David Henrie welcomes you to Celebrity Meeting Mega Post 4 including Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Meaghan Jette Martin, Chelsea Staub, Matt Prokop and many others. 25+

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  • Anonymous

    these pics r old, well atleast the pics of joe r!

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  • Anonymous

    ugh everyone stfu about being first. most of you AREN’T. it’s so magical how people can comment at the same time as you huh? -.-

  • oohhmaagawddddd

    ommgg, im the 14th pic with demii!!!!!
    AHH :)

  • stephh(:

    aww the last one is adorable.
    one of the few pics
    when all three boys are actually

    and nicks eyes arent squinty;

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  • oohhmaagawddddd

    ommgg, im the 14th pic with demii!!!!!
    AHH :)

  • Melissa:)

    who do you know?
    14th down
    with demi!
    i love you rachie
    rachieandmilly show youtube
    check it

  • Julie

    Joe looks gorgeous in that one picture :]<3

  • orangeconverse

    Oh my gosh, I’m in this! ahaha
    Stripe shirt picture and the one with Roshon and Anna Maria

  • Anonymous

    Aww, Tom Williams…he’s a cutie :)
    And JB! Hottt much!? Joe looks good in the pic of him with the striped tshirt. :)

  • Anonymous

    some of these pics are old.

  • Anonymous

    cool they are lucky

    sub to nickjsmystudmuffin on youtube if you love JB


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  • jonasfan09

    thay are lucky

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  • Anonymous

    haha im first for the 10th time

  • ailabobila.

    joe looked amazing in that one pic :) love himm!!

  • Sneha

    awww the last pic so cute :)

  • Anonymous


  • em(:

    lol, and i’m totally first.

    i’m so cool(:

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  • caliboy

    first i love SELENA

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  • pshbrittx3


  • Anonymous

    omg! i no one of the girls in the pictures! wow that’s weird.

  • Emily (Australia)

    I’m quite sure Tom from Australian Idol hardly qualifies as a celebrity.

  • Anonymous

    you’re not first you loser!

  • Alyson


  • Anonymous

    the one with selena was taken at the jb dress rehersal

  • corrine


  • Anonymous

    i hate those people for meeting kevin and matt

  • Anonymous

    you’re not first you loser!

  • Anonymous

    haha yeah,, that girls on YouTube

  • Anonymous


  • danielle

    add me on YouTube :)
    & subscribe & comment!
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    Pshhaawww ;)
    Check it outtt

  • Jobrosand DEmi’s HUGEST FAN

    Yayyy Joe Kevin Nick Selena AAANNND DEMI DEMI DEMI are
    amazingly STUNNING !!! they look FABULOUS !! BEAUTIFUL !!$

  • desirae

    haha joe looks really good in that one picture.
    i love davidd!!

  • Anonymous

    Demi and Emma Roberts are freakin gorgeous (=

    That girl’s lucky she met Steve (=

    How come Jman’s pics with Nick & Selena are up, he’s not really a fan?

  • monica

    emma roberts looks really pretty

  • it’s me.

    joe looks so much hotter with his old hair D:
    but I like his hair curly too !
    now it’s just too straight and girly :/
    yeah, but I love the jb’s!

  • c u p c a k e

    these people are soo lucky!
    i dont think ive ever met anyone famous..
    execpt like some rando hockey players lol.. which is still cool, i got their autograph :D

    aw i miss the JB’s old hair!

  • katee.

    david henrie is so cute. i love him.
    and why do these days demi looks really different?
    not in a bad way, just differnet. or maybe it’s just me.

    and that one picture with joe in the stripe shirt.
    i hate his hair there. just saying. ahaha.
    but the last one is cuteee. i like it.

  • mileyfan7

    Joe looks hottttt!!!!!!!

    and SO cute!!!

    In the pic of him with the black and white striped shirt. DANGGGGG lol

  • Jessica

    Oceanup, those pictures of Nick and Jordan Francis aren’t “fan photos”. He was in Camp Rock lol.

  • Amanda

    sweeeeeeeeeeeet my pic with the veronicas is up

  • booo

    david i want to have your babies

    where were these pictures taken? and when?

