Blake Lively Cheated On Penn Badgley

An eyewitness told E! Online that they saw Blake Lively hanging out at New York nightclub Southside Friday night, hooking up with a random blond, who was definitely not dark-haired Penn Badgley: ‘Blake came in around midnight with a group of friends and was too busy making out to dance or drink.’

The next morning, Blake and Penn were spotted having one awkward brunch at Norma’s restaurant at Le Parker Meridien hotel on Saturday. A fellow diner dished, ‘They both looked miserable. He did not smile once.’

In related news, Ed Westwick was seen at Studio at Webster Hall for his friend’s DJ gig. A partygoer spilled, ‘He was really drunk. He just went back and forth between the bar and backstage.’  Rumored girlfriend Jessica Szohr was nowhere in sight. Photo: Fame.

  • Anonymous

    i like her nails =)

  • slidfhnbpj

    she said in the seventeen interview she never goes out to clubs and always would rather stay home?

  • Anonymous

    i lvoe ed haha

  • Anonymous

    I don’t believe that. :|

    i love gossip girl, i cant wait for Jan. 5th.

  • Cyn

    Penn is too good for her.
    shes a slut on so many levels.
    now he can date someone who deserves him.

  • dbag

    real life – gossip girl.

    they neeeddd to stay together.

  • Nickels

    Say it ain’t so :(

  • tish

    i went to highschool with blake. she was a senior when i was a freshman. at burbank high school. i didnt know her very well. but the few times i did talk to her she was one of the sweetest and funniest girls ever. i doubt she would do that. and plus shes not a partier/ club goer. shes said so herself in interviews that she doesnt like that whole scene.

  • Anonymous

    i doubt it
    like i am going to believe oceanup
    perez hilton maybe but never oceanup

  • brittany

    that’s not right.

  • stephaneff

    damnnn sonn!

  • Jane

    i doubt it. but if she did that would kinda totally suck!

  • Joanna

    no way, she wouldn’t

  • team switzerland

    they were on a break !
    haha friends anyone ?!

  • David

    Go on with your bad self!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    is she holdin his boob in the pic…??


  • Anonymous

    she’s holding his boooooooooooobieeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss

  • mik



    SAD! omj they are the cutest couple everrrrr :(
    BTW i want them to get back together in the show soooo bad!! anyone agree???

  • brittany

    woahhh i was first?
    wow thats a first haha

  • Nadia

    When was ed westwick drunk at this bar?

  • Anonymous

    uuuugh<3 i’m in love with ed.

  • :(

    awwwe. D:

  • Anonymous

    Blake would NEVER do that! I would say at least they broke it off..I can’t see her ever cheating on a boyfriend. Especially Penn, RUMORS. I think they are the cutest couple everr and I pray that this is fakee!


    Aghhh she wouldnt cheat on Penn! HES TOO DAMM HOT!

    Hes the only reason i occasionly watch Gossip Girl

  • Anonymous


  • erica

    Wow, that’s not true.
    Yeah, like where’s the proof? Any pictures?
    I just saw pictures of them together, holding hands and laughing from like Monday.
    I doubt that’s true.

  • ashley

    wheres the proof?

    Im so tired of everyone believing everything they hear.
    it’s ridiculous. i doubt blake would do that, shes very sweet and funny.


    omg they r like my fave celeb couple
    (even tho i dont lyk them 2gteher on the show) that sux!! i hope its not true, it seems so sudden, they seemed so steady and happy, this is one couple i thought was going to last, i dont think i belive you oceanup

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    More than likely it was true.

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