Mitchel Musso THE IN CROWD

Mitchel Musso
‘s new single ‘The In Crowd‘ premiered on Radio Disney.

  • Melanie

    I saw him at the Speidie fest, over the summer & he was amazingg! i love this song! && girlfriend! :*

  • Jess

    gosh i love mitchel
    he is so awesome and this song is amazing =]

  • Maosnluver

    He dosn;t compare to his brother at ALL!

  • desis13


  • Anonymous

    ive never listened to his music by i like this song!!

  • Sneha

    I like Mitchel, i think hes funny but just noooo, hell no.

  • Laila

    I’ve never before heard Mitchel’s singing!
    and he is amazing, i love this song =) <3
    and i absolutely love Mitchel too! <3

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Mitchel is SO cute!!! Actually, the song is pretty good, too.

  • Anonymous

    hes actually pretty good

  • Anonymous

    hes pretty good

  • Anonymous

    Mitchel is amazing i love him<3
    Does anyone have the disney lyrics to this song?? I can only find the other version. If so…please post the link!! Thank You :)

  • Alissa

    I love this song! It has a great beat. Mitchel is doing great. I’m 15 and this is what 15 year olds like to hear. :-D

  • Totally Tamberka

    This song is amazing!! I’ve had it in my head ever since I heard it. Mitchel is awesome! I like it even better than I did when I heard it live.

    Erika says its snazzy! =D

  • Theresa

    Aw the lyrics for this song are really good. <3

    Mitchel’s growing up. xD :)

  • y3r m0m

    “Wasn’t your girlfriend” is so much better
    Kay, Mitchel has a song nammed
    wasn’t your girlfriend, right?
    And on Radio Disney the website,
    disney made Mitchel change the lyrics so it didn’t sound as vulgar and grown up

    things like, “Wasn’t your girlfriend last night”
    last night being a suggestive lyric.
    “her finger didn’t have no ring”
    I guess they thought it was a little sexual for them.
    But, the original is so much more real and better.
    Disney made it lame.
    Mitchel’s voice is breathtaking, wether he is rapping or not.
    You people have no room to say he no flow.
    Everyone should call him on his little message thingy, check his weblog for the #

  • y3r m0m

    he has no flow*
    my bad.(:


  • j

    i think mitchell is a good singer they should promote him more he is very good. i like the song.

  • aly

    See i think they lyrics and beat is really good. and i agree i think they should promote him more he has a great voice!

  • Joanna

    he actually reealllyyy good. i love it :)

  • sarah

    at first, when i heard mitchell was like singing|rapping or whatever i was like hell no ! but this is pretty goood(:

  • Anonymous

    im actually impressed.
    i was expecting some lame disneyish song..
    but the beat was pretty descent :)

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