Taylor Momsen Shaggy, HOT Or NOT?

Shaggy haired Taylor Momsen
sparkled at the grand opening of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ANNEX in New York City on Tuesday night. Photo: INF. +2!

  • Anonymous

    the RIGHT side looks hot.. but the left looks to flat and ugly lol

  • Anonymous

    Nahhhhhhh, looks ugly on her.

  • Anonymous

    shes feirce screw the hatersz


  • ciao bellaa

    dude that huge mole of hers is unappealing

  • patty

    looks dirty.

  • http://www.myspace.com/emo__xcore Marissa

    I think she’s just trying so hard to look older that
    she isn’t paying attention to how she looks.

  • .cassandraa

    arggghhh elle est moche comme ça!

  • Kristy

    Not crazy about the hair….she looks better the other way.

    Wow, am I actually first??

  • Me`


  • Kelly


  • ashley

    Ew, she looks like a 15 year old version of Kate Moss and thats NOT a good thing.

  • shelbie

    You whats sad is that shes only 15 and she looks 35

  • JubBrazil

    she doesnt look so bad, ….I mean , she is not beautiful but I think she looks like a super moodel…

  • anon

    HOT. She’s the hottest chick alive.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh. I want her to go back to the way she looked at the beginning of Gossip Girl.

  • Anonymous

    you could see where her tights end…

  • britt

    I think shes looks hot in this!
    I love the rock chick look on her.
    It isn’t too much this look.
    Love that dress! She looks cute!

  • sdf

    if you voted hot, then you must be blind. she looks like she’s on crack, she doesn’t even look her dam age!

  • tamara

    she looks like a wannabe kate moss.

    she is tring to hard to look old

  • Anonymous

    she looks like a wannabe kate moss.

    she is tring to hard to look old

  • Anymous

    She doesn’t look soooo bad guys!

  • Anon.

    God, she’s like 15 yet she dresses like a 22 year-old.

  • Anonymous

    her face annoys me so bad.
    maybe its her character that annoys me
    either way….NOT

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