Savannah Outen HOB NEW ORLEANS

Savannah Outen lit up House of Blues New Orleans on November 30. More pictures and her ‘7 Things’ performance under! Thx Chelsea, Rae, Jami, Becky Katie Kelsey & Ariel :]

  • Anonymous

    aha she sounds better than miley.

  • Anonymous

    she seems really fake and i don’t really care for her music

  • lesha

    alright. why is this new ‘fake’ trend gettin thrown all ver the place now. you dont even know here. c’mon now.

  • anna

    umm wtf?
    she killed the song!!!
    ughh!! y cant she stick to her own songs??
    and what is she wearing???

  • Anonymous

    she did say that to a magasine cant remember which one
    think it was M.
    look on utube

  • Ashlee

    She has more than four songs!
    Unlock The Door
    He’s Just So
    If You Only Knew
    What If I Said**
    She hasn’t recorded it yet. There are a lot more that she has written and that are going to be on the album but she has not given the name out to anyone.

  • gabby

    no offense, but i really dont like her. the only song i like of hers is goodbyes. its a cute song. besides that, i actually dislike her. in some of her videos, she seems really cocky and acts like shes all that. shes not even that famous yet. imagine what shes going to be like if she does get famous. shes ok, i just dont like her as a person. or the way she seems as a person based off her videos and stuff. savannah fans, dont bash me. we all have our own opinions and im sure youve said worse about others. and at least im not going ewwwww she freakin sucks!

  • Anonymous

    First of all “DENA” what kind of name is that? & She’s so pretty! How can you say she’s weird looking? You probably look like my dog’s asshole. and her voice is awesome thats how she got to where she is today.. so why dont you bury yourself in a hole and ever come out. yeah you stupid hoe. do that. kbye.

  • kelsey

    I agree with Chelsea and Ariel. I am wearing the ! and she was so nice. Why would you even have a reason to not like her. WHat did she do to these people that are commenting such mean things. She is a great singer and I hope she comes back here soon

  • m.e.g.a.n

    she is sooo ugly i hate herrrr….ewwww

  • cyn


  • lesha

    lol. ironic because im pretty sure she said she had a crush on nick

    anyway. i dont really follow her, but she does have a really pretty voice. her christmas song vid. a while ago was pretty amazing. good luck to her.

  • Anonymous

    who is she

  • h.e.a.t.h.e.r.

    does she perform any of her own songs, or does she only do covers?

  • Anonymous


  • ummmm?

    she can sing and play gituar but i agree there is something about her that i dont like! she is kinda annoying but her song goodbyes is nice!

  • Madeline

    i really don’t like her.
    i don’t know why, i just don’t.

  • Anonymous

    this is to all the dummb fuckers who decide to make really retarted comments.

    girl with the dumb ass name, you say shes boring well go to her concert and you will realize she isnt boring… oh and she only did one cover at the concert u dumb fuck…. its really rude to judge so stop

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  • Anonymous

    stop posting about her please…

  • Anonymous



  • Becky

    Heyyy there’s me wearing the “NN”! Haha! Oh & by the way all of you negative nancys, Savannah is a very sweet person, after we met her outside she even invited us to go hang out backstage after she performed. and her voice is AMAZING. She doesn’t only do covers she has her owns songs and one of them is already in the top 10 on radio disney called “Goodbyes.” She’s going to make it big! That concert was awesome! Anyone who doesn’t know of her should check out her youtube

  • LMFAO.

    ohh wow i live there and i didnt even know
    and i have no idea who she is.

  • jonasluver

    shes a rlly gd singer and guitar player but for sum reason i find her kiinda annoying i dunno y:D

  • Anonymous

    i have those jeans
    true religion <3

  • a person who is tired of dumb people.

    heyy anna

    go suck a dick please.

    she made that song better…. miley sucks major ass

    oh and ps you dumb bitch, you have to start somewhere and she started by doing covers.

  • Maddie

    she only does covers….

