Kristen Stewart LOVES LONDON

Kristen Stewart almost smiled while arriving at Heathrow Airport, London, today [Tuesday] for an apperance at the UK Premiere of ‘Twilight’. Credit: INF. Full picture under.

  • Anonymous

    i hate her!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    a nike store

  • Anonymous

    first ?

  • vickie


  • lexi


  • JubBrazil


  • AKAB

    i love her hair! it’s almost red.
    .. wait, did she dye it black at the ends?
    well, she looks pretty, even without makeup.
    her skin is so smooth! luckyyy. :/

  • vickiemicnsi

    haaa first

  • Anonymous

    aww :)

  • Anonymous

    she is like that person that thinks i do not care about what you think about me. but she really does. that is why i like her.

  • rOse Cullen

    i love her!
    i love twilight

  • Makii

    Oh, God. Why is she here.

  • Anonymous

    i dont think she’ll be needing those sunglasses here.. It’s so cold, it’s snowing!

  • :)

    i love her.

  • Anonymous

    what is she wearing?

    she’s wearing clothes moron.
    and i would have to say that she looks better than half the celebrities that walk out of their house looking like they spent hours just to go get a cup of coffee.

  • Anastasia

    I’m going to that tomorrow

  • Anonymous

    LOL at the sunglasses. it’s freeeeeezing here.

  • ilovetaylorswift

    omg i like her jacket. i put it on my christmas list lol

  • :)

    omggg exactlyy!
    & she still looks gorgeous doing itt!

  • betherzz(:

    i love her (:

    she doesn’t care what people think about her!

    but seriously, why would you want to smile when you have like 40 guys following you around with cameras?!

  • Georgi



    I don’t know what it is, but this chick’s sex appeal is off the chart! she really turns me on.

  • Tiffani

    I love her
    she’s so normal and doesnt try to be something she’s not.

  • Vicki

    I love her hair.

  • Kayla.

    was she smoking the dope again?

  • Anonymous

    “who here is a girl who would totally do her? lmao”


    Lol, no not rly.

  • Anonymous

    That couldn’t even be called a half-smile.
    A grimace, maybe.

  • anonymous

    what is she wearing?

  • Ivonne Escareno

    TAYALOR IS JACOB!! you cant replace him. He’s a huge part of your fans and if you take him out, your obviously gonna lose alot of money. Seriously, look at how much fame he’s gotten; its the same as robert and Taylor wasnt even in the movie as much as Robert was.

  • Rita

    “but kristen stewart has bitch stamped
    on her forehead”

    hehe don’t you mean fivehead
    get it?
    5head since she has huge forehead
    She needs bangs to cover them.

  • DamnThatMotherChucker

    That jacket looks sooo warm!! I want it right now :)

  • Anonymous

    she is like that person that thinks i do not care about what you think about me. but she really does. that is why i like her.
    she’s really rude, though.
    she doesnt care what other people will think,
    even if they get hurt about what she says.

    i dislike her.

  • Anonymous

    I never realized she is pretty….
    errr thats because she aint and im not saying this because im “jealous” or anything but bella swan aint meant to be pretty so kristen-you got boid by them picking you for the role so there.

    and yeah she definateley needs a stylist….i mean sunglasses, a nike jacket, a random top, jeans and THE ugliest shoes ive ever seen
    err did she really star in america’s no.1 movie??
    and yeah she is a bitch because she dissed stephanie meyer by saying that a lot of the lines in the book were apparently too “corny” for her to say
    well, bitch just because you haven’t said those lines to to any boy or heard any biy say it to you (and you probably never will) it does not make the lines “corny” so why dont you shut your ugly face and act and maybe you’ll get back the few fans that you had.

  • Lauren

    Her forehead is actually really normal sized…
    I, on the other hand, have HUGE forehead. I’m talkin’ Tyra Banks. But yeah, that’s why I have bangs..

  • Tubridytonight


    so shut up fan girls and leave kristen alone.
    she’s hot, beautiful, talented and down to earth.
    She kicks all those LA bimbos asses.

  • Anonymous

    who here is a girl who would totally do her? lmao

  • emily

    lol “almost”.

  • Anonymous

    she loves london. i hate her. good relationship, very balanced.

  • thebonedance

    Haha seriously. At least she shows her true emotion rather than fake-smiling like other celebrities.


    I never realized she is pretty….She really has a natural beauty
    errr thats because she aint and im not sayin that coz im “jealous” but bella swan aint meant to be pretty so kristen – u got boyd by getting picked for this movie ok coz they’re tellin u that ur an ugly stuck up cow so why dont u turn ur nose down and not act as if ur the best thing that ever happened in hollywood

    and yeah u do need a stylist …
    and kristen i dont think ur allowed to steal clothes out of a jumble sale box

    && one last thing bitch, ur not the next angelina jolie so dont think or act as if ur cool coz u aint
    && kristen dont diss the disney stars coz they r cooler than u && lets just face it ur jealous that they’re all pretty and popular and can sing and dance and well…u dont have any of thiose things do u??
    && ur da biggest bitch/hypocrite ever coz u dissed stephanie by sayin that her lines were too “corny” for u to say..well if its too “corny” then why are u actin in it? Just coz u’ve never said it to any boy or hav been told it by a boy (and you probably never will) that doesn’t make da lines “corny” && who even says “corny”??
    so take dis lil piece of advice…shut ur ugly face n act n maybe jus maybe u’ll get da few fans u had before u said those things, back.

  • Anonymous

    Her eyes are blue?

  • Tru

    I never realized she is pretty….She really has a natural beauty…..I Love TWILIGHT! It is one of the best movies ever!

  • cyn

    all of you saying “oh she shows her real emotions i love her”
    shed probably show her real emotions if you tried to get an autograph or tell her she did a great job as bella.
    shed be a real bitch i imagine or be too high to even realize you.
    i loved her as bella, but kristen stewart has bitch stamped on her forehead

  • Anonymous

    what the heck is wrong with her? she always looks like she is on crack!? oh no wait shes actually on weed!

  • sara

    No offense but that was so lame. If your going to make fun of her at least have a good reason for it. Unlike “she has huge forehead”. She can’t change the way she looks but you can change the way you act. It isn’t going to make you better person if you make fun of her, so don’t. Comment on something you do like instead.

  • Amy

    In England.
    Dude, it’s been snowing here.

  • yuska

    “Kristen Stewart almost smiled”
    I love her!!!

  • Anonymous

    I loved her in twilight and in other movies.
    She looks like naturally pretty in this pic. amazing!

  • secret admirer

    hey r u M&H???????

  • nvcble

    I disagree. I think she’s extremely self-conscious.

    No one’s ever heard an interview where she didn’t
    stutter or babble somewhat.

    She’s gorgeous tho

  • Kayla.

    anyone know where i can get that jacket?
    it’s tight.