David Henrie IS SUPERMAN

Yah, it’s way late, but still cute! David Henrie dressed as Superman and his girlfriend Lucy Hale was Prom Queen for Halloween. So, it looks like they’re back together again?

  • laura


  • Anonymous

    shes fuckin digusting

  • <3


  • A

    i want them to date again they’re such a cute couple!

  • Anonymous

    yea this is flash how are ya

  • lol

    WTF does David Henrie only hang out with hot people? lol every person in the pictures are cute, hot and pretty.

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  • carmen


  • Anonymous

    FIRST :D
    I LOVE DAVID, socute :)

  • Anonymous

    lol how cute!

    sub NickJsmystudmuffin on youtube if you love JB

  • David

    I just wanna have sex with!
    He’s soooo sexxxxy!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    haha wow

  • sara

    they look sooo good together! first?

  • Anonymous

    first mother f&*%$%!

  • ri

    so cute

  • selena

    that girl in d pic is my sis

  • http://www.lastfm.com.br/user/isabelahudgens Isabela

    LUCY HALE *———–*

    love her *-*

  • Anonymous

    they are adorable but they are just good friends :).

  • DemiOwnsMiley

    they’re so cute :)

  • grace

    She doesn’t fit in
    they’re all superheroess and she’s justttt
    a prom queen….

  • qt

    Aw so adorable, love them both!

  • Janica

    duh they are dating again!!!!!!


    David, PLEASE, SAVE ME!!!!

  • maybe it’s just me

    She looks just like Selena sometimes, I always have to do a doubletake when looking at her pictures because she resembles Selena so much. When she used to be on WoWP they always looked like twins.

    Whatever, both girls are very pretty and David is just hot.

  • corey

    i agree flash is really hot.
    does anyone know where i can his

  • Anonymous

    She was celebrating with her friends, who were also 80s. They might have just met up you know.

  • Dani

    yeah flash is hot.
    i know who he is.
    he is some kid that goes to my school.

  • Anonymous

    yeah flash is really hot.
    he goes to my school.

  • Samantha

    flash is pretty sexaay.

  • ashley

    actually i think “hulk”
    is better than flash.

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