  • Lucas

    shut up and go get a life, haters!
    savannah is an AMAZING singer and an AMAZING person.
    Savannah makes COVERS, why can’t you understand it?
    Miley sang “girls just wanna have fun” by cyndi lauper, “all i want for christmas is you” by mariah carey, killed these songs and anybody told nothing! shut up!

  • MiMiSelou


  • sara

    i should have gone to that concert.
    erghh i was just to afraid of screaming ten year olds.

  • Chelsea S.

    OKAY! let get it straight SHE DOES HAVE HER OWN SONGS! i mean really do u people not read all the comments? anyway, if u dont like her then y r u looking at this? o wait cuz u dont have a life right? Well guess what losers she is an AMAZING person who really deserves to become famous! n u kno what eventually she is! so yea right now she has a demo alblum out but she is still working on a lot of songs! n they r gonna be awsome! O btw im the girl wit WE written on her shirt. N yes she did ask us 2 come back stage after the concert! y? because thats just how FRIKEN NICE she is! Really, i mean im soooo sick n tired of reading these negative comments! what ever happen to that sayin “if u cant say anything nice dont say anything at all”? SERIOUSLY! people need to stop sayin bad stuff about her because U DONT EVEN KNO HER! GOSH!!! N if u didnt go 2 the concert u really missed out because it was AWSOME! i mean AMAZINGLY, AWSOME!!! it was the best concert i have ever been to! N if u havent heard of her go look her up on youtube or myspace or her web site!!!! she need as many fans as possible because we (the fans) get all the celebrities where they r! u kno without our support they would b no one! thats y when SAVANNAH’s Alblum comes out everybody needs to go buy it!!!! ok! <3 Chelsea

  • anonymous

    all you people that are hating on savannah need to shut up and get a life cause one day she will be as big as the jonas brothers and demi and everyone who is bigg soo shut up

  • http://o paigeeee

    they go to my school!!!

    i love the girls with the sa and ah shirts!!!

  • Anonymous

    oh god..


  • clhoe

    yea she performs her own songs but she only has four… she is working on her album now! shes amazing and if you dont follow her you should start.

  • DamnThatMotherChucker

    LOL this girl is so random,where did you find her,what is she wearing haha

  • Anonymous

    she doesnt even have any of her own music?
    what the hell..

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    what was she wearing?

  • ashley

    haha i know all those girls!!

  • Ariel A.

    Word Chelsea.

    All the haters just need to go away.
    Why would you even look at this page and spend your time posting a NEGATIVE comment if you don’t even like her. I mean really?! I was one of the girls who got to meet her, and I can honestly say she is one of the sweetest, most genuine girls that I have ever met.
    Savannah has such a different sound than other singers her age. Her voice is unique and her songs have great lyrics. & if you don’t recognize a good artist, like Savannah, when you hear one then you seriously need to get out of here.
    Someday soon Savannah is going to be a huge star due to all of her hard work and all of you negative people are going to get told.
    Now stop with the negative comments and get a life because Savannah is a GREAT SINGER & VERY PRETTY!!!
    SO HAAA!!

  • Anonymous

    i know all of those girls!

  • Anonymous

    i have savannah’s scarf

  • Anonymous

    shes talented but WTF sing your own songs or have someone else write them,
    this is miley’s song about HER relationship,
    we can sing it as fans but i wouldn’t sing it if i was professional.
    but shes iiiiggght

  • danielle

    haha thats my cousin with the ! on . thats awesome kelsey.
    glad yall had fun…who cares what everyone else thinks they are just jealous that
    all yall got to meet her and she invited yall to hang out with her !
    end of story.

  • Katie


    im wearing the SA!!!and the concert was awesome and she is really nice and she asked us to go hang out back stage so HA!

  • Rosie

    once again, if you don’t know her, google her!
    She’s really nice & talented, and if you don’t follow her already, you should start!
    She has four original songs, Goodbyes, What If I Said, Unlock the Door & He’s Just So. She also has Goodbyes in Spanish!, she’s awesome!

  • dena

    i dont like her either..she has a weird voice and shes weird looking
    and why doesnt she perform her own songs cause i know she has at least one..
    shes boring