• it’s me.

    I can’t choose, i love both, ash and nessa :)

  • BABY V

  • Alexa

    Ash;ey ftw

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    tisdale all the way <3

  • bee

    ashhhley (:

  • *jonascyruslovatolove*

    Nessa! :D

  • http://www.bopmag.com Kay

    Baby V!

  • Alexa

    Oh yeah, I was first! =D

  • andrewe

    ASHLEYYY!! ??

  • http://karloxblog.blogspot.com/ Karlos

    ashley obviously

  • bleu

    ashley has always had a better style…

  • http://www.bopmag.com lia


  • AlYsSa

    u can hardly see vanessa’s, the pic is too dark

  • http://www.bopmag.com lia

    vanessa’s style has always been cooler. ah used to ndress horrible..

  • Gabby

    they share there CLOTHES etc.
    Tne said so in an interview.
    Your so fuckin late OCEANUP!

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    She is the best Everytime and everywhere !!


    Vanessa just scared me with her crappy, ugly outfits!

    ASHLEY totally outshined her!

  • Anonymous

    ashleys gaining her style back (:
    that outfit is so cute.

  • Anonymous

    im jealous how ashley can walk around in LA dressed like that where every morning i have to wear a big fucking coat.

  • http://www.iheartdemi.org UnknowFate

    What the Fuck is wrong with u OceanUp? It’s bad enough u guys Manipulate the Miley Fans but now u wanna pick on Ash and Baby V Fans? Grow the FUCK UP! And if ur gonna post abouts some 1 post their names right! Her name is Tidale FUCK HEADS! And she’s 2x’s better than that WEEYACH next to her!

  • mariavraxnou

    asleyyyyy giati h vanessa einai asximi kai kontostoypa

  • Anonymous

    i cant even see Vanessa’s