Amanda Bynes ‘Chace Crawford Is Gorgeous, But I Wouldn’t Date Him.’

Scorned Amanda Bynes does not want to date another actor because a cheating ex-boyfriend nearly ‘killed’ her. Mandy dished to Cosmopolitan that she had to move back home to with her parents because of her extremely painful broken heart: ‘He ended up breaking my heart. I was so hurt. I’m a confident person, but it killed me.’

She added that she will never date another actor: ‘Obviously, Chace Crawford is gorgeous, but I wouldn’t want to date him. He’s too pretty. Maybe he’s a very smart guy and maybe he’s my soul mate but that’s not the type I go for.’

So, the manwh**e she went out with the other night isn’t actor? Photo: Fame.

  • Mrs. Afton Jonas

    I loveeee her :)

  • Anonymous

    she’s pretty (:

  • D

    Duddeee I love her. She has her head on straight. And shes so funny and gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    shes coool.

    she was amazing on the Amanda Show

    maaaaaaad funny :)

  • wow she looks really pretty with blonde hair.
    i love her!

  • mebesol

    she’s a great girl, and she’s really funny..but i hate how plastic she looks. She’s so naturally pretty it kills me to see her overly apply makeup and that she dyed her hair blonde. I always thought she was really pretty in What i like about you. It was so natural. what happened?!

  • edenm

    Cheating boys need to go shrivel up in a hole.
    ;)I love her, she’s such a good comedian.
    But this picture? Not so lovely. Her face is
    pink, but she’s usually stunning so it’s okay.

  • woooooo

    I would date chase he is soooooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Me`

    y does she look pink?

  • Anonymous

    omg i luv her she is soo pretty. my brothers good friend is 2nd cousins with her its soo cool <3

  • lesha

    aaww. cheating is the worst. she is really confident, so for her to have to go home and everything must have been a rough one. ill never get how other girls can say ‘get over it’ with that kind of stuff.

  • Kay

    idk, I think they’d be a cute ciuple.

  • heyydelia

    i love herr, she’s cute.

  • Anonymous

    2 much makeup!

  • ally

    if you dont want to get heartbroken, why are you dating DOUG!?

  • it’s me.

    wow, she’s so pretty !
    I love her movies :)