Miranda Cosgrove ‘My Friend Hit My Crush Over The Head With A Sandal’

iCarly cutie Miranda Cosgrove spilled her crazy first kiss details to M magazine: ‘I was at the movies with a cute guy and my friend. But when he went into kiss my cheek, my friend saw it coming and freaked out!

She took her sandal off and started to beat him on the head! The guy got up and moved, like, two rows back in a huff. I was so embarrassed!’ Photo By: Fame.

  • Anonymous

    life isn’t about looks, everyone on her is so judgemental. i hate it. it’s like everyone thinks they have control of celebrities lives. i mean, yes, i wish i was an actress, but you shouldn’t put others down, because of your dreams, anywho, miranda cosgrove will grow up to be good looking, she’s just going through an awkward stage, kind of like all of us.

  • Anonymous

    haha aww poor miranda
    shes a pretty girl!

  • Anonymous

    1. shes ugly
    2. on the CHEEK doesnt count as a first kiss
    3. if my friend went to a movie with a cute guy id let him kiss her cheek.. better yet her lips!

  • hales

    She probaly didn’t say it was her first kiss, the mag probably just assumed. I have this magazine and they said chris brown had his first kiss at like 7 lol

  • Anonymous

    …want a cookie? fail.

  • Anonymous

    ahhhaha that would SUCK!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    shes gorgeous in that picture !
    ha and i feel bad for her.
    that’d suck.

  • Karina :]

    okay… so what?!?
    nah im just kiddin.
    that would succkkk.

  • sidney

    aww she always seems so sweet i would be so mad at my friend haha.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    haaaaaaate herrrrrrrrrrr

  • Anonymous

    okay psycho friend.

    that would suck!
    and it’s not like he was gonna make a move like bad or something.
    KISS HER CHEEK. and you bug out?
    okay dude.
    i feel bad for her.
    but more for the boy; i wouldnt wanna get wacked with a sandal!

  • mariannnn.[:

    shes weird looking. and i wouldnt want to get whacked with a sandal. lmao.

  • Anonymous

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  • Lisa

    am I the only one that thinks she looks like an alien? her eyes are wayy to big for her face or something

  • yeah

    omg, how old was her friend? 10? ¬¬

  • danielle

    she’s not even pretty like at all… Sorry but we isn’t.. But she looks somewhat deicent in that picture above..

  • Anonymous


  • yeah

    how old was her friend? 10? ¬¬

  • Anonymous

    okay, does anyone else besides me think she slighlyy resembles that tina chen girl? the girl whos videos pop up on perez hilton? lmao, just saying.

  • Anonymous

    lmao, i always say that.
    just add fifty pounds or so and she’d be her twin!

  • Anonymous

    She looks normal on iCarly. But not in real life!

  • holly

    ummm ok??????????
    why is this even a post?

    she looks cute here.

  • http://www.roadrunner.com Lauren

    Miranda is pretty now. But back in the 1st season when she played Megan in Drake & Josh, she looked a bit scary and ugly. But as the show continued, Miranda started to get prettier and prettier. I think she’s cute. She’s prettier on iCarly.

  • http://www.roadrunner.com Lauren

    She looks a bit tan here. Tan wouldn’t fit her. Paleness would.

  • o

    that ironically sounds so much like what happens on drake and josh when she and her ‘first boyfriend’ go to the movies :P

  • Anonymous

    in this picture she looks a little like michael jackson

  • kara

    her friend must be psychotic

  • TiaraGibson

    She is so pretty

  • hi hater

    shes fugly.

  • Anonymous

    but a kiss on the cheek does not count as a first kiss

    that’s sick I know…

  • Anonymous

    she looks WAY better in video than in still pictures

  • blah like u care

    i kno everytime i see her face all i think of is tina! glad im not the only one

  • Anonymous

    What the hell?
    Wow, that’s an interesting story.

  • Bri<3

    if my friend did that to my crush i swear id kill
    her! haha kill in a friendly deadly way =)

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    This sounds like a script for a movie scene or show.