  • Anonymous

    hey thats tom williams off australian idol
    geez he was hot it got boring without him

    omg joe looks so hot in that purpley tshirt at the meet & greet.
    theres not many guys hotter than joe jonas

  • Sam

    thats me in the last pic =]
    why was i not closer to kevin again?
    ugh…. if only they gave you time to think
    before snapping the picture!!!

  • ;

    deng thats crazy. those people are lucky.
    that first girl was all grabbing davids arm. haha



  • Anonymous

    guys call me when they feel freaky hawt.

  • Samrah

    yayyyyyyy PUSH PLAY!!!

  • Camille


  • anonymous

    wow a lot of these girls go to my school .

    that’s pretty cool :)

  • Joyce

    does anyone know who the guy is in the 8th picture with the black beanie?

  • Abc

    Great post OceanUp! :)

  • anon

    emma roberts is gorgeous!!!

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  • Danielle

    kevin Jonas = sex
    Joe Jonas = sex
    Nick Jonas = sex

    :) <3 fuck me Jonas brothers :)

  • Amanda

    ^matt prokop

  • lins

    oh yes, tom williams, the teenies favourite.
    didnt know he was known in the US.
    he should even be considered a celeb.

  • anon

    subsribe to iSmurie on youtube for amazing videos!

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    the one with david in the red tie is in new york.

  • cait

    the 2nd to last one is in boston (: ohh steve <3

  • Anonymous

    the veronicas look sweet.

    everyone else does too, chelsea staub looks really grown up. shes pretty…:)

    emma roberts is a bitch. you can even see in the photo. i was friends with her like, 4 years ago and she’s a mega stuck up bitch. seriously she doesn’t appreciate her fans OR friends and she and her blondielicious best friends think they’re the shit. whatevezzzz!!! as a frequent viewer of oceanup i’d rather not see her face as much.

    more jonas cyrus lovato gomez ….!!!
    and all the other cute people please=]!!!!!

  • cheese!

    demi needs a tan.
    but she’s still prettttty :D

    ugh selena gomez is here -.-“”
    ruined it for me


    emma, SMILE, it’ll feel good xD

  • omg

    omg orangeconverse is on oceanup!!

  • angie

    last pic = SAGGY TITS MUCH??


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  • Anonymous

    joes hair in the lasst picture
    is amammmmaazzzzinnnnnnggg <3333333

  • Anonymous

    i wish i could meet all these people :[

  • amanda

    sdahjokdhasiorTOM WILLIAMS

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  • Anonymous

    i know right!

  • jenn

    Who is that in the fifth one down?

  • Haley

    Lmao, at someone taking a picture with the Disney 365 guy.


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  • Anonymous

    jonas bros. look freaking CUTE and HOT on every pic!!LOVE ‘EM!!!
    demi and selena totally rock!!!!!
    matt prokop is freaking HOT!!!!!

  • ZOEY!.



  • haha

    ewww ryan sheckler

  • DALLASjonas

    THE LAST PIC AHHHHH<33333333333

  • alsdkfhlksjdhgf

    i dont care if i get hate comments but i GOT to say it…
    matt prokop is so freaking UGLY.
    he looks like a cat giving birth to a raw cow MANNN.
    EWWW EWW EWW! the only think he has that its “descent” its his hair..
    but he really is TOO ugly…
    zac efron is SO much better… like dayummm..

  • Anonymous

    joe looks gorgeous in those pictures, much better then his current look.
    & cj’s also good looking.

  • ASH

    hahaha yur my friend on youtube

  • nuacelaladsA


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  • danya

    HAHAHA fail !
    that was in toronto , i was there.

  • hellokittyx3

    matt prokop it fucking fine <3

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  • silver. (L)

    i wanna meet nick :)
    and, also .. demi does look different, not in a bad way, shes just not wearing eyeliner.


    Selena! :D
    I have become a Demi Lovato fan. :)

    is that Emma Roberts i see in there? she’s cute.

  • Cara

    hey guys
    check out my push play interview :)

  • Anonymous

    luckylucky them,

  • Anonymous

    bahah joe looks like a girl in the 8th from the last picture.

  • lucky

    My goodness why is David Henrie so sweet and hot, love him. And aww Kevin <3.

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  • geniusrobot94

    I love you all… Specially Hannah Montana cast… U ROCK!
    Miley Cyrus: You’re the best! I think you’re very beautiful and you have sexy eyes that I can’t stop looking @ them!!!

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