Ashley Tisdale RED RAY-BANNED

Ashley Tisdale marched into Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, wearing seemingly giant red Ray-Ban sunglasses and her signature moccasins, today. Photos: Fame. Do YOU think she looks good with those shades or are they too big for her face? +5!

  • lauren

    i like the glasses, but hate the shoes.

  • desirae

    she looks good.

  • LH

    those boots.. EW

  • megan

    she loks adorable

  • ella

    she dress amazingly :D

  • katie

    First, whats up with those boots?

  • lovi

    uhm, i personally think that the sunglasses look great on her but i HATE the moccasins. maybe they’re just not me but they don’t appeal to me.

  • Anonymous

    honestly, why is she so ugly?

  • Anonymous

    i can’t make up my mind if i like this outfit or not…

  • Mkayy

    Firstt !
    ommg thats the first time :P:P
    ok she looks amazingg !
    i love her outfit !
    i would totally wear it!!
    and i think she rocks those shades… :)

  • Anonymous

    i like it :)
    she looks pretty
    & the shoes are so cute!

  • Anonymous

    cool shades, but i like em better on the jonas brothers, especially when joe wears them :)

  • Anonymous

    love her and her outfit

  • sheynnn

    the boots are HORRIBLE
    but i like her hairr :)

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    dude, she is so ugly. yeah, she dresses well and everything but her face! its just ugly.

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  • fer

    almost first :(

  • tom

    why does she always look so sad?


  • Anabel

    She looks cute:]

  • Anonymous


  • tacoman24

    yeah, i have to agree. she is very unpleasent looking.

  • kate
  • Anonymous

    she looks smoking hawt.

  • Alaina

    Ashley Tisdale is VERY pretty
    The only reason why you say otherwise is because
    So shut up

  • Anonymous

    i llike her outfit
    shes gorgeous!
    and i love the shades

  • Anonymous

    she’s totally ugly!
    those boots are disgusting!
    her hair color doesn’t exactly fit her!
    and overall she looks unhappy!
    i just gotta say uglyyyyyyyyyyy!

  • Andrea

    I love ashley. Her shades are amazing! <3

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  • Phoebe

    She is just so AMAZING! :-)

    I loved her in HSM 3 she is such a great actress!
    She also had excellent taste in clothes!

  • HaTeToLoVeMe

    UgLy ShE aInT gOt No AlIbY!

  • Selene

    The boots are so ugly. The outfit would’ve look good with High heels.

  • innocentiswear!

    Awh, she used to be so pretty. I wonder what ever happened to the poor thing.. ?

  • Anonymous

    she’s really pretty


    she looks amazing
    i love her hair and her outfits! LOVE ASHLEY!

  • <3333JBeverydayyyy!

    :P gross
    she’s ugly.

  • hannah

    vanessa has worn the exact same outfit before. (CHECK THE LINK TO SEE THE PIC)

    However, Ashley rocks the look. Ashley is definately a fashion icon. I love her!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    lip gloss= ok
    but her face= not ok

  • carlie897543

    oogles! :P

  • Andrea

    Can we please focus on those hideous boots instead?

  • Anonymous

    i freakin’ love that outfittttt :D

  • Mack

    i think her outfit is great! besides those boots i mean that look a little weird…

    but she isnt that pretty and her hair looks like pooo

    bt i would totally wear that outfit!!

  • Anonymous

    stop calling her ugly! she’s so talented and pretty, and has never done anything bad. She’s a NATURAL brunette,
    so there hair definitely suits her. Its ur opinions,
    but seriously, ugly comments shud stop. Like 4 some
    lame reason, peeple only stop calling Kevin Jona ugly.l;
    Ugly comments shud stop, cuz there famous for talent
    not looks!

  • Chiggyx3

    Her outfit is nice, but the boots ruin it. Her shades looks awesome

  • Anonymous

    bitch its hot in LA take of the ugly boots and get some flats

  • Anonymous

    OMG she looks UBER Gorgeous
    she always dresses so nice
    those glasses are kuh-ute on her
    nd i personally think her boots are cut.too

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know why she looks so sad all the time…

    Something wrong?

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    OMG she is really sweet love her =))

  • h.e.a.t.h.e.r.

    i love her sunglasses, but the boots…not so much

  • alny

    i <3 her moccasins
    and thos are not ray bans

    dont hate on ashley!!! shes adorable

  • stephh(:

    her outfit is adorable.

    and your shades can never be
    to big for you(:

  • Anonymous

    she’s really pretty, and got great style. im jealous. :P

  • Anonymous

    she is SOOO skinny…
    is that normal? she used to be a bit
    more healthy looking.

  • Anonymous

    love her!! she’s so amazing <3

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    fucking gorgeous, i love what shes wearing, god.

  • Anonymous

    ummm, they’re not even ray bans


    she seriously needs some style counseling.

  • Anonymous

    i love her lip gloss haha
    hate her boots ugh

  • JubBrazil

    what about the boots!??
    it doesnt looks cute!

  • A

    they look fine. she doesn’t really dress that well though. she’s actually smiling in the last one!

  • oxXGirly505Xxoo

    She is so pretty
    and i totally love how she dresses!
    Its incredible!
    she is defiantly my role model =]

  • Anonymous

    does this work?

  • laksrhlkstd

    i LOVEE the last picturee..
    her boots arent quite pretty; but its the way she dresses SO WHAT!?
    she’s amazing in the inside (personality), she’s so funny! plus, the outside its not as important.. so SHUT UP YOU GUYS!

    thanks :)

  • Anonymous

    Are you guys serious ? The boots are totally cute, and moccassins are way in style now.
    Either you guys have fugly style or are shopping at shitty old preppy Hollister/Abercrombie.

  • Anonymous

    omg and this?

  • h

    i luv the boots! i dont know y everyone is hating them

  • Anonymous

    she looks so pretty! i looove that outfit

  • Anonymous

    this bitch can dress..luv the fringe boots miley gots those in but she looks stuck up like miley && sel talks 2 the papas shes justs walks in blah blah

  • JubBrazil

    what about the boots!??
    it doesnt looks cute!

  • Mary

    I think she looks amazing.

  • Anonymous

    i love her lip gloss haha
    hate her boots ugh
    I love her lipgloss too , it’s a pretty shade hha.

  • Anonymous

    omfg amazing outfit/amazing raybans/amazing hair

  • jonaslover


  • Jessica baby!

    love her boots!!

  • MB

    she looks very pretty

    i love evrything xcept the boots but still very cute

  • lilliyyyy


    it looks like it’s from american apparel… but it’s not!

    so simple and cute….. I WANNA KNOW WHERE IT’S FROM!!!

    love her!