Emma Watson ‘I’d Get Naked’

Emma Watson said she would get naked for the right filmmaker. When Britain’s Sunday Times asked Emma the nudity question, she said, ‘Yes. For Bernardo Bertolucci. It.. depends. I’m not getting my kit off any time soon, but it is part of my job.’

However, Emma is still looking forward to head of to college: ‘I‘m going to have a battle on my hands, because after Harry Potter has finished, I don’t know. I definitely want to go to university. I’m at a strange age, I’m not a woman yet, but I’m not a girl any more.

Film companies say, ‘Oh, in a couple of years you’ll be perfect for this.’ I’ll be like, yeah, but I want to be studying English then, so it’s going to be quite tough to choose between the two.’ Photo: Fame.

In related news, Emma is reportedly dating Australian

Angus Willoughby. They are planning a holiday in Western Australia this summer to enjoy it’s wineries and beaches. Angus is studying at London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.

  • Anonymous

    shes prettyyyyyyyy.


  • Anonymous

    Joe Jonas would like that ;)

  • aislynn

    well everyone has already seen her hoo-hah in those pictures of her gettinginto a vehichle on her birthday.
    If your going to get drunk..it’s probably not best to where a short skirt and see through knickers!

  • afsafafd

    yay! i love you emma!
    she is the most AMAZING actress ever.
    she should be number 1<3

  • Anonymous

    i would tap that so fast

  • larry

    emma watson is gorgeous

  • Anonymous

    i would watch her strip

  • http://oceanup.com VERONICA:)

    wouldnt joe like to see that ;)

  • olivia

    what the heck is up with the sudden interest in emma watson, oceanup?

    and the part about her going to visit wineries.. i thought she was only 19! but of course since she’s famous it probably doesn’t matter..

    but anyways find more interesting people to write about!

  • Anonymous

    what are you talking about???

    emma is absolutely amazing and gorgeous

  • uuuumm??

    but remember different countries have different age restrictions on drinking:) she seems nice thouth bettet thathough better than some actresses!! and I’m not hinting to anyone I mean generally!!

  • Georgi

    she’s english and in England you can drink when your 18 [x
    I should know, i’m english.

  • pax

    i know, she is gorgeous,
    totally agree with you dude

  • hannahmontana

    she is gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    She is not beautiful, she’s fu@#ing HOT. You Dont love her you want to F her brains out… need i say more.

  • Anonymous

    she is gorgeous

  • rumer

    she is so pretty agh im so jealous

  • mandy?

    she is gorgeous

  • loveee.


    this is hilarious.
    it’s called JJ & TAYLOR.
    need i say more?

    but too bad it’s not about them,
    but it is a very weird coincidence!


  • Anonymous

    hey guys its emma watson,
    i just wanna let you all know that where i was i was like not saying that… i was like doing that because my bra was falling down.. okay well i will c u at the theater i am going to see desperaux at 1:00 morning side cineplex toronto ontario on saturday, January 10th okay bye everyone! luv u all

  • selena

    hehe,she hasn’t got her period yet!? omfg! im 11 (soon to be 12) and i’m already on my period,wow!

  • Emma Watson

    hey guys its emma watson, just wanna let u all know that i will go see desperaux at 1:00 on saturday january 10th 2009… morning side cineplex toronto ontario.. and in this pic my bra was falling down and the ppl thought i was doing something else… okay bye! cu!

  • Anonymous

    too much information

  • wing

    hey if you don’t like Emma then why do you read this huh? Better shut the f*ck up

  • genRIOT!

    in England you can drink at 18, so yeah she is legal,
    but should be illegal be that pretty

  • australia_rules!

    Angus Willoughby is a good mate of mine
    they’re not dating
    they’ve met a few times and been out with friends but he finds it really annoying how everyone thinks they are dating

  • f0ck

    wow that’s way too much info,
    jeez this youth

    anyways emma rocks
    thanks oceanup for putting more stuff from emma, unlike some others i do appreciate so please keep up with the Emma info


    They said visiting wineries in Australia. The legal drinking age in Australia is 18 like the UK.

  • Anonymous

    wow listen she is just doing something that’s called adjusting, duh!

    i think someone is really jealous of her, don’t worry not everyone can be THAT beautiful

  • billy

    she should be number 1,
    and oceanup keep the awesome jobe posting about Emma, she is amazing!

    i’m really mad that other sites don’t post a lot about her, you guys rock

  • Cherry

    ok why the fuckin’ hell is she touchin her boobs? man she is so desprate to find a job

  • Anonymous

    what the heck is up with the sudden interest in emma watson, oceanup?

    and the part about her going to visit wineries.. i thought she was only 19! but of course since she’s famous it probably doesn’t matter..

    but anyways find more interesting people to write about!

    Shes from england so she already allowed to drink
    and she going to wineries in Australia where you can also drink after 18

  • Anabel

    What in the hell are you talking about? This is a candid photo, she’s probably pulling up her dress & with the acting resume this girl has, I don’t think she’d be desperate to try to get a job.

  • partym

    oceanup is taking so long with the new emma post…please oceanup if you are going to be posting a lot about her, don’t stop we LOVE HER

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/TeamSelena4ever TEAM SELENA

    she’s such a tease.

  • Anonymous

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  • mikayla(:

    i never said this before but….

    shes really pretty

    i never relized it haha

  • :)

    HAHA! so all the “joe & emma date” was all just nothing?
    i knew it!
    emma wouldn’t go for joe.

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  • Anonymous

    love her!!!

  • Anonymous

    emmmaaa is so pretty

  • Anonymous

    so she hasn’t gotten her period yet? lol

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    emma looks so pretty

  • PPP


  • Anonymous

    she is too beautiful for him

  • Anonymous

    about that “naked” part i wouldn’t mind, but it’s not like she is already confirming that she would get nacked, she said that she would do it but it depends, i i guess that depends of what type of character it’s going to be and if it’s like a really necesary nude scene, and how artisticly would be, i bet she wouldn’t do it if it was like just a “sex scene” i think she would do it for some “artisticly nude scene”

  • Cherry

    Whatever…….that’s what you think

  • robert p

    i love emma watson

  • lauren

    what’s with the new pic? :S
    i bet her dress was falling … anyways she is gorgeous and seem so down to earth no matter what

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    she is soooo pretty!

  • megan

    so she hasn’t gotten her period yet? lol



  • big d


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    emma rocks

  • D

    she rocks, shes really pretty and gorgeous. and is an amazing actress

  • lesha

    why are people assuming she doesn’t have her period yet? ha random question, but whatever.

    she’s cute. i like her. i have never seen the harry potter movies, but i assume she’s a good actress.

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    she is the most beautiful girl

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