Robert Pattinson HOW TO BE Trailer

Trailer for Robert Pattinson‘s new movie ‘How To Be.’

  • Anonymous

    I saw this movie when it was screening in New York. It was actually really, really great. It’s hilarious and very touching. Rob completely disappears into the role. He’s a genuinely good actor.

  • Anonymous
    -check this out, no joke

  • .

    i never thought rob was cute but…
    in this movie he is
    oh and yeah hes a good actor in twilight i
    couldnt hear his accent =D

  • Stefanie

    for some reason i want to see every freaking movie he o yeah is because of edward cullen i mean rob

  • ellie

    first to say FIRSSTTTT!

  • Anonymous

    first to say third!

    im seeraahh paylin eehnd i would like very much
    to approve of all of these there doggone it mavericks.

    thank you.


  • Anonymous

    Seems unusual, but those are the kind of movies I like.
    I would watch it(: Robert is a great actor.

  • cassie

    i love robert!!! i want to watch it!! <3

  • rnhgirlchicka

    OMG! First, Twilight is amazing! Every in Arkansas, where I live, loves the movie and wears tee shirts about the movie! At first, i was like he’s ugly, but his personality made me fall in love with him. i don’t want him to bite me, though.a little awkward don’t u think?!?!

  • Sneha

    This looks really good :]

    ahhh Robert… man he makes my heart beat faster… <333

  • Anonymous

    your not really sara palin, we’re not that dumb u know!!!

  • Anabel

    Yeah, I’m assuming this is a British film. I rather like American trailers of films, they make more sense but um, it seems like an okay movie, besides the fact I have no idea what it’s about.

  • brittany force is awesome

    it’s a really good movie!!!! he’s` awesome i love his hair(who doesnt) im learning how to play guitar and he’s an insiration

  • Carmen

    haha. this movie looks good! what’s the release date? he seems like he can be a good comedian, like, star in comedies and be good at it. i love him! haha this movie seems kind of sad in a way, lol

  • Irene

    aww. ahah so cute x]

  • Anonymous

    MUSSSSTTTTTT SEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE’S SO HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • sarah

    he is adorable !
    i def want to see this (:

  • anonymous

    I actually got to see this film, and it’s fantastic. Robert is a great actor, and I wish people would get past Twilight. He’s done more(and BETTER) than Twilight.

  • Zoe

    ew. it’s another one of those movies that all the poser/wanna be vintage people will see

  • Emily

    is this movie out in stores?
    i really wanna see it

  • Anonymous

    Looks like an Indie Movie. I wanna see it.

  • <3

    this looks excellentttttt!
    robert is extremely talented and
    its definietly exciting to see him portray different
    roles :)

  • Anonymous

    umm what is this movie about??
    no offense but doesnt rlly look any intersting….nothing like Twilight ;)

  • lyndsay

    this isnt a new movie.
    its good
    and you can only see it at small film festivals

  • Anonymous

    indie movie much?
    my kind of movie =]

    he kidna looks like a big dork in this film

  • hannah

    i wanna seeeeeeee it.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a Twilighter. And this movie seems better then Twilight.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone seen him in The Bad Mothers Handbook?
    They don’t have it in America, but they do here in London. It’s great.

  • sg

    seems interesting and cool.

    i would go see it. ;D

  • ashhcullen*

    okayyy, well we can all see that this is a london movie(NO PROB) bt umm yea this movie looks quite interesting. umm edward i mean rob playing ah very dif role. still dont understand the plot of this ummm okay

  • Anonymous

    Omg! I really want to give Robert’s character a hug and tell him everything will be ok! He looks amazing in this movie. I really want to see.

  • raccheel

    second? and ocean up this movie came out before
    twilight so it’s not new.

  • ellie


  • brittany force is awesome

    no rachel it’s new! and it isnt even in theaters!! it’s 4 early 2009 release. it’s playing at film festivals. but not in theaters!!