • miche

    she is soo fat. its disgusting and unhealthy.

    if shes that fat so young, imagine what she’s gonna be like when she is older…

  • Anonymous

    shes 7

  • Anonymous

    i honestly think her parents letting her be on this show whilee theyre making fun of her constantly is sad and fuckin sick.
    who would do that just for fame.
    um. no thank you.
    and guys stop denying it. she is fat. the last thing i want to do is be mean but. she is. it may just be baby fat and she may grow out of it, lets hope. because weighing that much at that age cannot be healthy at all.
    and im pretty sure she doesnt go on this website, and dont be like “imagine if she read this!”, because shes already being called fuckin obese in the show (which i think is TOTALLY wrong.
    im sorry but she needs to leave that show. what were her parents thinking when they signed her up.

  • Olivia

    You guy’s I was just looking at this post, random I know
    And I have to say something. Usually I don’t point out the most ridiculous
    rude, horrible, mean, nasty things your ignorant pigs say on this site, but you
    people who are probably 13+ are making fun of a 8 or 9 year old who
    obviously has some weight issues. Do you know what that could do to a little
    girl who can read? And I’m not just talking about Madison, anybody who makes
    fun of the weight size of a little girl, can be deeply hurt when their made fun of
    like that. All your comments are disgusting and horrible. I bet all of you had
    a period where you were a little bit over weight, and guess what? People
    probably made fun of you, too. I think it’s horrid that we have to live in a World
    today where even little girls are made fun of! Don’t you think of anybody else’s
    feelings? Or are you just some rude bastards out there who have nothing
    better to do then ruin some ones self-esteem or confidence on the way they
    look? Their are better things to judge then looks. Judge the heart and personality
    You may think this girl is ‘fat’ or ‘ugly’ but you know what?
    She must have pretty good confidence and skill if she’s on ‘Desperate
    Housewives’ at such a young age. So next time you want cyber bull someone
    and call them terrible names, just don’t it’s not cool.

  • Anonymous

    Its just baby fat! Demi had that and she lost it!

  • ashleyyyyyyy

    her parents kno what they were doing when they signe dher up 4 this role so they aint bitching so why are we that CA$H cums they aint even gunna care about the stupid fat role lmaoooooooooooo shit i wouldnt

    i be like ..yeah im fat so what im ballin bitchesssssssssss lmaooooooooooooooooooooo

  • holly

    she is really cute and an amazing actress. she sounds so mature :O shes not that old is she?

    anywayz i think its mean that the whole issue is her weight..thats gonna make her feel really bad about herself.

    i wish her the best, she has a bright future ahead.
    and she will slim down, until i was 14 i was OBESE, suddenly i lost all the weight thank gawd. GIVE HER A BREAK

  • Anonymous

    aww cute, if she lost some weight she would look a lot like demi! I know she is a bit overweight, but she is just a little kid and has time to change that. So remember to think before you say mean things.

  • tiara

    i love it when she says “you with the head you ruined

  • Shelby Jonas

    oh my gosh! my sister was watching that episode and i was like “oh my gosh! brittany thats madison!” and she was like “…who?”
    haha i was like “demi lovatos little sister!”

  • kirsty

    she has more chins than a chinese phonebook

  • WOW

    wow you KNOW you’re a loser when u start making fun of 7 year olds and calling them fat. YOU MUST FEEl REALLY GOOD ABOUT YOURSELVES NOW, DONTCHA? wow seriosuly
    come on guys. you’re so insecure you gotta pick on little kids?

  • Shelby Jonas

    that is so mean saying she is so “fat”
    i was a very chubby baby and now im 15 and weigh 100 pounds! you can grow out of it! what if madison saw this and saw all the comments saying “she is so fat, it disgusts me!”
    you wouldnt want people to talk about how your fat all day long! she is a child and she is chubby! she will most likely grow out of it!
    that is so rude and immature of you all to call her “fat” and “disgusting”!

  • fiaa


  • Stephanie

    Okay guys look obesity could be a genetic problem so please back off i mean im a little obese now .not a lot but a tad i wan’t that chubby when i was younger but im sure she’ll grow out of it. She is an incrediably amazing! actress might i add soo talented!.She needs to eat healthier i mean its not that hard.

  • Anonymous

    Awwh. She’s a lil chunk.
    So what?
    She adorably cute and a great actress.
    yup (:
    she is adorable.

  • KP

    Awwh. She’s a lil chunk.
    So what?
    She adorably cute and a great actress.

  • joez baybie! <3

    ooh wow lol

  • Anonymous



    fatties go eat some patties XD

  • cassie!

    people whoo are saying she is fatt
    are probably effing WORSEE!
    she is so cutee. :p

  • Anonymous

    I feel horrible for saying this,
    and I know I’m going to hell, but
    That is one ugly kid.


    if you feel horrible for saying it, then don’t.
    haven’t you ever heard the saying, if you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all?

  • Anonymous

    That’s SO mean. Yet I can’t stop laughing =\

  • o

    Oh god i cant help but squirm at the storyline being about her weight..
    because obv her weights like that in real life

    why doesnt the lovato family do something about it? or is it gaining her too many acting roles? then.. thats just plain sickening

    – – – – – –
    wow i agree, i feel so bad for her being made fun of her weight all the time. i know it’s all in the script and it’s funny, but it’s not like she’s wearing a fat suit she can just take off and feel good about herself :| but i bet the older she gets the more she’ll thin out :)

  • Anonymous

    Delagarza? why isnt her last name lovato???

  • Melissa

    Ok. I Like Demi Lovato & Love her songs
    but GOD! did that little girl has ever looked herself
    She’s waaay to fat for her age ! SHE LOOKS LIKE AN ORANGE !
    She should make a diet ! SERIOUSLY GUYS !
    I’m just being honest :)!

  • :D


  • Anonymous

    figures they wouldn’t like a diet..they’re both chubbsters.

  • shes so fat!i kno some little kids are chubby but shes like….ummm wow… lol

  • MadisonD-source.skyblog.Com

    They’re really cuuute both !? ^^

    -humm yummy !
    -It’s still in your mouth..


  • Selenaa

    Shes a fatass.
    And she’s the reason why little kids are fat.
    People look up to her.