Sean Flynn LIFE AFTER ZOEY 101

Sean Flynn from Jamie Lynn Spears‘ love interest on Zoey 101
to cross-dressing pink dress princess. More fun pictures under! 

  • Anonymous

    awww, he has a gf?! so cute. and he actually looks realllyyyyy hott in the 5th picture. ;D


    Hahha awhwhhhwh, he’s so cuute.

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  • ellie


    kevin jonas copycat in the 3rd picture ?

    hehe. but he looks SOOOOO different. i miss everyone talking about his BUSHY hair. LOL

  • Anonymous

    i had no idea who he was until i got to the 2nd to last picture. dude he’s changeddd.
    not necessarily in a bad way though

  • lilmscaseyjonas

    woah my gosh
    like i didnt recognize him at all
    it took me at least 2 min to think of who he was
    dude he looks old, like compared to how cute & young he looked just a lil while ago
    wow lol

  • em(:

    i didn’t recognise him haha

  • lauren

    i wonder who sent these in…

    these are from his PERSONAL facebook and that first picture is his profile picture

    I think there is a facebook hacker going around

  • Demi


  • xoxoCaTHie

    wow i thought he was so nasty and ugly on the show
    but now i actually find him hot!
    who would have known that little loser chace would grow up so well!
    i hope his acting career picks up
    b/c i woulld love to see more of him :)

  • Brandi

    habahaba..He Looked Hot b4 Now hes..ew..

  • Anonymous

    holy shit!
    he’s sooooooooooooo fucking hotttt!

  • allie

    who did he play?

  • Anonymous

    all i gotta say is,

  • allie

    WAITT< he played Chase? OMGGG!! :[ i LOVED HIM!

  • Anonymous

    the only one where he looks like his old self is the 5th. the rest look like an entirely different person!

  • Lauren

    u hav serious issues if u actually like Sean Flynn especially like that

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  • Melissa C

    he looks hot without so much hair and with a beard!

  • megan

    oh my god what happened to him? he used to be so cute!

  • not sayin name

    wow…..what happened i luved his curls :(

  • Anonymous

    early this year

  • your mother!

    who’s sean flynn kissing?

  • anonymoussx

    i miss zoey 101 so much <3

  • brooke davis

    nAAWW noooo
    what happened to his bushy hair.
    i loved chases busshhy hair. it was so funyny

  • kristina

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! he used to be adorable!

  • Niny

    holy crap i didn’t recognize him :/ eww he’s gone ugly :'[ i want the curls back *tear* *tear*

  • booga-booga

    i miss the ‘fro :(

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    he used to be so much cuter ! ):

  • lubb

    holycrappers. he is hot.
    the girl hes kissing is hella luckyyy !

  • sdfljk


  • Anonymous

    how did he get so old and he use to be kute now he is ugly

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  • Britney

    He looks as if he’s 30 now!
    i can’t believe he’s only 19.

  • Anonymous

    thats him?!?..

    i likes him better in Zoey101..with his big curly hair..
    he was so cute then!..

    now..he luks..idk…ugh..

  • Anonymous


  • Maddie

    oh my god i barely recognized him! he looks so much better now.

  • Julia

    he is sooooo hot now!!!

  • wowwwwwww

    he looks like a mad creeper now.

  • Anonymous


  • danielle

    wow. what is he like 20 now? holy crap

  • Anonymous

    EW!!!!!!!! SHAVE THE BEARD (sorry about that…)

  • not saying name

    happy 20th

  • omfg

    that one picture he looks effing hawttttt

  • saaaraah

    omg in the first one i was loooking at the wrong guy haha then in the next ones iml ike what where did that hot guy go lmofa?
    hes ugly now!

  • Anonymous

    he totally matured.
    he’s handsome :D
    go sean!!

  • Anonymous


  • karen!

    omg i was suposed to marry hm in the he is a totall…preschool girl with a princess dress and he is now always drunked

  • Anonymous

    ewwwwwww, i love xoey 101 but he is kind of ew outside the show xD

  • Annonymous


  • claudia

    omg he is so hot! he looks so much better now than he did when he was on the show!

  • Anonymous

    yay i was first :)

  • Sarah

    how can i sent stuff to oceanup??
    what is the e-mail

  • Ally


  • Vanessa

    How Old Is he ?

  • gracie

    wow hes cool.

  • marissa

    OMG what did he do!?!
    He used to be sooo cute with his curly hair.

