Demi talks Sonny With A Chance, spending the holidays in Texas and Selena.

  • joez baybie! <3

    love her <3

  • Anonymous

    loveee her! im so gay for her =D

  • tracy

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! omggggg!!!!! thats meeee!!!!!!
    at 11 seconds and the girls after me are my friends!!
    whhooo!!! that was a fun day!! front row at demis show!!!!

  • Anonymous


    dont like her

  • ummm

    shes kewl man!
    i luv her sonq party..she should drop disney!

  • Anonymous

    ewww that slut!

    wat the hel is ur problem shes not a slut so stfu bitch!!! if u dont like her dont click on her posts

  • aw

    demi’s interviews are always so cute, love her.

  • random person

    i dont like turkey either
    Ham is where its at!
    Demi’s Awesome
    i wanna hear more of her songs

  • Anonymous

    awesome !!!!

  • Anonymous

    She is soooo awesome!

  • cassie

    i llove demi, she is so awesome !!

  • Kay

    She rocks!

  • hayley

    I like her!
    She seems to be very down to earth :)

  • Anonymous

    ewww that slut!

  • Anonymous

    Aw Demi is
    Simply Amazing!
    I Love Her!

  • ontheDL

    “it’s magic.”

    Yes it is, girl. Yes it is. LOL. I love her. =]

  • Anonymous

    i love demi !!
    team jonas-demi!!!!!!!!