Amanda Bynes Balenciaga And Boy Toy

Amanda Bynes made an appearance at Crown Bar on Wednesday night in LA with her Balenciaga bag in one hand and brand new boy toy Doug from The Hills in the other. Do you think he’s cute? +5 under! Photos: Fame.

  • Anonymous

    that’s DOUG FROM THE HILLS! :)
    & amanda does kinda look like stephanie pratt too…

  • amanda place

    isn’t that doug, lauren conrads ex boyfriend..

  • http://megmeglove megan

    thats Dug from the hills!!!

  • rachelle

    he is. :]

  • blondiebabii08

    omg is that lc’s doug from the hills. Its kinda funny that he kinda looks like nick zano cause thats amanda’s ex boyfriend

  • Anonymous

    heckkk yeah hes hot (;

    is that lc’s other friend in the back?

  • :)

    whys everyone saying demi had sex with that guy?

  • s2rob

    her hair is PERFECT.

  • anonymous

    He’s trying to get some fame, clearly.
    She’s better than him.

  • jdf

    Wtf is she doing hanging with hills losers. She’s better then that.

  • h.e.a.t.h.e.r.

    eww, what happened to doug?

  • kj

    i don’t think hes good enough for Amanda!!!!!!!!

  • jojo

    hehe/… xD

  • hot babe 1st

    he looks like vince from WHAT I LIKE ABOUT YOU

  • sdlfjdksfds

    K GUYS, I THINK WE ALL HAVE REALIZED THAT THIS IS INFACT DOUG FROM THE HILLs. my goshh. oh yeah btw go vtown won championship today !!!!!! woot woot youre jealous =)

  • Nessie

    Doug is such an asshole. I hated the way he treated
    Stephanie on the previous season. Anways Amanda is sooo

  • Sabina knows everything

    thats the guy from the hills!

  • max

    i LOVE Amanda Bynes!
    She’s probably the ONLY person which fame hasn’t gotten to her. That is why I LOVE HER unlike Miley, Selena, Demi, JB, ect!

  • Stephyyy

    their cute together
    good for them

  • Anonymous


  • anonymously.

    first yes

  • Anonymous


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    check out

    wondering how I made it bold? that doesnt matter! check out my awesome site! thanks!

  • marissaaaa

    thats lc’s ex bf DOUG from the hills

  • ashley

    he looks like nick zano! haha.. they look cute together.. and she looks amazing! =D

  • Anonymous

    wow sghes fucking douq now ..hes a player hes friends with bordy cum on now lmaoo never learn

  • Anonymous

    he looks like the poor man’s nick zano

  • x

    shes pretty
    hes not

  • Katie

    I think hes from the hills.

  • Anonymous

    he’s doug from the hills

  • jhgjh

    he looks like at teacher at my school….

  • Ctine

    thats lc’s ex bf DOUG from the hills


    yerh, thats what i thought too

  • sophiestokes


  • skjfhsdfjhdsfsdf

    he looks like a cross between channing tatum and nick zano LMFAO

    he looks like a cross between channing tatum and nick zano LMFAO

    he looks like a cross between channing tatum and nick zano LMFAO

    he looks like a cross between channing tatum and nick zano LMFAO

  • samantha jean

    that’s weird because said that Lauren Conrad and her boyfriend were at Crown Bar on wednesday night as well. Double date?

  • Anabel

    That’s Doug from The Hills lol

  • Zombri

    I soooo agree with you!
    The first thing I thought!

  • Renée

    I think Amanda is WAAAAY to beautiful and cute to date dat guy

  • shacheer11

    is that like lc’s doug from the hills .Its kinda funny that he looks like nick zano because he and amanda used to date a few years ago

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