  • Anonymous

    He’s my ex boyfriend. We dated nearly 4 years ago.. He’s super sweet but can be a little annoying at times with all his mushy comments. He’s funny though. <3

  • Mel



  • Melanie

    Lmfao omgosh you guys are so mean.
    Just b/c he is dressed like a girl in that picture doesn’t mean he is a cross dresser.
    Maybe just having a little bit of fun w/ his friends.(:
    Everyone does that!
    I dress up like a guy sometimes w/ my friends.
    Doesn’t mean I’m a cross dresser.
    Hahah weirdos![X
    Anyways….he is still cute!
    I’m lovin’ the beard.(:

  • JonasDemileySelVanessaZacAshley DISNEY!!!!!!

    k i loveddd this kid on zoey 101
    and i feel really bad for the whole cast
    cuz after jamie lynne found out she was pregnant
    then she totallly screwed up THE WHOLE CAST’S career

  • as

    wow zoey 101 stars really go down hill when they finish…

  • Anonymous

    hes ugly!

  • melissa

    he is ugly now!!

    i loved him in Zoey 101

  • Anonymous

    i miss the zoey 101 days.

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  • :)

    woah, he looks old. and ugly :( he used to be young and cute. wtf? he looks like a pedofile here, sorry but he does.

  • shakira

    he looks cute in the 5th pic.but wow.does he smoke?

  • Tiara4613


  • lindsey


  • Lisa

    ew =\

  • mebesol

    i actually think he’s cute. He looks his age now. Before he looked 15 for the longest time. Its about time. But the only thing i would request is that he gets ride of the stubble..not..cute. I mean, he needs to pick another style bc what he has now is not working.

  • jess

    where’d you get the pictures? he has a myspace or somehting? btw WOW he’s changed!

  • Katee

    I always thought he was cute on the show…


  • =[

    fucking hawt im 18 by the kind of guy he looks scruffy he probaly partys in listening to indie musik ..damn he got a girl

  • Ashley

    Omg! Why do all the Nick guys get ugly when they get older??!!!

  • Sidney

    he looks like a brunette cody linley in the 6th picture

  • shitt


  • liz

    i think he looks dead sexy in the 5th picture

  • yasmeen

    i like the 3rd pic with his girlfriend that was a cuite pic

  • hi

    Sirloin Steaks Try em

  • gaby

    holy cow
    hes changed alot

  • Alyson


  • Anonymous


  • ontheDL

    He totally looks like Eric Balfour, now. LOL. I actually think he looks hotter than he did on Zoey 101… but probably ’cause he looks like a baby on that show. Haha.

  • Anonymous

    he now looks like a 40 year old pedophile. Whatt the hell happend there, i used to be so attracted to him ahah

  • olivivivia

    AHAHAHAHAH “life after zoey 101″ and it shows a picture of him in a pink dress… what is this world coming to xD

  • Anonymous

    wow he looks a lot different…when did the show end?

  • Dee

    he’s kind of CUTE =)

  • DamnThatMotherChucker

    OMFG!! What happened to him LOL

  • Allie

    he looks like a brunette cody linley in the 6th picture

    He does!!


  • Anonymous

    He is 19 now.
    He was born in 1989.

    P.s.- Google= awesome-ness.

  • http://7:57AM mandy

    how old is that kid?

  • clarise

    wow, he looks so old

  • http://1:24PM mandy

    how old is that kid??

  • sarahisthebest

    wow he was sooo cute with his curly long hair
    now hes sooo ugly
    he looks like a drunk,gay boy

  • Caroline

    he looks like a sexual predator

  • Anonymous


  • kelsieeeeee

    he looked better b4

  • Anonymous

    He looks so old. and his hair’s not curly anymore.

    awhh. i’m disappointed.

  • Anonymous

    so like. the fifth picture is kinda hot.

  • 101girl


  • Anonymous

    uhh…no one said he was a cross dresser…

  • papa creeps

    ew fag.

    don’t hate me for saying that


  • Anonymous

    oh. interesting..

    i guess disneys the better..
    waaait. nevermind.

  • Steph

    Damn…he got HOTT. And the pictures of him and his g/f are really cute!!

  • haylie



  • seriously, how old are you guys? he’s matured. he looks his age now. i admit, the facial is not attractive but other than that, he’s really cute.

    btw, his face looks very chiseled in the one where he’s just staring at the camera alone in the black shirt

  • Anonymous

    he actually doesn’t look that bad. kinda cute actually. he just needs to get rid of that beard that’s starting to groww. lol, not bad though.

  • Anonymous

    :’O why he was so cute :(