Britney Spears New Body HOT Or NOT?

Is Britney Spears‘ new body HOT or NOT? Here is old Miley arriving to her birthday party 27th Birthday party, her new music video Circus and Good Morning American performance pictures under! Photos: Fame. 10+

  • michaela

    ehh its alright

  • hannah

    shes gorgeous, i love her.

  • Anonymous

    haha old miley….def agree!!

    but britney looks good for someone who has had 2 boys

  • :D

    its okayy..

  • hailee


  • Tyler Johnson


  • Teresa

    I don’t get it old miley?

  • anonymous

    could her boobs be popping out a little more? oh my goodness. seriously.

  • Team Demi/TAYLOR!

    if I’m going to a Lil Wayne concert will I get shot?
    …im white.
    btw im being serious

  • kelly

    i love her

  • Anonymous


  • yer mum.

    oceanup can you be more discrete?
    yeah we know you’re trying to
    focus pple’s eyes on her popping boobs
    but yeah xDDDD

    she lost alot of weight.



    Lookkkks so pretty.

  • mayeline

    she definitely looks great. I’m not a big fan of her but i can’t lie she’s doing extremely great. her album is good, her body looks good. this is going to be a great year for her.