Ashley Tisdale Is From PLANET BLUE

Typically glum Ashley Tisdale hid her face from prying paparazzi while shopping her favorite store Planet Blue in Beverly Hills this afternoon.
Photos: Fame. +2!

  • Mishelle

    Why is it that her and Vanessa ALWAYS hide their faces?
    You’re celebrities, cut the shit.
    People are going to take your picture wether you like it or not

  • ewredrrarw

    all i ever see her and vanessa doing is shoppinggg

    same here.. wtf

  • Anonymous

    haha in the first pic random person in the background and their dogg awww

  • mariannnn.[:

    i ? her outfit especially her jeans :D

  • Anonymous

    why does she always look sad? seriously girl, enjoy your life, cause from our view yours is pretty awesome

  • Anonymous

    the dog in the first pic looks like it has three legs. well to me at least.
    she looks pretty, i love her outfit.

  • emma

    glad to see she ditched the extentions.

  • sara

    ¨gorgous as always!!!

  • Anonymous

    i hate how these celebs like miley, ash, and v, are always like. ehhh we’re always working. ehhh i’m so busy with work. ehhh i’m always on set. blah blah blah. ehhh. yet. the only pics we see of them are of them shopping.

  • T

    UGH. These girls are pissing me off the way they hide like they’re super famous. WTF!!??!?!?!? You’re not Britney,sweetie.

  • Rita

    Why does she looks sad.
    I mean all I seen(in photos of course)do is shop.
    I mean she doesnt have much preblems (money wise mostly)
    She doesent have to worry about gas prices
    if she broke up with a guy,,, she is pretty and can find
    another boy soon.
    I bet she does all that to get attention.((go shopping in public areas))

  • T

    I don’t see Miley shopping ALOT. Atleast not like V and Ash! and atleast she dosen’t hide her face everytime and is friendly.

  • Anonymous

    miley does shop a lot and miley used to be friendly. now she’s just a self centered girl dating a 20 year old and is OBVIOUSLY blind (cause she can’t see justin’s just in it for the money. no 20 year old in their right mind would date a 16 year old. cause you can’t get sex. at 20 you want sex. and he can’t legally get it from her. so he’s obviously a gold digger. she can’t see that?) shoppaholic.

  • Anabel

    I love how people are complaining cause they hide from the paparazzi. It’s their lives, I doubt that even if you knew it was going to happen, that some guy was always going to be there taking pictures wherever you go, that you would be okay with it.Yeah, I didn’t think so.

  • oceanUP


  • Anonymous

    super pretty/cute outfit

  • me

    shes awesome


    hey GUYS, why do u have to be so harsh on her!
    she has been working very hard this year and she needs to relax, so leave HER ALONE!

    she rocks! i love her!

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, I think shes trying to be like Vanessa. I mean nothing bad happened to her… atleast not public wise. She is a follower, and its true. If your famous, theres gnna be paps everywhere, hun whether u like it or not. Grow up and act nice, if you truly like your job for what you do and not for the attention, money and fame.



  • sarah

    i love her outfit ; but the blazer is a bit too muchooo(:

  • Anonymous

    FIRST!!!!!!! i love ashhh. hate her nose tho

  • Booooo

    umm i love her but the blazer and torn jeans make her look like a homeless tramp

  • Me<3

    oo her outfits cute! i love the scarf :D

  • Booooo

    I love her soo much
    but the blazer and jeans combo makes her look like a homeless person/tramp

  • Anonymous

    her outfits are ALWAYS so cute(:

  • bbleh

    love her jeans :) shes so amazing! i hate how the paparazzi always follow her around! bunch of stalker man!

  • Anonymous

    all i ever see her and vanessa doing is shoppinggg

  • Anonymous

    she shops to much, like don’t they have lives??