Jackson Rathbone Hilary Duff Interview

Twilight star Jackson Rathbone used to be Disney Channel 411 host! Here he is interviewing old school Duffster. Wow, he looks really different now. Check out his ‘Beatiful People’ interview under.

  • hey yall

    u know , i thought he looked really familiar

  • Anonymous

    she’s like the new big stars on the scene.

  • Anonymous

    …well, disney stars that is.

  • Anonymous

    Hey , i love she ! ;D

  • It’s Brynn Bitch(:

    haha & i was first AND second. i just didn’t put my name.

  • ashley greene

    hah rightt??..its been on for years
    and all this stuff has been on for so long even if u didnt watch it wen it came out

  • Anonymous

    Hillary Duff was the original Disney queen you all must have forgotten.

  • megan

    wow i can’t believe that was him haha wow he chaaaaanged. =]
    and omg in the audition, he’s sooooooo hot!!!

  • Anonymous

    ha i totally love jackson

  • http://www.oceanup.com/2008/12/jackson-rathbone-hilary-duff-interview.html#more Sel.

    hes so cute

    i remember watching this interview on tv.

    I love Jasper!

  • angee



    he looks soooo cute.
    i remember watching that centuries ago.

  • Anonymous

    Hilary is the best ever

  • Xstinax

    i miss hilary shes the original hahaha remember the lindsay versus hilary stuff thats like the new miley and selena but i think selena and miley arent as mean to eachother as they were

  • http://oceanup.com melissa

    Omg i was there . they did this episode of disney 411 in oregon . And i was there ! it was on september 8th 2004 ! idk if my math is right it was when i was in 6th grade and i am in tenth grade now . so yeah .. thats exciting . i was just remembering this concert a couple days ago ! thats cool !

  • so wrong, its laura

    omg. that hilary interview was hilarious. love it. he looks soooooooo different. i remeber watching disney 411 with him on it. Jasper is my fave character.

  • bruna

    shes awesome! a true disney queen

  • bruna

    shes awesome! a true disney queen

  • Me

    Beautiful People was when I first took an interest in Jackson. He was especially gorgeous in that show (although he still is, but not as much as he was during that show).

  • Anonymous

    AHH Holy crap i remember this :P
    Disney 411 pones Disney 365

    WOW I would have never guessed that was him though haha

  • Paige

    Haha! What’s with all the ‘Twilight’ guys and Hilary Duff? Jackson did this interview, and Kellan was in her ‘With Love’ music video! XD

  • Cassie

    Wow you guess just found that?

  • Anonymous

    awwwww jacksons such a cutie

  • rachael

    He looks like a young Hugh Grant in the second video

  • wow

    I would’ve NEVER guessed that was him! :O Great find!

  • christina

    omg! i remember watching this forever ago!
    i miss the old hilary, not saying she changed … but like just the olden days when people were kids.
    you know?
    like how people say the old miley, the old jonas and stuff.
    i still love her very much, just reminds me how long ive been a fan…and still havent went to one of her concerts yet, lol.

  • bridgetjbtwilight

    i love him!!!!
    and hilary is the best
    i remember watching this video when i was like 10 or 9
    never would have guessed it was him!!
    gah..hes love!!
    love love love him!

  • Eve Cullen

    I REMEMBER THAT!!!! I knew he looked familiar

  • mel75

    i so remember this!

  • http://myspace.com/car_meng Carmen

    wow! i didn’t know jackson was on Disney 411!
    THAT’S SO COOL! i love her! and i love Jackson Rathbone! he is so freaking cute and gorgeous! i think he is so hot, specially his paleness! Jackson is another one of my lovers! lol

  • mia

    omg!! i remember this. i would’ve never known that was him.

  • Anonymous

    hilary is the best
    …i luv jackson he is so cute!!!!!

    GOOD new !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!